Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt: The Silver Coin Zombies!

Wow! Look at that! “It’s nothing! That’s nothing! This is just one little handful.” “There’s pounds of these coins out here.” And that’s just one of the buckets! Me and old Steve have to plant. “Many more buckets of this silver.” Yeah, I know that’s awesome. “All right. Time to go. That my half? Got rings in there too, look at that! Wow! We’re gonna be busy for a while. If I can just keep the yahoos away this time. [Whispers] I’ll come back and watch. Well my digging bag is getting less full although I feel like I have about ten pounds of silver left. Boy this is taking forever. I went ahead and um… put a coin… a silver coin, out on that log since everyone here is blind as a bat. [Laughs] Had people looking right at it yesterday. So they can see that token better, cause it does blend in a little bit. There’s people starting to hunt. It’s not the silver hunt yet. That’s just a free range. They blew the cannon about a half an hour ago. This is the little pond, and now if you look, I don’t think anyone could miss that one. Least I hope not. Went ahead and put a silver quarter next to it. And the stick there, I left in there Tuesday, you could pull it to shore so, or pull it to the banks, and we’ll see if they find it today. I certainly do hope they do. Be very disappointed in you guys if you don’t find that today. I don’t want to have to get someone hints. Although I’ve already given a few hints. Alright, I can get back to the burying coins. Still have a few left in here. Man those are a lot of coins. Gonna take me all day to get them buried. I just hid a coin over here, and I hope it gives whoever finds it, really good mammories. Well. I meant memories. It’s a coin, a memorable coin. Steve had me up too late last night, I gotta get back to work. “We have over 11,000 coins buried.” “About 8,500 dimes. Most of ’em are Mercury dimes.” “We have uh… 1,133 I think,” “silver half dollars. Most of them are walking liberty halves.” “I think 1,200 quarters, most of them are Washington quarters.” “There are some barbers and walking liberties out there.” “And there’s a hundred silver dollars, and a couple others silver round top…” “items. There’s probably three or four hundred silver rings included.” “And 167 tokens so,” “it ought to be a good hunt.” “I wish everybody the best” “I’m gonna ask you here in just a minute to line up down here along the road.” So we’re getting ready for the silver hunt. I planted a ton of coins. I got blisters on my fingers! Oh there’s so many out there. There’s a ton of people out here though. You heard the numbers for the coins, it’s amazing. It’s gonna be a fun hunt. I’m gonna sit by the tree… and watch the spot. “Fire in the hole!” [Cannon Blast] And they’re off! Silver zombies! You look at ’em. [Laughs] Alright, let’s take up position. He almost had ’em but not quite. So quiet. It’s really kind of weird. It’s like zombies, they are zombies. Silver zombies! There’s Nugget, ole Nugs. He’s down there digging. I’m dedicated to you guys. We’re gonna make a video it’s gonna be awesome. There’s the Nugs! [Whispers] He was close! [Whispering] I planted that one. I put a whole bunch of ’em in front of the token, so people would spend time there. Trying to bait them in. [Whispers] She’s close! [Whispers] We got another one… Wish I could just put a trail-cam up so we didn’t have to sit here all day. “Hey Chig!” Hello! “We’re out on the silver hunt today. This is Gypsy and you all know the… the Chig-Meister.” I’m hard at work. I am. “He is really hard at work. Look at him!” Now I’m making the video for my channel and you’re gonna be in it. “Uh-oh.” Cause you went right past something. You did and it’s gonna be on video, and I’m making fun of ya. “Oh no, I’m gonna go back over there!” [Laughs] Sorry… I did! “He’s giving me a hard time look at him!” Yeah I am. “He knows where all the goodies are planted.” Yeah, this was my sector. “This is his nectar sector.” My nectar sector and the sector with my special token! Out here. “I better go look!” Maybe you haven’t gone by it yet, that’s what I meant. “Oh, okay.” “I’m gonna keep searching.” You keep searchin’. Almost gave it away. We have another one… If it was a snake it would be biting him right now. How did he not see that! It’s a quarter like two feet from his face on that log and my token is right next to the quarter. Oh man, you can find it! Take the blinders off. Not all the treasure can be found with a metal detector. Hello. Poor guy. See? Really, guys, listen to me. Take the binders off look around you when you’re detecting. If nothing else I’ve ever told you or showed you. That should make the most impact on you. I mean that was unbelievable, wasn’t it? I mean it was like two feet away from his head. Not disparaging the guy because he’s out here looking for silver coins in the grass, and you know it’s slightly buried So he’s focused on it, and that’s good, but you know sometimes you just have to peel it back a little bit and look around you. They cleaned out all my bait, probably have to go re-bait the spot. I have lost faith in humanity. Close! But not close enough… “Hey, how many did you put in there?” I didn’t put any IN there… [Whispers] Maybe ON there… “Takin’ a break huh?” Yeah, takin’ a little break. [Laughs] She’s gonna find it, I can tell, she’s gonna find it. She’s gonna find… That was close. “Oh no.” Thank you! I spent two days in this swamp! “All right!” “NO WAY!” “Woah it is…” Congratulations! “Hold on a sec.” You took your blinders off. “Well, thank you!” “I’m out havin’ fun.” Thank you! You are on camera by the way. “I thank you!” Lady: “What was it?” “A token.” “He had a quarter over top.” Guy: It was in the pond?” “Floatin’.” Guy: “I gotta laugh.” “Oh, that was good.” Guy: “Every token I got I had to dig.” Guy: “Where was it floating?” “It was floating on the log down there.” I can take it easy now. My work is done for the day. Well, the silver hunt’s over. I’ve been just kind of hanging out here with guy who found the token, but they’re getting ready to do the prizes and stuff. So I’m going to let you take a quick peek at what we’re doing inside, and then we’re gonna sign off. Cause I’m going silver hunting soon as we’re done. “Let’s start with token 100.” That my friends is one big happy crowd. Hope you enjoyed the video. Next off, Arizona, we’re gonna have some fun out there too. [Aquachigger Theme]

