Cuban Link Chains – A Guide to the Miami Cuban Link

This is Watch Your Style and my name’s Eric. Today I’m going to be going over a topic that
is not necessarily in any way, shape or form related to watches; but I get a lot of phone
calls and questions about it. And being born and raised in Miami, I happen
to know a lot about it. I have a lot of experience, and that is, the Cuban Link Chains. So, the Cuban Link Chain. I’ve heard it called
a curbed chain. I’ve even had a phone call and someone say that it’s a Franco chain. I don’t know what everybody else calls it.
We call it the Cuban Link Chain. It’s a very traditional design. Been around
for a long time. It’s something that’s also going to be around for a long time because
it’s a very traditional style. I don’t know if you guys remember that era
when all those chains with those exotic links were around…2003, 2000, that era. I never
really liked them. I always stuck to the Cuban Link chain. I always liked it. I’ve had a
Cuban link chain since I was 12 years old. And that being said, there’s a lot of styles
of Cuban link chains. It really just depends who’s making it for you and how it’s made.
That’s a very important part also. Is how it’s made. Now, as much as I would like this video to
turn into an episode from the Discovery Channel of �How It’s Made,� I don’t have enough
time or we don’t really want to get into that. But I’m going to go over a couple of little
bit of the views, what is it that you want to look for, and what makes a high quality
Cuban link different than a cheap Cuban link chain. So a Cuban link chain can be pretty much made
out of silver. You can get them in platinum, 14k, 18k, 10 karat as well, also white gold,
rose gold, yellow gold. However you want it, it can be made. It also depends on the weight. A lot of people
sell it by pennyweight, some people sell it by grams. I like to stick to grams, just because
it’s a lot more simpler for people to understand it. And Cuban link chains, besides quality,
it’s all about size. Some guys like the big ones. They want 250
grams all the way up to a half a kilo, which is 500 grams. Those are really big chains
guys. I wear daily
a 130-gram, 7-mm, 18-karat. I for one like 18k chains. I recommend that the minimum you
should go is 14 karat. Ten karat is a lot more affordable, but I don’t know. It’s just
a personal thing. There’s nothing wrong with a 10k chain, but I think 14k is a good home
base, especially later on when you go to sell it. If you want to melt it down, just in case. Some of the characteristics of a quality Cuban
link chain is the finish of the links. In case you guys don’t know, the machine-made
chains are a little bit different than the hand-made ones. A lot of the really small
ones, 5-millimeter in width and under, are machine made. I’m mostly going to be talking
about the hand-made, gold Cuban links. Believe it or not, it’s a long-ass process.
They start off with the gold. They obviously melt it down into a bar. Then they go ahead
and they start rolling out into a rod, thinning it out to the point…let’s just use this
pen as an example. It starts off like this. They go rolling out until it gets longer and
longer to the right gauge. Huge process…they coil it up, they cut into rings, they weld
it. My God, I can get into this. It’s a long-ass
process, but it’s hand-made. One of the more important parts is whoever
is building this chain, just like anything else, there’s some people that just have better
quality and craftsmanship. Now, the team that I use to make the chains
are the best. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’ve had a Cuban link chain made
by everybody in Miami. The guy I’m using now is the best. Part of that has to do with this is that I’m
a psycho with this stuff. I like quality. When the time comes to file down the chain,
it needs to be filed right. It needs to be filed at at the right angle. Any Cuban link chain could be skinnier and
wider, and you’ll get more bang for your back if you kind of want a thicker chain, but you
don’t want it to weigh that much. But in reality, there’s kind of like a scale you want to stay
in to get the right Cuban link chain. Always take what they recommend you. If you wanna
all of the sudden get a wider chain skinnier, that’s your problem. Oh, by the way, they have a lot of other Cuban
link chains also that are like those really flat designs, those are nice as well too,
but I’m mostly going to stick to the traditional, Miami Cuban link chain. So the difference between a cheap Cuban link
chain and a high quality Cuban link chain, let’s start off with Karat. Some of the guys will sell you a 14k Cuban
link chain. You think you’re saving a bunch of money. You sit there with your calculator
at home. You do all of this math. You’re like, �Oh, I’m getting it for $26 a gram,� but
the problem is you might not be getting 14 karat. When it gets tested, it comes back
13.2. Stuff like that. See those are part of the factors of high quality. High quality Cuban link chains, in 14k for
example, should always be 14 and up, never under. Second thing is the finish. To some of you
guys, that might not matter. You guys might just want the most gold possible for your
money, and I understand that. But me, I’m a quality freak. I want every link to be welded
precise and filed down evenly. A good way to test a Cuban link chain for quality is
you open the chain up and you hold it like this on its side. A good Cuban link chain will once, always
hang straight, never coil, and if you notice on the side profile, will be evenly filed.
There won’t be no inconsistencies. To some of the people that doesn’t matter. To me,
it’s a big deal. One thing I want to stress about Cuban link
chains as opposed to watches and stuff like that, it’s all about what you like. Some people
like the chain long, some people like them short, so you just gotta get what you like. If you like the chain to look really short
like you’re some type of an Egyptian price, then that’s what you like. I get it. If you
wanna look like Young Buck in 2001 and have the chain all the way hanging to your belt,
then that’s what you like too, man. Whatever you like, I’m OK with that. A lot of guys over here in Miami, they like
these really big Cuban link bracelets. I’m not too into that anymore. It’s just not my
style. Like I said, I wear a slim chain. I like something daily. You gotta go with what
you like. Platinum, white gold, rose gold…I think
the sky is the limit with the chains. One thing I want to tell you is, it’s very
popular to have this huge kilo chain…and let me tell you what my recommendation on
that is. If you ever going to make yourself a kilo chain, a large kilo Cuban, 1000 grams,
yeah it looks awesome, but my opinion to you, my recommendation is you should do several
small chains. Before I do one 2-kilo chain, I’d rather do
eight 250-gram chains, because for me, you just get a lot more chains. I just personally
like the look of a lot of chains, instead of one big one. Not to mention, if you want
to wear one or two chains one day, that’s fine. If you want to wild-out for your birthday
and throw them all on…I just like the look of more chains as opposed to that big chain.
That’s just my two cents on that. If you liked this video, don’t forget to like
and share. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric, Watch Your

