China Share Trading Halted after Stock Market Plunges 7%

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Monday 4th January 2016 and we are
addressing the issue of China suspending Share Trading due to its near 7% fall.
Trading on China’s stock markets has been suspended after the market dramatically plunged
and triggered a new circuit breaker system (introduced in early December) meant to limit
volatility. Trading had been halted earlier in the day
for 15 minutes after the stock market fell by 5%. But shares continued to fall, leading
regulators to end trading early. The Shanghai Composite index closed down 6.9%
One factor behind the stock market fall was The Caixin/Markit purchasing managers’ index
(PMI) slipping to 48.2 in December, marking the 10th consecutive month of shrinking factory
activity in the sector. The PMI survey, which focuses more on small
and medium-sized businesses, came after an official survey on Friday, which looked at
larger companies, suggested a fifth month of shrinking factory activity. This additional
weak factory data has fanned fears about the health of the world’s second biggest economy.
Other markets have also fallen as a result. Japan’s Nikkei 225 index closed 3.1% lower;
Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 index closed down 0.5%; while South Korea’s Kospi index finished
down 2.2% . At the time of this video, the UK FTSE index
is down 2.5%, the Paris CAC index is down 2.4% and the German Dax index is down 4.5%.
The US market is yet to open and the Dow Jones is anticipated to fall by nearly 2% at the
start. World oil prices edged higher as Brent crude
gained 3%, rising as high as $38.40 a barrel, after Saudi Arabia’s execution of a prominent
Shia Muslim cleric ignited tensions in the region, raising concerns among investors about
oil supplies. A subject we’ve addressed in our article section on our website at
Brenda Kelly an analyst at CMC said “If today’s activity in Chinese equity markets is an indication
of the year ahead then we are likely set for a bumpy 2016,”
London’s top faller today was mining giant Anglo American, which tanked by almost 9%
in value on demand fears by leading commodity consumer China. Glencore and Antofagasta shed
about 7% and 5% respectively. Interestingly China has also today cut the
yuan’s value, making it weaker than 6.5 against the greenback for the first time in
more than four-and-a-half years, as pressure on the currency mounts from the country’s
growth slowdown. So what we are we to make from all this. Well,
certainly tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran is likely to help raise oil prices, if
only short term, and create market instability. Equally worrying at present is the continued
slowdown in the Chinese economy. With officials already having cut their growth target to
7% per annum last year (with many believing this figure to be falsely inflated with the
true rate standing at 3-4%) and now even weaker data coming out, suggests that commodities
may be even harder hit in coming months, due to lack of demand. All those pundits quoting
the imminent demise of the dollar as the result of a resurgent Chinese Yuan may very well
be surprised by the strength that we expect the dollar to gain as a result of China’s
continuing devaluation and any flight out of stocks and shares into dollar denominated
assets. Both gold and silver rose initially and are
standing up 1% with gold at $1072 and silver at $13.96 per oz.
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21 thoughts on “China Share Trading Halted after Stock Market Plunges 7%

  1. Silver "trickled upwards" by about 15¢ (from $13.82 (US) to $13.90) after markets opened on Sunday night, but just in the last few minutes, they shot up a further 30¢ just in the last 15 minutes, and are at $14.15 "at this second" but the chart looks as though it might keep rising for a bit yet…keep your eyes peeled, boys!

  2. I believe Mike Maloney. He says that silver will more than likely go to $7 before it starts to go up. But he also says good luck finding it at $7 when it does go that low. That is why he buys a little bit every month at each months going price. He describes his buying as cost averaging.

  3. Would have been interesting to see just how far China's market would have fallen without the 'Circuit Breaker' being tripped. Hard to call it a free market when trading can be halted because they don't like the direction of the flow. And yes, I am aware there are similar 'breakers' in the western markets as well. I guess that's my point, there are no more free markets, if someone can pull a lever and all trading is halted…

  4. I must admit I'm a bigger fan of Illuminati silver now then when you first came on youtube you do point out some very good points I have watch all your videos now. With that said. One of your videos when the DOW dropped points 1000 silver did not spike up but went down. But today silver and gold are one of the only things that are green? I don't know why you think that the US dollar is so great it has lost 98% of it's purchasing power, The debt can never be payed back the stock market is inflated and so is the housing market and that goes for the rest of the world what else is there but sliver gold and bitcoin?

  5. Let us all get ready for a white knuckle ride ! There will be opportunities in all this.   Thanks for another informative video Illuminati.

  6. I am going to be watching the big dam (1000 dollar mark) on gold like a hawk…. Reflective news to price comparison is a good indicator for me. If only it hit 1015 :-/ regarding the stock market…… Park your cash under your brASS for a bumpy year. Storms are brewing.

  7. Thanks for the update. I bought silver at 13.83 and gold at 1061 over the holiday weekend. Woo hoo! Silver's already back down to 13.88 as I write this. Gold at 1072. Pondering pondering … should I buy a tad more? Think I'll wait and see.

    Hard to believe they simply pull the plug on the stock market when it doesn't go their way. Then again, not so hard to believe.

  8. US markets would have fallen even more if the Chinese did not stop the trading.. Darn, was hoping to buy some good stocks today..

  9. War is the Failure of the State.
    I don't know who said/wrote that first, but it is clearly as true today as when it was first said/written.
    China's economy is stalling.
    Oil is cheap, putting pressure on Russia and Iran.
    And the US of A hasn't had a manufacturing base since, what, the early Eighties?
    The Spratley Islands, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey and Russia…all potential Black Swans, leading to the Ultimate Black Swan Event: War.
    I sure do hope I'm wrong.
    Happy New Year?

  10. bye bye 2015 it looks like that the game can not , continue anymore and the all thinks will break lose. …The Feb was wrong in interest rates and the all thin is one big lie…Recovery!!! what recover? ???

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