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Hello everyone. Okay, so this is just a
really quick one – it’s something which one of my viewers pointed out, and it was – it’s
super useful, so I thought I’d tell you… Recently, I copied the trader Fastik,
and I was worried that he was using too much leverage in long term trades, and
that that would incur fees. Obviously, when you use leverage in a trade,
you get overnight fees and weekend fees, and they can really stack up. The more
leverage you use, the more fees you can have. And someone pointed out that Fastik may be doing this… so I, you know you can look through his portfolio, here … and you, can sort, of see some of his trades… I’ll go into, for instance – you can click
into one, and… I can’t see any leverage in that one… Hold on, no – what I have to do is not in my copy, sorry – I have to go to his
portfolio – his actual portfolio, so I click on his thing…
This is his profile within the site. I can go to his portfolio, and then, let’s
say this one here – I can click into that… and I can see – look, he’s using leverage… I
can’t see it from the copied view in my portfolio, but if I go to his actual
portfolio, I can see he’s using leverage so that might be incurring fees. What I
can look at is when he started it – so this was started on 25th… 19th of the
4th… January, February, March, April – 19th of April with – times five… times five
leverage. Now it’s obviously… It’s November now, or December – it’s the 1st of December, so that’s been open for a long time with leverage. It might be incurring
fees, okay – over time… And I got worried about this, and I thought “well, I could
check all of the individual fees by going to his profile and seeing – yes, he
probably does incur fees but how’s that going to affect my copy position?” Because, obviously, if I copy him, I’m going to get the same fees that he does as well –
because all the positions – all of the fees and the charges… When you copy
someone, you’re subject to them as well. You’re copying his positions – if he’s
getting fees, you’re getting fees… So if I go to my portfolio again – here, I can see
my copy with him. Now… Two things – one, it says I’ve invested that much – I’ll
show you how to see how much you’ve really invested in a minute… But.. Here, it
says units, average open, invested, profit and loss, profit loss percentage, and value…
These are sort of the default columns that we have in the portfolio view.
I can change them, all right… So if I want to see how much, in fees, any of
the people I’m copying are costing me I go here – this cog button… I can click down. Now what this shows is – this shows all of the headings for the current columns
that are being shown in my portfolio. Units, average open, invested, profit and
loss, profit and loss – so that’s dollars and percentage… So
remember – units, average open, invested, P&L. If I go back – units, average open, invested, P&L… and then the other ones. So, that shows the current column headings, okay. That’s
what’s happening… if I click on any one – let’s say I click on ‘Units’, and instead
of units I want to see – it just shows this other screen – this other
second screen is basically ‘things you can see instead’… So, I’m going to choose ‘fees’ okay. I press X, and I go back, and boom. The ‘Unit’ column has now changed to ‘Fees’…
So, by doing that – really simple, I know but someone pointed it out, you know –
it’s really useful to me… Now I can check what fees – since I’ve started copying
Fastik, he’s cost me $2.28 in fees… and I can see that really quickly. I
could also go to him in my portfolio and go down to the bottom, and just see the
fees… 2.28 he’s cost me in fees, but a quicker way to do it is – I can just put
it in my portfolio view, and see it there… Really, really useful to check if you’re
worried like I was. And I can sort of keep watch on how much fees… Jay, obviously – being smart, and he’s actually giving me refunds.
sometimes, when you trade something, it incurs overnight fees and weekend fees –
you know, every day you hold it, there’s a little thing… Go to the help page – go to
the ‘Help’ section, and type in ‘fees’ and you can find a list of all their fees.
Other things – it’s another thing people have asked me… Other things actually give you a tiny bit of money back every day that you hold them… yaaay. Credits –
which is amazing. Anyhow… So Jay’s invested in some of them. But that’s an easy way to see what
fees someone’s causing you. Another one – do you know how I was saying, the other day, that
with Jay, I’d put money in, and taken money out, and I’d used some for trading, and then he’d made me some profit, and I’d traded something else with that, and I’d messed
about with a lot of – with the money that I had copying him, so when I see ‘invested’, it sees here… 1473. And I’ve made that much profit, and
the percentage is on that – you see… But, really, that’s not the amount I’ve invested. If you want to see the sum total of all the money you’ve put in, then you’ve
taken some out, then you’ve put in, then you’ve taken out… and you want to see
what the real amount of money you have actually put into that person is – again,
you go here – remember the column heading is ‘invested’. You go here – I just go to
‘invested’, and I can change that to ‘net invested’ – ‘net invested’ means ‘how much have I really invested in that trader if I’ve added up all the money I’ve put
in, then I’ve taken some money out, then I’ve put… ‘Net Invested’ is the result. Again, I click ‘X’, and now it shows the net invested – 533.27… Now, it’s still
calculating the profit and loss based on the overall invested, which is a bit silly – it
kind of could change that. My profit and loss – $194.09,
taken as a result of the net invested, shows how much profit he’s actually made
me – it’s a lot more than 13.19%… So, two simple things –
there’s a few things you can customise here and kind of – you can put a ‘Sell’ button
in… a ‘Buy’ button – so I can change the – I can show how much leverage I’ve
got in things, instead of the sell button… Here – now the ‘Sell’ button has become
‘Leverage’ – I haven’t got any leverage in anything, which is awesome… I’m going to change that back – I’m going to change it to a ‘Sell’ button. So, there we are… You can
customise it – really useful if you want to check how many fees someone’s … you’re worried that a trader you’re copying is costing you fees – just change that to
‘fees’ and boom… and, if you’re worried about, you know – you’ve put in money, and taken out money, and you want to see the real value of what you’ve taken out and
put in, and how much you’re copying that person with, you can just change that to
‘net invested’, and it shows you. I know they’re simple, but they’ve been really
helpful to me, so I thought I’ll pass it on.

