Day Trading Update – Get Ready for 2019! Crypto Playhouse, Trader Recruitment, and More!

Hey guys, I know My Day Trading Tutor hasn’t
been very active for a while but I’m sitting here with my partner Austin Doyle who trades
forex and crypto and we’re going to be discussing a couple of interesting projects we have in
the works to help both traders and investors. First of all, in 2017 I diversified into the
cryptocurrency space. The crypto space is where instead of trading centralized currencies,
or fiat currencies like you do in forex, like the euro, the pound, and the Japanese yen;
you trade decentralized currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, et cetera. I was introduced
to the crypto space by my partner Austin Doyle, who is an excellent trader. Austin and I created
a social media brand called Crypto Playhouse, and since that time towards the end of 2017,
that has become one of the dominant influencer brands on Instagram. Austin is actually an
excellent trader, I mean he’s a very smart guy and he was mentored by who I consider
to be one of the best traders that I’ve ever met, on a risk adjusted basis. So he has a
solid foundation in trading, and just like he brought a lot of you videos on Crypto Playhouse
educating you on the general topics of the crypto space and trading cryptos, he’s going
to be doing a lot of educational videos for the My Day Trading Tutor channel, about trading
and how to help you guys become better traders. So stay tuned for that in the coming weeks
and months. Related to that is our trader recruitment
program that were going to be spearheading again in 2019. Austin is going to be in charge
of that as well. And what that’s going to allow you to do is if you’re a skilled trader
and you want to manage money for a living, if you go the traditional route you’re going
to need a formal education from a good school, then you have to go into the financial industry
and work your way up. It’s not very easy and most people are never going to get the opportunity
to even try, so through our trader recruitment program, if you meet certain performance requirements,
you’re going to be given the opportunity to trade money for other people. The last thing, kind of related to that is
that not everybody when they trade is going to be successful. Or you might start trading
and find out that trading is not for you. I mean there’s a lot of psychology behind
it. So even though trading is not for everyone, everybody should really be investing and what
we’re going to do is give you access to professional traders who we have partnered with in this
industry that manage money for a living. They manage multiple asset classes, not only forex
but also stocks and crypto. So were going to give you access to a managed account program,
managed by professional traders who can trade your money if you don’t want to do it yourself,
and that’s going to be also in the coming weeks and months. So without further ado I’m
going to go ahead and just turn it over to my partner Austin, who’s going to give you
a little bit…a little background on him and what he’s going to be doing in the coming
weeks and months for Day Trading Tutor. How’s it going guys, so as Dan mentioned,
my name is Austin and him and I have been working together since about 2017. And you
know I got into the crypto space because both Dan and myself actually have engineering backgrounds,
he’s electrical, I’m mechanical myself. And I was building high end application PC’s
for mining cryptocurrency transactions and that’s really how I got into the space. But
very quickly we realized, you know that’s a very kind of limited scope of the market
and trading had huge potential with the volatility of the crypto market, it was a very high risk
market to trade but it had some incredible upside for 2017, and there were you know even
some good plays to make in 2018. But one of the big things that that brought
with it was kind of new investors coming into the space and not really knowing how to trade
but still approaching the market. And it really created this environment where people were
having this HODL ideal, which is basically just taking up a long position, hoping it
goes to the moon and then getting pummeled when it doesn’t. And quite simply that’s just
plain not trading, you know it’s not really investing either if you’re just going to watch
things go to the bottom. So one of the things that we really brought
into the space was trying to provide people with educational content so that they can
make a more risk adjusted look at their trades. And really as we started developing more of
this content we realized it was some of the most popular on the crypto channel, but this
stuff is absolutely crypto agnostic. It’s really applicable to all the markets, stocks,
forex and you know it’s really an important thing to look at. So were going to kind of
be taking that trading content, bringing it over to My Day Trading Tutor, and you know
were going to be looking at all kinds of different things, very simple how tos, basics for chart
reading, in-depth looks at the market, breaking down indicators and trading strategies. And
all so you guys can have a much more tailored approach to your trading and you’re not just
going into the market blind. Now one of the things Dan mentioned is the managed accounts
that we’re going to be working with, and I really find these interesting because as he
mentioned I trade forex and crypto, and the managed account is actually dabbling in forex,
indices, and crypto; which is not a really common thing in the space these days. And
I think it offers a nice variety of exposure to different assets, while really offsetting
that risk of being only in a single asset. So that’s going to be a very interesting thing
in the next couple months here. Okay, so I just wanted to give you that update
on what you should be expecting in the next weeks and months on Day Trading Tutor. Now
is the time to let us know what you want to see on the channel, what topics you want covered,
what specific trading information do you want us to make the videos on? So let us know in
the comments, send us emails to the website, let us know what you want to see. Yup, and you know I’m really looking forward
to bringing you guys this content. I absolutely love to trade. It’s a lot of fun and I’d like
to see more people be successful at it. And if you guys have any interest in the cryptocurrency
market, you can head over to Crypto Playhouse and we’ve got tons of info if you’re looking
to get started in that space as well.

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  1. Excited about these new projects man, especially the trader recruitment and managed account. Looking forward to making them a success!

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