Coin Roll Hunting Nickels – My Best Silver Box Ever!

hey everyone its Rob with Rob Finds Treasure and we went to a Chase Bank today we’ve got a box and nickels I’m
still on that Dang quest for a v nickel in a hunt also I’m trying to finish my
early Jefferson and my Buffalo set from just coin roll hunting we’ll keep looking
we’re not gonna fill it up with this box but you never know what you’re gonna
get that being said I checked them they’re circulated coins so we’re ready
to get this hunt kicked off I’ll loop you guys in should I find something worth
showing all right guys we’re on roll two and I was excited at first because we
had four discolored coins in the roll and so I’m gonna pull those out in front
of you first I did see that one might be a silver war nickels so that’s just a
2013 here’s a silver war nickel right here it’s an S mint mark that’s a good
start and it’s 43 s and that’s a good start to the second roll of the box we
got an estimate marked silver were nickel here’s a 76 and the other discolored one
is a 93 not struck on any weird planchet we’ll go back to the roll now wartime
nickel made out of silver second roll the box good start
roll number five guys I’ve got another green one here and look at that
Philadelphia Mint 44 two war nickels in the first five rolls Wow
let’s look for more this could end up being a good box roll eight last coin of
the role a forty-eight Philadelphia so it’s our first 40s coin that’s not
silver so so far in the box we’ve got a 40s coin couple of silvers and I know
it’s only a 1999 but it’s in great shape and it’s got full steps so I’m gonna
hold on to it because it has the MS designation in my
opinion let’s look for more rolll 12 guys and i just crack this open figured
I’d grab my camera since we have found silver so far
it looks pretty silver to me just wanted to check it with you guys
it is another s mint mark and it’s a 42 s we now have three silver war nickels
in the first 12 rolls unbelievable my record in a box is four
we’re on pace to beat that but you never know roll 18 guys and we’ve got another
40s nickel here and it’s a 42 but it’s non silver yeah non silver but still 42
d so that’s our second from the 40s one from the 50s a couple of oh nine and
three silver wartime nickels roll 23 guys we just pulled a 1951 D which is a
good find and write a few coins after it we’ve got a 41 Philadelphia so third
from the 40s as well we roll 35 guys and like I’ve said I’ve gotten some silver
but not a lot of early Jefferson so it’s been kind of an odd box weird that we
got three silvers and only six early Jefferson’s but I bring you in because I
just laid out this roll number 35 and look at the back here we got a buffalo
looks pretty worn I don’t see a Mint mark because of the wear so if the backs
this bad I’m assuming the front’s gonna be pretty bad with no date let’s take a
look I don’t see a date I think what I’m gonna do is check it under my loop and
then what I’ll probably end up doing is if I don’t see a date I’ll nic a date the
date spot and I’ll Nic a date the bottom here maybe on the back to see if
there’s a mint mark I don’t think I will I’ll do the date first and if the dates
a good date then maybe I’ll go ahead and check in the back let me go ahead and do
that now so we can get a date on this it’s a shame but I’d rather know the date
then have a really worn buffalo nickel worth fifty cents or a buck so let’s
take a look all right guys we treated with Nic a date let me see if I can get
you with the date here there you go 1918 with Nic a date that didn’t do a
great job on it but once I saw it was a 1918 I decided to see if there was a Mint
mark and there is and take a look at that
it’s an s a 1918 s less than 5 million minted of these so I don’t just use
nic a date on the front if it’s a good date or a key date then I always take a
look at the back and sure enough it paid off this time we have a 1918 s buffalo
nickel obviously the nic a dates gonna hurt the value this is probably only a
14 dollar coin if it didn’t have Nic a date and because I used Nick a date it’s
probably a buck fifty to three bucks now because it’s only worth ten to twenty
percent of the value but at the end of the day it’s a 1980s and the Nick a date
in this example worked out for adding a little bit more value to it
last thing I do is I’m just gonna wipe this down a little bit more to see if I
can kind of polish it I’m not using anything to polish it just a lint-free
cloth get it to look a little bit better than it looks in the extent now we’ve
got three Silver’s in a 1918 s Buffalo I knew that date and that mint mark
meant something guys and I’m putting together my Buffalo set here in I of the
1918 Philadelphia the 1918 Denver so that 1918 s is gonna be a filler coin
cuz I had these Nic a date but while I continue to build my collection on coin
or hunting for buffalo nickels it was a date and a mint mark we didn’t have so
after the wrap-up I’ll be sleeping it and sticking in the spot we’ve now
completed the 1918 buffalo nickel year woohoo roll 44 guys we’re gonna have our
fourth 40s coin and it’s a 1949 hopefully it’s an S it’s not but it’s
still a 49 we’ll take it forthe 40s of the Box roll 45 gonna have
our fifth 40s in the box 1946 Philadelphia rule 46 guys we’ve got
a 1939 here still looking for the 39 d and we still we’re still looking for it
but you know what we’ll take a 39 Philadelphia second-year Jefferson
nickel all day roll 47 guys and check this out as I was a flattening them out
towards the end of the roll I see that we have a 1948 back here so
48 Philadelphia will take that as our six from the 40s but more importantly
once again another 39 can we find the 39 d nope another 39 you know what I’ll
check it for the double Monticello well I have here and I don’t see doubling on
the Monticello so 2 39’s no doubling but 2 39’s yeah looks like we’ve hit another hot spot here guys I just laid them out and I can see
a 43 remember I’m also looking for 43 Denver this will be our fourth silver of
the box it’s another Philadelphia but you know
what I’ll take it that is now four silver wartime nickels ties my record in
a box unbelievable guys this is unbelievable I’m on the last roll the
box I get a coin here that’s pretty beat-up
I’m thinking it’s nothing it has a little bit of a silver look to it it’s a
45 if I put it under the microscope you can see it right there
1945 and if I flip it around you can barely just barely make out the pea here
above the Monticello so we ended up getting our fifth war nickel it’s in
terrible shape but it’s still 35 percent silver and it’s war nickel number five
can you believe it I break my record on the last roll I knew was a good box when
we had three after 12 then it got cold but we end up with five silver war
nickels and while I have you here I don’t think anything else matters
nope so let me get your grab up here in a second alright guys another box of
nickels hunted I pulled out a couple of coins here I’ve
pulled out this 99 with full steps looks fantastic we’re gonna pull
that aside pulled out this coin because I don’t know if it’s missing part of the
nickel plating or it’s just an odd color but I usually don’t pull out toned coins
unless I want to look at them further I’ll be looking at that one further we
got five 2009’s we ended up with nine from the 50s and
really most of note is I got a 51 D and a 52 D and then also a 55 ever and
that’s 55 as a tough pull as well those are the three keys of the 50s that I got
in the 40s we got a 41 a 42 46 to 48 and a 49 not
bad six from the 40s five war nickels you see me pull them awesome find a 1918 s Buffalo that I didn’t have for my collection and 239 s both Philadelphia
this was a terrific box overall I’ve gotten four Buffalo’s in a box and I’ve
gotten four silver war nickels and I’ve gotten two and two and I’ve gotten one
in one and you name it but I’ve never gotten five war nickels
throw in a buffalo a couple of 30s this is a fantastic box this is why coin or
hunt these are the boxes I look for and I hope for at the end of the day it was
a great hunt for me a fun hunt if you enjoyed it as well please give me a
thumbs up and as always everyone thanks for watching go ahead and slide that
right in the book beautiful