27 thoughts on “Check Your Copy Trading Fees – Portfolio Etoro

  1. Net invested! Brilliant! I did not know that! That’s super helpful. Thanks Thomas. Another very helpful and informative video. Keep ‘em coming.

  2. Hello everyone. I'm here to probably ruin the dreams you have about copy trading ☹ I just watched a video with the title "Anton Kreil Annihilates Retail Brokers and "Trading Educators" He talks about pretty much everything you want to know if you don't want to be taken advantage of. At 1:44:31 he will start talking about copy trading. @Social Trading Vlog, please let us know what your opinion on copy trading is after watching that video. I'm totally lost at the moment. Not sure what i should do next, where i should invest my money.

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    if my risk hit 10 risk, that mean my account will be close in future if you lose more..
    another question is: if i opened and closed too much! for example, 10 times in 1 hour, means my account will close soon or banned soon??? i hope you answer me soon because i don't understand terms of etoro. Thanks 🙂

  5. Hi , great channel it has started me trading .thankyou
    Im copying someone and there profit this month is around 3% but mine is showing around 2% ! Why is this ? Thanks

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  10. I keep hearing that withdrawal is almost impossible.
    Is there anyone here who can dispute that? Can anyone confirm that withdrawal is straightforward?

  11. thanks for all your videos, helping me a lot. Are there any fees that we pay from starting or ending a copy? I know people have said that we shouldn’t worry about fees because it’s the guy being copied that will worry about them for us, but like, we are usually invested with smaller amounts so I’m worried that he would make a profit on something of say (5usd) but for us that only just covers the fees whereas his large investment then 5usd means nothing.

  12. Hey so I wanted to ask. Do I have to add them fees on top of my profit and loss amount. Reason for the comment is I worry that when I look at my portfolio it says I have made or lost a certain figure on the copy. But I have a feeling that figure is incorrect. I need to add the fees to that amount and then that really gives me a true reflection on what I really have made on a copy. I cannot get a clear answer anywhere and I’m struggling to calculate it.

  13. Great videos as always!! Regarding traders and leverage, how can I copy a trader but at the same time opt out of any leverage (if the trader decides to use leverage)?

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