Classic WoW: Mining Profession Guide

With Classic almost here there’s going to
be folks who will have a lot of questions regarding professions, so in this video we’re
going to talk about nearly everything you need to know about Mining in Classic WoW. This guide is meant to be easily viewed while
you’re both in or out of the game, so I have included time stamps in the description for
you to jump to whatever information that you may need. For this video we will be discussing the following
topics for the Mining Profession. When it comes to your primary professions
you can learn only two, so you will want to choose them wisely. Mining is one of three gathering professions
you can learn, and it pairs perfectly with either Blacksmithing or Engineering. Through Mining you will be able to harvest
ore, stone, and rare gems from mineral veins that are located throughout the world of Azeroth. To do so you will need to purchase a Mining
Pick and carry it with you in your inventory to actually harvest the ore. To learn your Apprenticeship Propheciency
you can visit trainers at these locations according to your Faction. Along with mining you will learn two more
ablities to aid you which are Smelting and Find Minerals. Locate your Find Minerals ability in your
spell book and place it on your bars for ease of access. This will allow you to locate nearby mining
veins on the minimap, but remember that after a death it will turn off so you will have
to reactivate it once you resurrect. Smelting is what allows you to turn the ore
you collect in to useable bars for Blacksmithing and Engineering plans. These charts here show you the minimum skill
you need for both mining ore from mineral veins, and smelting the ore you collect in
to bars. Often you will see that your smelting skill
will turn gray, and therefore you will not receive a skillup, but the same type of ore
may still be either yellow or green when you find its node which means the only way to
continue getting skill-ups is to mine more nodes. When you mine from a node it will take anywhere
between two or four hits to fully extract all of its contents. This means that in a party or raid multiple
players can harvest the same mineral vein, and potentially earn a skill level off the
same vein, so in such cases it is courteous to share the node. Out in the open world it is considered rude
to mine from a node another player is currently mining. If you see someone in combat near a mineral
vein it can possibly mean that that player intends to harvest the node once they’re out
of combat. I would recommend you either wait to see if
that’s what their intent was, or send a whisper asking if they’re going to mine that node. Now all of that etiquette applies to those
who belong to your Faction. If they’re of the opposing Faction that node
is fair game, and if you’re on a PvP server all bets are off. Leveling your mining from 1-300 is pretty
straight forward, but there are a few spots where you might get a bit hung up. Remember that the vast majority of nodes will
be found along mountain sides, hills and caves. To begin you’re going to be mining Copper
from a skill of 1-65. You will need to mine from approximately 30
Copper nodes, and smelt around 50 Copper bars. For the Alliance, Humans will find the majority
of copper in Elwynn Forest and Westfall. Dwarves and Gnomes really have it good with
nodes found all over Dun Morogh, and Loch Modan. Night Elves don’t have it quite so easy as
zero nodes are found on Teldrassil, and so must first get to Darkshore to begin finding
copper. The Horde has it pretty good except for the
Forsaken who have limited nodes in Tirisfal Glades, so they may elect to farm copper in
Silverpine Forest instead. Tauren have all sorts of mountain sides and
caves in Mulgore to mine from making their experience pretty simple. Orcs and Trolls really have it the best when
it comes to mining Copper, because they enjoy the highest concentration of veins in Durotar. The Barrens would be the second best zone
for both Orcs, Trolls and Tauren. Once your skill reaches 50 you can visit your
trainer and learn your Journeyman level proficiency. This level range can be the most frustrating
if you don’t know where to go. You’re looking for Tin and Silver veins, and
you will need to mine from approximately 60 nodes. Tin veins are much more spread out, and you’re
likely to still find more copper veins than tin, but the best zones to find tin and silver
in my opinion are Hillsbrad Foothills, The Barrrens, Redridge Mountains in the North
West corner, and Duskwood. However, if you’re just focused on leveling
