Day trading the Eminis ES 550 tick charts

hello traders its samurai trade here
welcome to this short training session I’m going to be covering a number of
trading opportunities that have presented themselves on the ES 550 tick
over the last couple of days and I want to cover some tips and ideas for you so
this is a general public recording some of my members or many of if I’ve got
hundreds of members around the world we’ll probably all so what’s this but as
always I won’t go in too much in depth into some of the trade setups you get to
learn those in the day traders fast-track program but I promise to
still give you some good stuff here so please watch as we are going to be going
to some charts I recommend you go to full screen so bottom right hand corner
click on that and you’ll be able to watch this in full screen we do need to
put up a risk disclaimer otherwise this CFTC and the net and FA might be too
happy with me so please understand the risk there is a risk in all forms of
trading whether it be futures stocks Forex or options so please don’t trade
with the rent money and please put perhaps put the video on hold and read
the disclaimer in full very very important I don’t to turn this recording
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please visit my website to find out more information but let’s get
to this look this comes up all the time when traders watch me trade they you
know they say look what sort of trader are you you sort of very quick you’re in
and out well look electively the traders and I am I’m a scalper that
is I like to be in and out of my trades now some of those trades will go for
seconds usually look it could be anywhere from five to ten minutes it’s
fairly typical with the type of trading that I do now being a day trader there
is a slight difference it is with the day trader you can open a position in
the morning closed positions in the same session but I’m in and out and of course
swing traders you’re generally holding a trade overnight or for several days
there’s a reason why I’m a scalper get in get out get paid
there’s always another trade so if I feel the market is tuning against me and
the more I reflect on this based upon coaching with my members etc you know I
really realize that’s my style and that’s my personality now it doesn’t
suit everyone but you know I’m a momentum trader I like to see the
market moving and if it slows down I usually will exit my trade if it’s not
happening the way I want it to happen that is we want the market to be moving
I don’t like range markets I like to see a trending market now if I see a range
I’ll usually sit it out and wait for the the next setup or the next trend to set
up and we’ve got a number of ways that are a number of strategies that give us
will tell us whether we’re go to whether let me start again
we have a number of strategies tell us are we in a trending market or are we
not now this comes up every single day from from the general public
particularly or new YouTube subscribers subscribers to my channel and why do I
have so many setups well first of all I code all my setup so when you become a
member you you get to learn what all these are and they’re not as complicated
but t1,t2 these are nearly all patterns and you know geometric patterns that
appear in the market every day and visually you get to learn these
fairly quickly now the reason you have multiple setups is that for example in a
strong trending day you want to be very very careful and extremely cautious of
your counter trend trades and I’ll show you what happens today we actually had
towards the close of a market I got slammed on I had two losing trades
trading what I call the t3 and in the end then I just jumped on the bandwagon
and continued with the trend and sometimes you know you’re gonna have
losses because you don’t know you could of course you’re expectance t3 is going
to work but it fails it meets all the conditions but it fails that’s trading
traders but the thing is is to recognize that it’s failed after a couple of
trades okay we do have a strong trend and to trade with the trends so if you
trade just one style of trading such as if you’re a counter trend trader only
you tend to get hammered because you know once again in strong trending days
80% of a time the trend continues when you get a trade setup so it’s very very
important that you have just like a comp that has different tools in his toolbox
but you’ve got different strategies for different market conditions it’s really
important now another thing that I’m really pushing home now to the members
to my members and also to the general public it’s very very important to
really be referring to your anchor chart what I call the AC of a high time frame
chart and the EC which is the intricate afarid odds pass the trade as simple as
that now in many of my videos I don’t or I wouldn’t refer to the anchor chart
because I usually use my 200 EMA however more and more I’m discovering that that
really if you’re fairly new or if trading hasn’t been working out for you
remember patients are so important use the anchor chart that’s just really
really driven home to me how important the anchor chart is if you’re not making
money you got to remember I’ve been doing this for 20 odd years so it’s
easier and I you know once again you get to pick the path
and you get to just recognize them but if trading is not profitable for you I
want you to refer to an anchor chart which I’m about to show you how to
quickly do that in a moment so let’s go and have a look at the ES and by the way
I’m going to be doing one of these videos probably tomorrow or on Saturday
for those at trade oil the CL and I’ll do one for the NQ as well once again I
want to keep this fairly short so what we got on the right hand side if you’ve
just got to one or two screens perhaps um you might want to do this so what
I’ve got is a 550 tick here on the left and I’ve got a 1597 on the right so 1597
is a fib number it’s three times higher approximately than my entry chart my AC
so anchor chart three times higher now this is yesterday’s price action so this is
um to be exact let me just pull the date up in case you want to refer to it so
this is the 23rd of the 8th exchange time now of course we’re at the end of
August 2016 volume was very very low yesterday being a Wednesday we’re at the
end of August summer holidays etc in the US and volume is definitely affected now
being Thursday we saw a real pickup in volume today I think we topped about 1.4