60 thoughts on “Cuban Link Chains – A Guide to the Miami Cuban Link

  1. What's the fascination with 9K-10K chains?! That is pure junk …only 37% Gold. You got to do, at least, 14K – 58% gold or 18K -75% Pure gold

  2. Hello Eric
    I am planning to get a Cuban Link Chain and i was just watching your video about the Cuban link chain besides that i am watching a lot of your videos about the watches and i like them all.
    You have mentioned in the video you use the team to make the best chains.Who are they?Maybe i can use them too.
    I was planning to use Daniel Jewelry, i saw good comments about them?
    Have a great day and keep up with your videos its fun to watch and i learn a lot.
    Thank You

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  4. At 6:28 the chain in the center that looks rlly rounded, is that a cuban link when the filing process is not complete or is that actually a finished chain?

  5. i like the Cubans but i really don't mind getting a perfect machine made curb link or anchor link with an upgraded clasp. You have those? I have been looking around for time now and the money is ready to be spent… Can ship to fort lauderdale.,..

  6. Personally I like to wear multiple chains and multiple bracelets. All Cuban. Cuban chain. About ten chains around my neck and four bracelets for each wrist. It’s how I roll. I also take security with me Eric baby. Stops my head being beaten.

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  8. Good day. I have a cuban link 14k solid gold 7mm at 95 grams . I'm looking to upgrade to a 10mm at about 135 grams. I want to sell the 7mm . What do you think is a good asking prices to sell it at?

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