Detecting A New Field – With Silver And Nice Relics

HELLO HUNTERS It’s foggy today. First target. A bottle cap. What a start… Let’s scout this field together. Looks like a buckle. A nail and a bullet case. Looks like a coin… Silver! That was fast… “? Kreuzer” (17xx) Something is attached to it… GPS target # 1. A deep (big) target. The switch on my pinpointer was still not working that day. I decided to skip this one for now… The farmer will drive over this spot any minute. It’s a lovely buckle. Probably from 1450-1600 (according to some PDF data). Correct me if I’m wrong. #2 It’s a freshly (re-)plowed field. Iron, let’s see what it is. Hmm, guard from a knife? The cavalry arrived. A very nice farmer. I could hunt all his fields until February… Hmm, whatever it is, it looks very old. A ball :). I was about to record a macro, but the camera was not working. It’s a fantastic looking seal. It unfortunately got hit by the tractor… I have to watch out for the tractor too, otherwise I will end up like this seal. It is a small distraction, but that’s OK. A tiny ring. #4 Another one. These fields have been hunted many times (in my opinion)… But with lots of iron, there is always a chance that something has been overlooked. Especially small targets. It’s nothing… There you go, a very small silver coin. Second silver coin. “1 Kreuzer” (1855) I will show you all pictures at the end. I don’t know… The back of a watch? Hmm… A bag seal. Detecting fields is really not “that bad”. I saw some YT videos, with people hunting fields row by row. This wouldn’t work for me (I prefer following a lead)… It was a nail. “Freestyle detecting” with tactics from the woods :). “Trash”… Coke… Hmm… I think, it was tube? Otherwise I would show it. A broken button. It could be the end back of a knife… Another small buckle. Date: probably 1250-1400 I love this one. #9 Part from another buckle. 18th century? I really don’t know. Interesting… It’s gold plated. Hmm, pictures will follow. Probably a piece of lead. A pin. Ceramic. A piece of metal :). Looks like the next buckle. I wish I could tell you the age… Hmm… Just in case ;). A deep one… Shaped like a “blade”. From a field machine? I prefer small, shallow targets ;). I think it’s lead. Probably a seal. With a little bit fantasy, a coin. Another lead object (probably a seal). A old button. Interesting spot with lots of iron. Another very old looking button. I hope, it’s a button. This for sure is one. A spoon handle. I don’t know… Trash. Third silver. “1 Kreuzer” (1861) The next lead seal. Hmm… #17 My pinpointer is not that sensitive anymore. Fourth silver coin – this one looks nice. “2 Kreuzer” – “1/2 Batzen” (1628) #18 Looks like a pin. The next buckle. I don’t want to guess. I’m not sure about this target. Hmm… A hollow “ball”… I don’t think, that’s a ring. This looks more like one. #21 I’m really surprised about the amount of targets I could find. I try to cover some tiny (iron infested) spots more than once from different angles. A coil sweep from another direction can bring different results… A buckle (made of iron). Ceramic – this wasn’t it ;). I think, it was a harmonica read. It looks like a coin weight, but I’m not sure… Sorry, my macro camera refused to work. I will show you pictures at the end. This could be part from a bell. A huge pin, or a button. I believe I have changed the “reactivity” from 3 to 4 (on the Deus setting). A strange object – looks like iron but it’s not… Ceramic again. A bag seal. At this stage of a hunt, I feel already “fulfilled”. It’s a coin. I have no idea. I forgot to take a picture of this one. Police sirens… Trash… The fog is getting thicker. I can’t tell you what it is. I’m using (tone) DISC of “6”. A larger coin at the end. I surrender. Just an echo… I didn’t know about the camera issue… No LED… Probably a discharged battery. Oh well, it’s time to go anyway. You can wait for the pictures, if you like. Trash (two “good” targets slipped through). Maybe a coin, maybe not. Old buttons. Lead seals. More seals. A big one. ? A coin (I have no idea yet). Back end of a knife? A buckle. Hmm… ? Silver “Kreuzer” (1855). Frankfurt (town). Silver “Kreuzer” (1861). Duchy of Nassau. “? Kreuzer” (17×2) (Bavaria?). “2 Kreuzer” – “1/2 Batzen” (1628). A coin weight? Hmm… A buckle (1450-1600). The last one (1250-1400). Almost all (good) finds.

13 thoughts on “Detecting A New Field – With Silver And Nice Relics

  1. Great day out!! Love those old buckles, the last one was just awesome. Nice silver as well, that field is a keeper!GL&HH

  2. Looks like you will have to revisit your repair on the pinpointer. It's lasted very well. New switches available from eBay. Link on one of the repair videos here on YT. e.g.
    GL and HH.

  3. Hallo. Wow, einmalig. Pures Sondelvergnügen. So viele schöne Funde auf einmal. Absolut traumhaft. Spontan ist es doch am schönsten 🙂 Viel Glück weiterhin und LG

  4. viele mögen diese fluffigen, frisch gepflügten felder nicht, da soll der detektor nicht so tief gehen.
    ha, na wenn schon, ich geh da auch am liebsten,
    was gefunden werden will, wird gefunden.
    schön gemacht

  5. Thanks for the video, i haven't finished watching it yet. I was just wondering how your research was going for a new pinpointer?.

  6. Great Video, it is kinda hard to read what you are saying with the white on light gray background. Still some sweet finds. HH.

  7. nice finds!! the ball with gold is probably the top of a hair needle.
    the blue pottery is westerwald (find this a lot in Holland)

  8. war noch nie aufm acker unterwegs.gibts bei uns nich…schlender immer im wald rum…aber echt spannender acker

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