1.5 million contracts yesterday firmer correctly is about 900,000 but you can
still get some great trading opportunities if you’re following the
trend and how do you do that what you want to be doing is looking at what is
happening with your anchor chart and what we can see here EMA’s it’s very
very very very obvious we’re in a downtrend and you want to be following
that downtrend now the action there by the way that was the close of the market
and this here is about 10:00 a.m. so as you can see here on the anchor chart not
a lot of action but what you can see is we’re in a definite downtrend so this is
where you really want to be looking at your entry chart what is happening there
so let’s now just for the sake of the exercise I’m going to expand this so
you can see it so what we’ve got here is um lots of T7 it was a great day
yesterday T7’s we if you refer back to the anchor chart you could see
the trend of we’re starting down with our classic t3 there so for those
general public these are various setups now you see t7 are your double tops
or double bottoms and they work an absolute treat and remember you’ll see
t7 with the trend are absolutely brilliant particularly when you’ve got
divergence in the direction of a trend now if you refer back to your anchor
chart you’ll see we were in a downtrend so you’ve got a double top divergence
all in the direction of the anchor chart which means catching this is where you
can really make money I know of one particular trader in in Europe all he
does is trade t7 with trends which means he only gets two or three of
these a day but they’re a 90 percent trade with the trend so very very high
probability once again your pivot bounces so when you get a t7 with the
pivot bounce as much as that was only good for five ticks hey you go get five
four tick trades a day let me save it again a 5 a 4 tick trades a day your net
in about 220 a day per contract and so your pivot bounces done correctly can be
really good now that’s then we had another t7 with the trend thank you we
had then a great t3 what I’m just pointing out traders is that if you just
patient and just wait for these look at this here another t7 with the trend I
didn’t make this up but there was great divergence to Ching to Ching thank you
very much okay so we’re firing off and if we
referred back let me mark this up for you let’s refer back to the anchor chart
look at this here what is the anchor chart telling us we’re have got a great
downtrend so you only want to be short that day let’s fast forward because we
don’t have a lot more trades at 2:00 till or 2 today’s price action
so at some early morning USA time now but let’s have a look we ended up
having some really good volume once again great t3 pivot bounces now here if
you looked at your higher time frame and why did I mark that I want I was trading
I might that up look at the hard time frame let’s go I never look at why I
suggested we do that okay but the higher time frame was just telling me basically
the same sort of thing that okay we’ve got classic t3 tight formations there
get ready to go short so I cover a lot more of this in the day traders
fast-track program but the point is here trade is I really want to emphasize to
use your anchor charts once again t7 divergence in what direction with the
trend so follow those t7’s with the trend okay t3’s t3’s a
nice little t7 there we head there and look at that look at my platinum going
up a double bottom very very nice now that was just a mini week t3 but if you
had have looked at your anchor chart there you had a little bit of dumb t 3
on the anchor chart t 7 again with the trend thank you very much now what I
want to do is scoot along here okay you’ve got your 89 B’s you’ve got some
your t 20s of course you got a t20 really nice t3 but let’s have a look
what happened this afternoon and this is the reasoning here once again t7 thank
you very much you had t3 you header up and by the way
on the high timeframe on the anchor chart they have the same thing by the
way traders you had a classic 200 B on the anchor chart with a small T 3 and it
assumed you had a massive change in trend direction and this is the
reasoning or this is a very reason why you need to be trading a number of
trading strategies that is if you insist on trading counter trend trades which is
a t3 is trade is very very important you jump
on the trended new recognizes we had a failed t 3 now I took this one and
I also took this one down here alright and I got stopped out on both of them
but I jumped in on the trend and this is where even though we had classic
angulation we had the bubble formation we had set
up so beautiful on the looking good on the high timeframe but the market ended
up really falling away and I ended up with five winning Trend trades so this is
um we had t1 we had t 1 and look at t2’s straightest for my members see
T T2s and finally okay we had a another failed T 3 and that’s the
problem with t3s we did see T89 T19’s in a strong trend and this is why
it’s important that you learn to follow the market now let me just before we
close off on this let’s have a look at what was happening on the anchor chart
alright and this is a very reason why and look at that once again the anchor
chart was telling you as much as you had some t3 patterns but it was just
slamming that was really going down so if he gets stopped out and my rule is if
I get stopped out to see T traits counter trend trades
I’ll stop trading those and target until I’ve got a whole brand new trend now
traders 80% of a time when you expect the trend to be finished all to not
continue guess what it doesn’t continues you’ll get a pullback some profit taking
be very careful of its time and time again it’s very very easy to fall into
the trap of believing that the trend cannot continue
so traders oops let me just quickly turn that off so traders all of us of course
I cover extensively in the day traders fast-track program I don’t want to give
you a big sell don’t get some information go and request my eBook
traders and I look forward to seeing you as a member but also drop me an email if
you’ve got any questions please go to my website and
I’m also happy to have a Skype conversation if you’re a and you trader
or perhaps you’re a trade of its finding a tough please go to my website and
request sir I’m happy to over 20 minute chat to you on skype so visit my website
thank you very much traders I’ll see you on the next recording

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