Check your jewelry box! Gold and silver prices are up

old jewelry recently? Or an old coin collection? Many of you know I keep an eye on finance issues. Gold and silver prices have made an interesting run. Today — I found out those metal items can keep collecting dust or make you money. Market conditions have made a big improvement this year for precious metals. Gold prices hit a 10-month high today. Silver keeps rising, up nearly 15-percent since summer. :22 :06 MIKE MILLER THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THIS AND GENERAL MOTORS STOCK IS YOU OWN THE PHYSICAL ITEM, WHEREIN GENERAL MOTORS THEY DON’T SEND YOU A BUMPER. I showed Mike my old coins and jewelry today, including my grandather’s pocket watch from 1917. The only value they had was sentimental. He also explained where people get confused, seeing on the internet that silver dollars can be worth 26-dollars apiece, but they’re collectible coins, not ones which had been in circulation. 13:11 MIKE MILLER SEE THE COLOR DIFFERENCE. THIS IS 40% SILVER, 60% COPPER Miller says many people will spend days polishing their coins, jewelry or silverware before bringing them in. He says it doesn’t change the value one penny. He looks at the metal and not its condition. 2:44 :08 MIKE MILLER GOOD EXAMPLE THESE ARE SCRAP SILVER COINS, COMMON EVERY DAY SILVER COINS THAT AREAN’T RARE, THEY ARE WORTH X AMOUNT OF DOLLARS BASED ON THEIR WEIGHT VALUE. As The Coin Shop accumulates precious metals, it eventually has enough to send off to be melted and refined. They can even be turned into other items, like this bell which was made out of two silver dollars. It’s a common good luck charm on the bottom of Harleys. Whether the price of metals is high or low, Miller is ready to check your items and make you an offer. 1:20 :04 OR :09 MIKE MILLER THIS LITTLE BAGGIE IS $3,000 WORTH OF SCRAP JEWELRY. PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THIS. THIS IS SITTING IN THEIR JEWELRY BOX. EVERY DAY THEY’VE GOT JEWELRY THEY HAVEN’T WORN SINCE THE 80’S AND ITS WORTH A SMALL FORTUNE. Miller also told me it’s a myth that dealers won’t buy precious metals when the prices are up. There’s always a market matching seller and buyers.

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