Color Hair using Argan Oil color by One ‘n Only

hey folks! welcome to Do It Yourself with
Dennis. Today we’re going to color my wife’s hair. we’re going to use One ‘n Only’s new
Argan Oil Hair Color. We’re going to color her hair to a 5CH which is a light
chocolate brown. so thanks for watching my video, let’s get started. okay so the
first thing we have to do is mix it up now this is a little different. a lot of
hair colors take one part color and one part
developer. we’re using 20 developer….they’ve got 10, 20, 30, 40 depending on how much
lift you need. you mix this color two to one or one to two actually, one
part color and two part developer. we’ve got our handy dandy little color mixing bowl
here the other nice thing about this is that
it’s two applications. you can color her hair twice with this. the tube is the color, its
three ounces and the developer six ounces, so you only need half of that
according to their instructions the mixing bowl that we use
has graduated marks over here for ounces, 2 3 4 so I’m going to measure out three
ounces of developer in the bowl because it’s a six ounce bottle and I’m gonna use
half of it so there’s three. then I’m going to measure out an ounce and a half of
color. the color has graduated marks on the tube it’s a three ounce tube so
basically, you squeezed it out down to an ounce and a half that means you’ve
got an ounce and a half in the mix so it’s got a little point
in the middle of the cap to puncture the seal. you just take that take that point
in the cap and press it on there like that and make a hole and then basically
squeeze it out till you’re to the ounce and a half mark. I’m not a professional
at this, so any professionals that want to criticize my technique go ahead and
do it but just know that I’m a rank amateur. I’ve colored my wife’s hair
before so we’re not like totally guinea- pigging her today. that’s half. fair warning guys, if you haven’t done this before to your wife’s hair,
about now is when it starts stinking really bad. now I’ve got a little
brush that we use to put the color on her hair with and so I’m going to use
the end of it to start mixing this. you want to get it mixed together really
good all right so that should be mixed up
good. you want to use gloves because this stuff will color anything it gets on so
I just use shop gloves like vinyl gloves. this is my lovely wife…. mmm…. this is her
hair color now, yep, so we’re gonna use this 5ch color. oh oh yeah you need a
cape and if you don’t have a cape you need a like a garbage bag… just cut a
hole in the garbage bag and you don’t want to get this
color on anything else. take the color brush, basically you want to divide
her hair into four sections so right in the middle…. I don’t know how
accurate you have to be with this because I just kind of make sure that I
get it all colored. they tell you you should divide it into four sections so
that’s what I do…. for the most part…. and then kind of go like behind her ear and
split it, you know, that way it’s coming so and then just start applying it and
so you’re going pull like half inch pieces of hair or sections of hair and
start coloring it and I work from the roots out because usually they want their roots to get colored more than the rest of the hair anyway, so
I start at the roots that way they get a little more color than the rest and then
you kind of want to be careful not to get in like a lot of it like on their
skin and like their ears and stuff. it’ll come off but I
think some some people’s skin it doesn’t come off as easy as others so it’s okay
if you get some on there you just don’t want it to be a ton. and so basically all
I’m doing is I’m taking the cup just like I’m painting and I’m
dipping the brush in there and getting color on it and then and then like
getting up underneath if you can see that yeah like so getting up underneath
and then getting the roots on this side too and you can take the
little brush and get up underneath there like that, get some more color,
essentially you’re just going to keep going through her hair to make sure that
you get all the roots, kind of top and bottom. you don’t want to work on the
sections any any bigger than about a half inch and then just kind of even it
out as you go You want to make sure that you don’t leave
any like hard brush lines. you want to smooth everything out and blend it in as
you go. you kind of want to keep up with your
time as you’re applying it but you’re really not gonna start timing until
you’re done but you want to move… you want to work fairly quickly so
that you don’t have the color on half of her head, you know, 15 minutes longer than
the rest of her head. what I’ll do, like around like here, you
know, is I’ll get I’ll get her roots pretty good and then blend it and then if I get
too much on her skin I’ll take a rag or a paper towel or something and wipe it
off. but around these areas where hair blends into the skin, make sure
you smooth it out well but get the roots covered and then I’ll kind of go back
through and make sure that I got all the roots covered pretty well and then I’ll
take that section and go ahead and finish it off because I’ve gotten the
roots done so now I can start getting all the middle. but before I start
getting all of the sides I go ahead and get all the roots all the
way around on all four sections basically and all I’m doing basically is
I’m getting the roots I’m going in and I’m laying over about another half inch
of hair and then getting the bottom side of that section and the top of the next
section so that I’ve got good coverage on all the other roots.