as fast as you can then you might want to skip all of that and mine Incendicite or Lesser
Bloodstone instead. Incendicite ore is found inside a cave in
the Wetlands which is located here. The nodes respawn rather quickly, so it’s
possible for you to level your mining to 125 in about an hour. If you’re interested in the quest just find
Pilot Longbeard in the Military Ward in Ironforge who will then send you to Pilot Stonegear
in Kharanos who gives the quest. Lesser Bloodstone is found in a cave in Arathi
Highlands located here near Hammerfall. These don’t respawn as quickly as the Incendicite,
but if you want the quest just find Corporal Kaleb in the tavern at Booty Bay. Now that you’re at 125, go back to the mining
trainer and learn Expert Mining. You’re now looking for Iron Deposits and Gold
veins and you will need to mine around 100 nodes. This level range has a lot of zones to mine
from which includes Desolace, Badlands, Arathi Highlands, Alterac Mountains, Stranglethorn
Vale, and the Swamp of Sorrows. If you’re on a PvE server you can mine anywhere
you’d like, but if you’re on a PvP server you might find yourself harassed often while
farming in Stranglethorn Vale. My personal spot to farm for Iron is Arathi
Highlands, because it’s got this great loop that contains a ton of iron nodes. The problem is you won’t find much gold. For gold veins I go to Hillsbrad, because
along this route and this cave there tends to be whole lot of gold nodes for you to grab. Continue to mine Iron and Gold until you reach
a skill level of 175. At 175 you’re now ready to harvest from Mithril
and Truesilver deposites, and you will need to mine from approximately 125 nodes. We’re now finally getting to some of the ore
that can begin to net you some serious money, and thankfully there are a lot of zones where
these two can be farmed. The zones to find Mithril are the Badlands,
Dreadmaul Rock in the Burning Steppes, Tanaris, and the Hinterlands. If you’re of lower level there are three great
spots in Arathi Highlands to find Mithril, and Truesilver can be found behind Stromgarde
Keep. An extra spot to collect truesilver is from
the spiders found in the Temple of Zul in the Hinterlands. You’re not getting skill-ups from harvesting
the ore from the spiders, but it’s just another option in case you’re looking for the ore
only. Once you reach a skill of 200 be sure to visit
your mining trainer to learn your Artisan level proficiency. You’re on the final leg and so now you’re
looking for Small and Rich Thorium Vein’s. These can be found in your highest level zones,
so where I focus my search is in Winterspring, Silithus, Un’Goro Crater, and Eastern Plaguelands. This is going to take quite some time to reach
300 as you will need to harvest around 160 nodes to max your skill. This is your money maker though so find a
farming path that works well for you, and get to selling it on the Auction House. There are two mining recipes that are not
offered by trainers and that’s Smelt Dark Iron, and Smelt Elementium. To learn how to smelt Dark Iron you will need
to complete a quest called, “the Spectral Chalice” which begins from Gloom’rel who is
found in the Summoners’s Tomb in Blackrock Depths. You must have a mining skill of 230 before
he will offer you the quest, and also make sure that you speak to him before you begin
the event. Dark Iron is the reagent for a lot of high
end epic gear that provides Fire Resistance which is needed in Molten Core, or any raid
boss that deals fire damage. For Smelt Elementium you need to find Master
Elemental Shaper Krixix who is located here in Blackwing Lair. The fun part of this is that a Priest must
mind control Krixix, and then target another player with the Mining profession and cast,
“Smelt Elementium” to teach the targeted player. This is a legendary material needed to create
the legendary item known as Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker. If you’re interested in completing some Mining
quests you can find them here. Not all of these quests do you actually have
to be a miner, but having the Find Minerals ability certainly makes it a lot easier. If you’re looking for something that can help
boost your mining skill you will want to get your hands on these items, and enchants. Keep in mind though that if you want to use
that Goblin Mining Helmet you’ll have to be an Engineer. That about does it for Mining, so if you enjoyed
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have ever wondered how Miners make their money just know that they earned it by either stripping
or working the shaft.

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