Day Traders are FRAUD Victims [Day Trading SCAM / FRAUD]

Day traders are fraud victims. Again day
traders are fraud victims. I know that this video is going to be a little bit
controversial but I’m not here to help everyone I’m here to help the people who
have a little bit of money and are willing to invest in themselves and who
then go out and spend thousands of dollars on a course that is completely
worthless that is garbage who then invest months of their time to learn a
process and to learn a program only to then trade that program and then lose
all of their money because the reality is that all of these fake gurus who
purport to day trade. They don’t trade. They trade simulators the trade fake
accounts like paperMoney account from TD Ameritrade and they do not actually
make real trades or if they do the gains and the losses that they tell you they
make are wildly inaccurate and you are getting advice from a Wall Street
veteran all right so if you choose not to believe me and you want to go buy
some of their programs then you’re welcome to do that
like I not here to try to help everyone I graduated from an Ivy League
university here’s my transcript additionally I worked at Morgan Stanley
worked at CIBC World Markets I’ve completed over $5 to $10 billion
dollars worth of transactions it really depends upon what you count if you want
to count M&A activity if you want to count following equity offerings IPO
secondary offerings debt raises etc here’s a pitch book that I worked on at
CIBC World Markets this company this was back in 2004 we sold Metals USA to a
private equity firm Apollo Management for around $800
million dollars now there was also like a there was an earn out and things like
that so I don’t know I think the total value is around $960 million but the fact is that you are getting advice right now
from a Wall Street veteran I worked at CIBC I’m Morgan Stanley at some boutique
M&A advisory firms on Wall Street and if you choose to not believe me then that’s
totally cool I mean I can no I can tell you that I have never met
a successful and profitable day trader in real life now you can go spend $5,000 – $6,000 dollars on a program and I can tell you that you will throw out
all of your money and you will lose money when you trade that program
because these guys who claim to have turned five thousand dollars into $5
million dollars they don’t exist they’re perpetuating a fraud. Think about
it rationally if you’re able to turn five thousand dollars into five million
then what’s stopping you from turning five million into 1 billion but none of
these people are billionaires the reason is that they make money from selling
courses and by selling fraud now that being said I sell courses – all right so
but there’s a big difference the difference is strategy first off if I
had zero students I would still be rich. Ok so I don’t need to sell any
courses which is why I can be completely honest and brutally honest with all the
subscribers and all the viewers I’m not here to please anyone I am here to help
innocent people avoid being fraud victims. So again if you don’t want if
you believe that I’m inherently biased and that I’m the same as everyone else
ok that’s totally cool but remember I tell people how to sell option premium
so if you don’t want to watch my videos go watch Tastytrade because they
actually teach you how to sell option premium and make consistent money. Tom
Sosnoff is worth hundreds of millions of dollars because he built thinkorswim
sold it and then started a new brokerage TastyWorks that is predicated upon one
strategy sell option premium which is the same thing that I teach. And yes I don’t believe that in everything that tastytrade says. “Trade
small, trade often” I don’t believe in the trade often I also don’t believe in
selling indiscriminately based upon high IV (implied volatility) and I’ve discussed that in some of
my other videos and I think that my returns are substantially better than
what anyone would receive by following TastyTrade but if you don’t like my style
if you don’t like my videos go follow tastytrade because you’ll make you’ll
actually make money from learning a legitimate strategy which is how to sell
option premium versus how to day trade we were just gonna be banging your head
against the wall so again I understand that when you day trade you feel like
you’re a part of something you know you wake up you have a purpose you watch the
market a lot of you guys aren’t involved in like Discord chats and things like
that and there’s a sense of camaraderie a sense of community but the goal in
trading is to make money it’s not to commiserate and like lose money and then
you know make money one day and then lose money the next you want to make
consistent profits and I have never met a profitable day trader the reason is
they don’t exist. Can you name me one day trader that has verified profit?
verified profits. right like Warren Buffett George Soros etc they didn’t
make money from day trading. Options traders look up Warren Buffett in how he
made billions of dollars by selling puts in the 2008 crash right they trade
options because there’s a high statistical probability that they will
be profitable day trading i don’t care if you’re using any indicators or
technical analysis it does not work and all of these guys are fake gurus etc you will not make any
money by day trading so again the only way to make consistent profits is by
selling premium honestly like you know usually at this point I would say hey
like you know go to and enter in your email and
receive $400 worth of free information but I can also tell you that day traders
are not the type of students that I want right because day traders you guys are
trying to make 200% to 300% percent returns a year in fact someone
told me like you know you have all these fake accounts
that comments on my videos and they say that they make 200% every single quarter
that’s just that’s so funny because if you made like 800% to a 1000%
every single year you would be the richest person in the world in like four
or five years so it just doesn’t make sense it doesn’t add up you need to
lower your expectations and have realistic expectations and instead of
trying to make a few hundred percent a year and then losing all your money
instead what you should try to do is aim to make anywhere from like thirty to
sixty on a maximum basis like seventy percent a year and have realistic
expectations and actually learn a skill and a strategy because if not all you’re
gonna be doing is wasting your time wasting your money not learning anything
valuable and being a scam victim because as I said from the onset day traders are
fraud victims. Nobody has all the answers I don’t have all the answers either in
October 2018 I lost money trading. Okay like all right so what like I know I
will make all that money back right the market has the worst month that it had
in seven years I’ll make that money back no problem I’m not a guru right I’m very
disciplined I am fanatical about becoming the best
trader that I possibly can be I believe that I’m an incredible trader and my
students believe that I’m an incredible trader but if you have expectations
where you think you’re going to make two to three hundred percent a year then you
deserve to lose all your money and if you don’t believe me go purchase one of
their programs because you will lose all your money. David Jaffee from please like comment share and subscribe to this channel if you
have any questions leave a comment below I answer all comments let me just make
sure that I that I went over everything you know not only will you not make
money but you’re going to lose your money I know that this video is
controversial if you don’t believe me then you’re welcome to go purchase their
program I’m not here to help everyone I’ve never met a profitable day trader
again if these guys are able to replicate
their returns they should easily be the richest person in the world in just a
few years they use trade simulators they don’t even trade they don’t provide real
trade statements they use fake reviews from their affiliates because remember
this is a multi-billion this is a multi-million dollar fraud operation if
they have going on obviously they can create fake websites fake videos fake
reviews etc I understand that it’s entertainment that you want to feel a
part of a group the only way to make money in the stock market is by selling
option premium and like I said before look I’m just putting this out as a
public service announcement I’m not putting this out in order to gain
subscribers because day traders are not good students. You guys have unrealistic
expectations so I actually encourage you today trade and to lose money because
once you day trade and you learn from your own experience I’ll still be here
and then I will be here once your expectations are more in line with
reality I will be here to help you. Thanks again

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