you know you want to really get the areas, especially like in
here, you know, where they pull their hair back, all that part shows
and up underneath here, the part that shows when they pull their hair up, you
don’t want to have any funky color lines there. you don’t want to have any places
that you missed because it’ll kind of stick out like a sore thumb. so you want
to make sure you get all that – on these back sections. then the same kind of thing,
you just peel off half inch chunks at a time and make sure that
you’re getting the roots really good so then once you’ve got all the roots
done, now you’re gonna start getting all the other hair in the middle and again you’re smoothing, you’re kind of blending it in
and you want to make sure that you get up underneath to do it kind of the same
way you do the roots, just take smaller chunks of hair and blend it in
as you go and work your way down. so I’ve gone through each section
and I’ve done the roots and I’ve taken half inch sections of hair and made sure
that I’ve gotten everything wetted out all the way through, all the way to the
bottom and so then what I always do is I take it ( one reason I wear
gloves) I always take her hair and kind of work the color in all the way through
it just to (I’ve already smoothed it all out with the brush) even it out to
the ends or blend it in rather but then I try to take her hair and just make
sure that I’ve worked it all the way through her hair so they haven’t missed
any strands and that I don’t have like any globs of color. I’ve gone
around I made sure I’ve gotten all of her roots back here I’ve gotten some
on her skin but it’ll come off. you’ve got to kind of scrub it off but then
once you’ve done that if you miss any spots you know touch them up and then
basically once all the hair is wet then you’re gonna start your
timing. this particular hair color takes (for regular plain old color application)
thirty minutes so we’re gonna start timing it now and in thirty minutes then
she’s gonna rinse her hair out and we’ll be back then…. alright so what we’re doing
is it takes about 15 minutes to put it on, then it says
to let the color process for another 15 minutes you want a total 30-minute
processing time so that’s what we’re doing now and then as soon as that’s
over then I’m gonna rinse your hair in the sink and you’re gonna rinse it until
the water runs clear you’re trying to wash all the solution
out of her hair then after that she’ll she’ll shampoo
her hair….. a side note, make sure that you wear something that you don’t care about
because if you’re getting that stuff on your clothes it turns it whatever color
you’re dyeing her hair so make sure you’re wearing like a work shirt or
something. you still want to keep your gloves on because you’re still going to
be dealing with the solution get her under the water we’re gonna just
rinse it out its gonna foam up a little bit but you’re just gonna rinse it out
all over until the water in the sink or the tub whichever one is clear. you can
also help her out where the places where it’s on her skin go ahead and try to rub
it off a little bit that would get most of it off her skin so now what she’s
gonna do is she’s going to shampoo and condition her hair. then she can dry it and
it’ll be all done…….. it’s all done she’s shampooed it, conditioned and dried
it, so now you can kind of see the color a little bit better. because I was
careful to blend it in, the color’s nice and even, it’s smooth, you don’t have
splotchy places or lines or anything like that. as you can tell it’s nice and smooth and even. this is supposed to be a medium chocolate brown.
I’ll be honest when we were putting it on and as it started developing it was
showing a lot of red and it kind of made my wife nervous because it looked like
it was gonna be really red but now that it’s rinsed out and shampooed and
conditioned it’s fine, it’s exactly like what she was expecting and her hair is
nice and soft its silky. you can see it’s got a good shine to it and
her hair feels real good it’s not dry or anything. it turned
out pretty good. okay so that’s it, if you follow those directions then you will be
able to color your wife’s or your girlfriend’s or your mother’s hair, whoever you want to color. thanks for watching my video and checking out my channel please
subscribe, give me a like down below on the video, if you would, and if you’ve got
comments, if you’re a professional or an amateur like
me ( I’m not even a good amateur I’ve only done this a handful of times) but if
you’ve got comments about the coloring process or what I did wrong or anything
like that, leave them in the comments below. I’ll be glad to hear them and if
you have questions about what I did, leave those too and I’ll answer any
questions that I can that I’m capable of answering. so thanks again for watching
hope to see you back soom. God Bless

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