copy 1903 1 PESO Silver Coin

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is a well known coin and this is he 1903 a 1 peso fake yes it’s a fake as you can
see there is he area here that was been tested silver but it is not a silver as
you can see if you look if you are only in a particle this a new by or the coin
collecting you will say this is real or authentic but this is not authentic
silver 1 peso coin of 1903 because this is a brass copy of a 1903 this is a
brass I have this way back on 1992 so
basically this is in my possession for almost 25 years 1990 to 27 years
something like that and that is why I am NOT the fan of this USP I throat is I
already have a lot of this because I like this a kind of coins on the 1990s
early 1990s to be specific 1988 they already started this when I was still
young because there is a lot of coins in my hometown on the city so I have
opportunity to have a lot of coins to tell you in short this is a fake 1903
one piece of coin there is a lot of this and I asked the man who is selling this
and just bought this for a 50 peso, just a dollar so I bought the 20 pieces of
this all fake and the way back the entries no a digital weighing scale so
all you have to do is put a original a 1 peso on the right side of the weighing
scale which is a clock type and put this one on the left
then you will know who it is the heavier or the lighter coin this one is much
heavier and when I first look at it I know it
was fake because this is a very thick a coin and the texture the color of this
the color is Matt’s way aluminium like not self very slight and to show you we
will compare the original one peso here this is a silver as you can see which is
much smaller and this is much bigger and also some of the one peso Silver’s of
1903 to 1912 or 1911 1911 years they have the different sizes also and mostly
for is circulating online they are all fakes
most are fakes because during the 1944 war in the Philippines World War two and
when the war is finished a lot of this silver coins was taken by the Americans
but first when the Japanese invaded the Philippines they took all the silvers
and the gold coins everything further to Indonesia and
other neighboring countries that is why they took all the golden buddha’s
everything that is gold and with the high volume metals and they melt it on
Japan so that they will have those gold deposits tax on the country and make a
fake coins also and the same with the Americans they made a lot of fake coins
they change the silver coins and to just ordinary metal and the Americans just
till they make a little story because there’s a lot of coin historian
in the internet especially Filipinos that knows a lot of in and out of the
acquaint collecting but the truth is the only one to sell you overpriced coins
this one is an original 1908 s and I have maybe 20 pieces of this and same
with the 1903 and everything I have a lot of this but I left it on my mother’s
house so that it is for safekeeping and a few concerts on the internet you can
find a lot of this coins not inside the United States or in the Philippines but
outside United States and outside the Philippines it is within the territory
of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth I think it is in Trinidad
and Tobago some other countries and because they have the shortage of coins
and silver coins what the Americans did is the the uber stamp this stamp these
coins into the name of the country on front and on the reverse and it says I
think one dollar or five dollars I think and I’ve seen a lot of those even in
person in actual lives in a lot of those over stamp one peso coin which is
originated in Philippines minted in the United States and circulated in outside
the United States and in the Caribbean also in the Latin America’s they used it this is it to show you why this is fake
this is a fake 1903 and this is the original as you can see the fake one
it’s much larger as you can see compared to the original and it is much thicker
so this is the original and this is the fake so the comparison here you can see
and I also say this is the fake one the volcano here and the smoke is very
different compared to this tiny volcano this one is fake and this one is
original and the lady here is much larger compared to the original and the
original and its head the head of the standing lady here is near on the the
edge or the top here and this one is midget type smaller shorter so you can
see the difference here that is how you differentiate the original to fake the
color itself you see because they only dip this on a silver
that is why it looks like silver but it is not a silver and also our Chinese
Chinese contour fitting a lot of coins all over the world even the US silver
coins some other valuable coins around the world they took a sample of it and
they make copy on China and they distributed it all over the world so
that is why a lot of this and I heard a lot of this almost of 10 million pieces
of this or copies of this 1903 alone circulated way back 1980s that is why
there’s a lot of be circulating if we go to the downtown or Manila a lot of these
are circulating I found a lot of these Quiapo way back 1997 1998 was there
looking for some coins and I found a lot of this and I just laughed at myself
because they are selling it for a reasonable price a 100 peso $2 hits and
a lot of this also recirculating right now on the internet a lot of people
sellers are coming a lot of buyers new collectors so that’s it and as you can
see the difference here this is a very we will try to the original is 20 grams
which is the this is a circulated one peso so basically you can get
eighteen twenty-eight or nineteen something on Grahams the original is
twenty and just try okay this is a basically a nineteen point nine so this
is an original because so maybe a circulation that is why the the weight
of the silver coin going down now point one gram so let us try this Wow this is
a twenty three point one gram so a little bit heavier compared to the
original and this is nineteen point nine and is twenty three point one so maybe
if it is twenty-one you can believed it is original but it
is twenty three point one so the method they use is much heavier just because it
is much thicker and larger see the difference
the original is thin and the fake is very thick this is the difference see it
is very wide large and thick so I hope those who are starting to collect be
careful to buy fake silver coins I just asked my my brother to send me this one
so that I can compare it to this original for the benefit of this video
and to learn all those who wanna be a collector that not all of those who are
circulating our original and a lot of it whether it is a
banknote or currency or a coin there is a lot of fake so be careful of buying
because this 1903 alone can be sold around $400 $500 the good condition of
the uncirculated but there is no such uncirculated the 1903 for what I
remember so be careful of buying fake silver coins I hope this will make our
video people will see the difference I hope that world see that the difference so that’s it and please comment on this
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and by the way the common one peso coin what which is a recirculated can only be
sell at trended pesos around five dollars the efficacy uncirculated or or
be you badly uncirculated yes there is a lot of can be bought for a higher price
but the the $10 to $15 one pesos albert cohen is a reasonable price higher than
that do not buy it it’s a waste of money there’s a lot of coin you can buy for
that amount of money that’s a word of advice
i hope you learn something from this and be careful and please share this on your
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