100 thoughts on “Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt: The Silver Coin Zombies!

  1. This was the biggest and last seeded hunt of the event. It was weird seeing all the people shuffling through the woods in complete silence. It really did remind me of ZOMBIES!

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  2. Chigger , Thank you for your coverage of the Garrett Memorial hunt. I enjoyed watching everyday. In just a few weeks (3), I am relocating to West Texas and am hoping to make the hunt next year and maybe a personal meeting with you. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to you next posting.

  3. Look around better Is one of the things I've learned watching Aquachigger videos. I even find things in the house better. lol
    All of this looked like fun, maybe one day I can play too.

  4. By the way, this "contest" swinging is not recommended for serious hunting/finding. Slow and steady is how one normally operates.

  5. Next year, maybe you could put a trip wire & a pop flare near your token. Glad those folks aren't booby trap hunters….

  6. I love the silver hunt chig , if you wasn't so far away i would save up and join in that hunt. I'm so glad some one found your token n coin. I would love it if a company did something like that down in Australia . Keep up the good work chig.

  7. Did they Not read the manuels or watch chiggers videos they look like there fighring off bugs
    sound waves need time to travel and return

  8. Can you explain how this hunt worked? Did you get to keep your finds or did you have to turn them in in exchange for prizes? After the hunt was the area swept again to recover the items that weren't found? Who provided all these items because it look like there was quite a large amount of money tossed out into those fields.

  9. Beau did you by any chance play pranks on nugget noggin the way he was glancing I don't know anyway!!,
    fun video good learning curves for those who look for treasures

  10. I was wondering where did they get all the relics for this hunt????
    It was great… It's not for me just because I want to find stuff that has been in the ground for years and years, but I can see how ppl can have a great time at this place. I would like to have been part of hiding and helping out.

  11. The token on the log was brilliant! Wish I’d known you were coming to AZ I have a cavalry spot I’d take you too!

  12. dislike "plant"hunts,disliked this video!not buying any things advertising in here! what the FOOK ?!

  13. Two things I have learned about the hunt. 1, you have a train recording playing in the background. 2, GROUND FINDS!!!
    Look down!! And slow down your ears can't keep up with a crazy fast swing. Charles would be holding these guys by the belt;)

  14. Great set of videos Beau. People will only look at the ground in front of them whilst detecting, and not at the water, especially if they know water is out of bounds. You tease you. 🙂

  15. Great vid. cant wait to meet you June 9th in Toronto This reminds me of people holding cell phones and walking lol

  16. Yep ! when you don't expect it to be anywhere other than the ground, you won't look anywhere else. It was funny tho. I would've thought word about the coin in the tree would get people to look in unexpected places. Then again it's easy being an arm chair warrior


    and here, all this time i thought you would have to not be blind to metal detect.

