19 thoughts on “David Morgan Interview with INN, 2013 SILVER Predictions

  1. Yeah, Office Space had something like that, but in this case it was not about banking but software, and the software engineer wanted to divert the fractions of a penny left over from rounding to an account but screwed up the decimal places. I never did get around to seeing Superman 🙂

  2. Hi Mark – Yes that's right. I only vaguely remember the superman movie. I think it may be one with gene hackman in it. It's a long time ago…… Heck, if it was important, we'd google it. 🙂

  3. I think the metals are headed lower. Silver has been down for three straight days. SLW(sliver wheat co.) is one to three bad days from breaking down below the two hundred day moving average. SLV(ETF) has to cover a gap down around the $28.00 mark. SLV closed at $30.21. This is not a time to panic, but a time to buy.

  4. Face it! Everyone want's the punchbowl to get refilled and buy a shit load more. Rue the day it falls apart, hope I have enough deep woods off!

  5. You keep saying, people forget!! Yet you need to go back and listen to yourself keep changing your predictions. And, in case your wondering, I am a silver and gold bug.

  6. Hard to predict manipulation. Try playing monopoly with an opponent that has the ability to change the rules, then try and place a time on when "you" will lose. Probably can't do it. I hate it when people try and place a time on things. We only know that silver will go up.

  7. I dont think we need David Morgan anymore. We all know what do. That is to buy and hold, unless you're into Mining Stocks.

  8. You can't solve the problem of a corrupt system by playing inside their system. Screw mining shares, I choose something I can hold in my hand.

  9. We need ourselves, when our teachers enter their graves, we will be responsible for the knowledge given, to pass it on…

  10. Well David says in this interview and in all others that everyone should first build up a very big core position in the physical before even thinking about mining stocks.

  11. bought silver about 4 years ago around $8 and sold most at $35, looking to get back in at these prices but I feel it might go lower, around $15?

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