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  1. I'm a biochemistry student so I know most the lessons, but I love how you explain them. I have been watching your videos for a time and I think you are a great teacher. Thank you.

  2. I allways loved chemical analysis, but you make me feel like the first time I saw this on school. Thank you :')

  3. When you're trying to find an empirical formula, you have to divide all of the values by the lowest number of moles (which in this case is 5.11). After that you get the 1, 1.33, and 1. You're supposed to write out the empirical formula based on those three values, but you can't write CH1.33O, so you multiply by a number that will make that irregular 1.33 a whole number for your empirical formula.

  4. OKKKK, be honest, @0:26ish when Bozeman moved to see if the eyes on the painting were following, you did the same. (Y)

  5. you speak to fast! No interested in learn this crap, but I need to practice take note to my TOEFL

  6. Thank you so much sir. I'm having chemistry test this thursday, and u helped me a lot. I appreciate your videos.

  7. Thanks Paul, this is really, really well explained. I finally get this! I've been trying to understand moles for about 6 weeks and your video made me get it. Thank you so much for this, very much appreciate your lessons 🙂

  8. I'm studying this summer in advance for my ap chemistry class next year and I've yet to find a set of videos that explain the concepts that are covered better than you! excited to binge watch this whole playlist XD

  9. Tyler DeWitt is a better chemistry teacher, in fact, hes the best one out there, go search him up hes awesome. He makes everything so easily understandable in CHEMISTRY! He made me pass my chemistry class

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    Read comments that read “why does he talk so fast”

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