48 thoughts on “Coin Roll Hunting Nickels – My Best Silver Box Ever!

  1. You should also look out for the "Henning Nickel". They're basically counterfeit war nickels. Look for a 1944 war nickel with no mint mark.

  2. In this hunt, I found my record Silver Wartime Nickel Hunt and it was an amazing box overall with other finds as well!
    These are the types of boxes you hope to find!
    I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching!

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  3. The gods have spoken the have have given you the power to just hunt nickels, all you did is just get lucky😂😂😂😂😂😂 like if you agree.

  4. That’s awesome Rob. That’s a lot of silver plus a nice buffalo. I don’t find war nickels and buffalos together very often. One time I got $60 in customer wrapped nickels and it was a collection dump. I found 17 war nickels and one was XF to AU and I got a 1943 D

  5. Nice finds Rob.The best I have ever got was 3 war nickles in a box. You are lucky. Keep hunting and I enjoy your videos .

  6. Nickels are always fun to watch, you never know, maybe a V or a Hobo nickel/ Edit: Buffalo nickels are always a good sign!

  7. Sweet box of nickels man!!!Lemme find out you wrapped up this hunt and immediately went back to that bank looking for more?Fantastic video Rob,looking forward to your next installment.

  8. My favorite localishly owned bank (that is really close to my house, which is why I like it)told me that boxes and rolls “are supposed to be for business transactions” and they have to pay Rochester and Loomis for boxes and rolls, so they are going to charge me 5¢ per roll no matter the denomination of the box! That’s $2.50 per box, and I hunt like 10 boxes from that bank a week! Has this ever happened to you, and do you feel that it is necessary? Thank you

    -Currency Hunter 88

  9. I don’t know, I might call that 4.75 war nickels. Lol. Awesome hunt for real.

    I might get that scope. I got one for my phone, but it doesn’t work well at all.

  10. Great finds Rob, it kinda sucks the last silver is trashed but hey a record is a record lol keep up the great videos, Oh don't forget to make a video on your collection.

  11. Indeed a great box. Great Buffalo find. Wish it had a visible date without nicadating but it’s just a wish 😀

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