    12:17 well, whatevers floatin your token

  18. I would say most people are not that observant … just look up buddy lol this is funny , Love it … told ya people are not observant … I would hope I take pride in being observant … ya cant miss it .. its shining in the dark water background …. Bingo … figures its and older gent … .. That was awesome

  19. Lol… I bet a hundred or more of us passed right by! So glad someone finally took their blinders off and found it. 👀 Thanks for sharing! ~ Gypsy

  20. Lmao I’m sorry all I could do is laugh look at them anyone would think it’s a million bucks they’re looking for!! I’m thinking this to the Thomas the tank engine theme song would be way funnier than the goths under the bridge !!! OMG ha ha ha I’ve had to try and snuff my laughing it’s 2am here and I’ll wake up the house !!! Lol lol lol lol lol !!!

  21. Chig. You never told us what your prize was to the guy who found your token. Just curious as to what it was.

  22. congratz to the finder of the token!!!When i detecting i Always look around and listen to the sound of the detector so i found here where i live pieces of pottery from the 14th century that i missed if i was focused to hard.GL&HH

  23. They didn't need to take off their blinders!! They need hearing aids because the coin and token were SCREAMING at them!!

  24. That was a great hiding spot chigg, just like you said “take the blinders off” I have learned to look around when I detect. I have learned a lot from you good sir. Thank you and HH!!

  25. I think the expression is "There are none so blind as those who will not see" I may have got that wrong as I am not religious…………….

  26. Could it be that no one is looking at the token and coin, because they were told that nothing would be "in" the water?  – – – – – To Everyone Else – I have metal detected in a few areas in the West Pacific, where if you do not keep your eyes open, you take a chance of killing yourself.  We found unexploded bombs, artillery and naval shells, mortar rounds and a few hand grenades, all unsafe and a few unstable.  This was all less that 30 years after WW II in the Pacific TOA.  The detectors we used were bigger and heavier and did not discriminate between the metals, so if you wanted to find anything you had to dig up everything.  On a trip out near an old WW II, IJN airfield, we found an unexploded 1,000 pound bomb.  Have even found them while snorkeling, not everywhere will you find unexploded ordinance, but you might take a chance of stepping on or near a rattler, copperhead, cottonmouth, or maybe a waiting croc/gator.  There are so many dangers out there.  Then there is always the chance to find something on top of the ground.  I found a 12.5 carat precious opal on one of my outings, if I had just stayed focus on what I was hunting for exclusively, I would not have found it, atop a fresh gopher hill.  Or my sister-in-law would not have found a rather neat looking predator coprolite with a bone sticking out both ends of it.  My brother found a T. rex coprolite on one of his trips, out of state.  Found a coprolite that had become a common blue opal, however that happened.  Hope any one who gets out and metal detects read this and see just how important it is to not get fixated on the detector to the exclusion of all else.  While swinging that detector look around, do not just fixaate at the readouts, you never know, you might find a gold Double Eagle sitting the branches of a sage bush.  – – –  //es//A 70y/o Avid Outdoors Lady, until my stroke.

  27. I think you had almost as much fun giggling at oblivious folks as you do finding artillery in the mud! Haha the guys reaction was great when he saw it

  28. That was pretty funny……."if it had teeth, it would of bitten you". As in life, some people don't see the obvious with blinders on. Where are you going in Arizona? I'm moving to Kingman in a month or so……….my friend owns 40 acres in the desert that has an old rail bed running though the property. Can't wait to detect that place!

  29. It's amazing how much we don't look around. lol. I hunt deep woods so I tend to look around more cause I'm in bear and coyote country. That was an amazing amount of silver planted! Looked like fun.

  30. Most people are sweeping way to fast and taking to big a strides. Their probably missing half the goodies. Sign me up next year. Thanks Chigg

  31. They spend too much time looking at the machine, and not enough time looking around I guess 🙂 As long as they had fun, it's okay though.

  32. I have seen you in many videos find bullets just looking next to areas you were detecting. Thanks for sharing your wisdom sir.

  33. That lady that recorded you is Gypsy from Zero Discrimination (you tube channel) shes from east Texas .
    I luv her videos .
    You should check her channel out .👍 Great video Chigg, looks like everyone had a great time.

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