40 thoughts on “Dear Traders: Money Does Not Come From The Market

  1. Mr. O.V., the part when you say it is in bed with you. Then you laugh….That cracks me up every time. @4:05sec. LMAO………….

  2. The market is agains us only want to take everything from us if we let it. The market don't want to give nothing that is why is so hard to be profitable.

  3. Thank you Oliver…just great analogy with the knives…just awesome. I went from spaguetti screen to no lines….no rsi…no nothing…and i do better…but how to avoid those 6 hours glued to the laptop…do i drink wine or whisky??

  4. El dinero es como las Chicas… no les gusta que la persigan. El dinero persigue al talento como las chicas persiguen al chico popular y talentoso en el Bastketball de la univerdidad.

  5. Hoy inicio con Oliver, la continuaciĂłn de mi vida como Trader, excelente video para comenzar….Arriba Oliver !!

  6. El dinero no esta en el mercado, esta en mi, en las decisiones que yo tome… no hay a quien culpar.. simplemente soy yo… Gracias Oliver, aun siendo tan joven (17 años) y sin nadie que me apoye.. aun asĂ­ no me rendirĂ© encontrare una forma de seguir avanzando. Gracias

  7. Why you don’t have more followers? I’ll never know. Can’t decide which I like better: learning to read candlesticks or the philosophical teachings. Thank you so much

  8. Oliver: This is by far so beautiful!! You make speak the truth. I love this!! Thank you so much!! You have awaken me. Gracias! Dios te bendiga xx

  9. Oliver: I believe someone is using your identity. Did you send me a link to www.coinhash.live ? I added your contact to my messenger but I do not believe it's you. I'm being asked to register an account with Coinhash. Please warn your fans.

  10. Increible! Aplica para el mercado y para TODO en la vida. Todo todo está dentro de nosotros y lo que pasa afuera siempre es nuestra responsabilidad.

  11. THANK YOU MENTOR – i am new in your group, i have SO much to learn, So much i need to learn and unlearn..thanks !!

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