Chinese Panda Silver Coins To Build My Own Economy

what’s going on guys hey I wanted to show you real quick some pickups I just got from my company is N they had a lot of these pandas that showed up and I picked up a handful of them check them out 2016 this is the Panda and what makes these pandas unique each year is they the design is different as well as in this case they decided to go 30 grams instead of measuring it in a full ounce for whatever reason and that’s going to make it kind of interesting and collectible here’s the back side very very proof like fields we’ve got the Chinese writing of the year and of course there’s the Panda gorgeous gorgeous coin I think these are some of the most beautiful coins and then they also happen to have this one look at this it’s different yet just as beautiful this one happens to be from 2011 and is a full 1 ounce er so over the difference on the back not much different other than the year it’s going to put that back up in there I thought these are really cool unique coins something I like to collect is the the government struck coins let’s see if we can get it to focus a little better government struck and then something unique like the pandas that have the different grams versus ounce and then each year the design is a little bit different the pandas and the Cubs are doing something different chewing on bamboo frolicking in the forest whatever they’re doing right so so cool the Seventeen’s are available now we’ll probably pick some of those up here shortly okay then look at that I got some of these now these are super duper cool I think they’re half ounces and it’s the Australian and year of the goat once you get it to focus and realize for the detail is amazing it’s a half-ounce ER and it commemorating the year of the goat the back I’ve got three of those and then 1/2 ounce or koala so the Australian mint really does a nice job with the half ounce errs when they’re available which they’re not always available I want to depict these up just because they were super unique very very detail-oriented and as you can see quite a bit smaller than say a 1 ounce ER or yeah in this case a 30 gram er well confusing but all in all just a really nice pickup thanks to is n you know they have the ability to source all kinds of fun stuff for us and you know coins are limited for the most part in the exception of the American Eagle right but most of these coins are limited so when they pop up into the back office or we get noticed that certain things are in stock I can’t just try to jump on it as much as I can and pick up when I can so this was just something pretty unique and fun that I got anyway just want to show that to you have a great afternoon everyone talk to you soon

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