Casting a GENUINE Viking SILVER Necklace Replica with Castable Resin

Hey guys,
A few months ago now I was approached by someone with a challenge…
That’s him… Oliver… Look at him. He’s got guilt written all over his face
Anyway, so this bloke Oliver writes in and says, “Oi, make a replica of this genuine
Viking necklace out of silver.” “Sorry mate, I don’t do silver,” I said,
because that’s me there, looking all thoughtful and sultry.
“Why not?” says he. “Expensive stuff silver,” I replied.
“S’alright,” he said. “I’ll give you the silver.”
“Ah, yes,” said I, beginning to sweat a little, whilst still looking rugged in my
armchair. “It’s got a chain see… I don’t do chains.”
Then Oliver said, “That’s alright, cos I do. You cast them thingies on the ends and
I’ll do the chain.” If you’ve followed my videos lately, you’ll
realise I’ve been dabbling more with Fusion 360 and Blender. I’ve also been using a
resin 3D printer and castable resins. Well back then that wasn’t the case. Just
a couple of months ago I was happily plodding away with Lost PLA. And I knew if I wanted
the kind of detail you can see in this image, then I needed to do better.
This meant teaching myself to use Blender and before anyone says anything, I realise
now that the Sculpting side of Blender might not have been the best choice for me. But
I was enjoying playing with it, as I often do, so there was no stopping me.
It’s important to realise that this picture is the only reference material I have. I’ve
got no other pictures or dimensions, just Oliver’s guess of about 3 or 4 centimetres
long. So my perspective may be off. Also, at the time I was doing this, I didn’t have
a graphics pad. Everything was done using an ordinary mouse.
This wasn’t a quick process for me. It took a few weeks to produce something I thought
looked fairly similar, but I was doubtful that Lost PLA could do a good enough job for
me. And as if by magic, and Elegoo Mars came into
my life and things suddenly became a lot more fun. Accurate prints with castable resins
were now possible for me. Just when I thought I was finally going to
get this on a sprue, Oliver got in touch. He wanted me to cast him some coffee bean
cufflinks. Yes, you heard right. Coffee bean cufflinks.
I was all ready to go and it was time to pull out the gorgeous, highly polished Silver ingot
that Oliver had sent me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it under all these scraps.
Yes, I’m teasing. Scraps or not there was still probably £80 to £90 worth of silver
here. It was a very generous and trusting thing that Oliver did.
I used a brand new crucible to as to not cross-contaminate the silver. Well, for my first ever attempt at silver,
I was very pleased. The silver turned black due to oxidisation
during casting. But look at the detail. It’s amazing. For something so small, the process
has captured the features beautifully. After an overnight soak in white vinegar,
the black oxidisation was gone, leaving a matt white surface. This just had to be lightly
sanded away. It was still a long way from being finished,
but I couldn’t resist giving it a proper polishing.
Wow – just wow. I’ve never polished silver before and I was amazed by the results. The
moment I saw that shine I knew I’d be hooked. So how does this compare against the original?
Well, it’s no replica… it’s more a ‘similar’ if I’m honest. But for my first venture
with blender, an introduction to the world of resin 3D printing, and a cherry losing
dip into silver casting, I’m quite pleased. And that’s as much as I was willing to do.
In honesty I was a bit scared of ruining it. But if you want to see how this Viking necklace
received a handmade silver chain, weaved link by silver link into this fabulous creation,
then you need to go and visit Oliver’s channel right now. Don’t tell him I said so, but
he’s amazingly talented and, definitely don’t tell him this bit, but he’s become
a good friend of mine. We’re talking of doing a few more projects together in the
future, so feel free to drop either of us a line and tell us what you think of that
idea. I hope you enjoyed this slightly disjointed
and out of sequence video guys. Do head over to Oliver and see this fabulous necklace in
all it’s glory. Take care and thanks for watching.

64 thoughts on “Casting a GENUINE Viking SILVER Necklace Replica with Castable Resin

  1. Fantastic little creatures you have created, just amazing!
    Love the little devil you put on my abandoned projects box. 😈

  2. I said wow at the same time as you!
    Heading over to Oliver's channel now!
    This is amazing and you did a fantastic job!

    Thanks for sharing and as always keep buildingπŸ‘

  3. Just beautiful, nothing like a challenge to get you going. I knew you could do it, I'm convinced you can do absolutely anything! Well done VOG have a great week, I'm off to see the finished product on Oliver's channel.

  4. Looks better than the original in my opinion matey bloody brilliant . πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ€˜πŸ»πŸ˜πŸ€˜πŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ»πŸ»πŸ»πŸ»πŸ»

  5. could you have used something like Autodesk ReCap photogrammetry software to 3d scan the original then reproduce in the resin?

  6. Once you go silver…(I know that doesn't have the same ring as the original but…) The piece looked great! Keep up the great work!

  7. nice. i do like my celtic and viking artwork. i should start making models with Celtic artwork. like my take on the welsh flag as my avatar. Great work. and great work oliver. watched both videos. πŸ™‚

  8. Looked great! I made a few things from silver myself. Not using 3d print but hand carved wax. You should see the crucifix I've made. It looked awesome. Thanks!

  9. Once the metal 3d printing gets it's wings you'll be able to do your own molds and cast anything your heart desire. I envy you, my casting skills are bellow absolute zero.

  10. "80-90 lbs" those scraps can't weigh nearly that much there thinks me… wait a few secs, oh pounds as in money not weight, sometimes I hate the english language!

  11. Those pieces turned out awesome. You were right, when you said the detail of the cast piece was top notch, cause it was. Great Video this week.

  12. Really enjoyed watching this amazing casting! What a great technique with the resin printing! So much details. I call it a big succes 😍😍😍 hope to see more silver castings soon. Thanks for sharing this great work with us πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  13. Well done! Right before watching this I seen an old movie that featured a sculpture that looks like your cup of tea. Link here to view the sculpture in the movie opening:


  15. stunning work! ill def have to get an elegoo and blender, and about 5 years to learn how to use blender.
    i hope he enjoys his battered flange cufflinks

  16. AWESOME!
    I love the silver pour!
    Came out fantastic!
    LOVE the luster! πŸ˜€
    Your process is complimented by the inclusion of silver on the roster!
    I still wanna send you silver too!
    I don't have your address.
    My email: [email protected]
    Thanx for an excellent vid Geoff!

  17. impressive casting as usual. don't suppose you'd upload the file to you're thingiverse so some of us can have a go making one too XD

  18. Welp, I guess we all gotta buy you more silver to see more of these awesome projects!
    Seriously, this turned out fantastic!

  19. Casting one's first silver piece is rather amazing, The next thing you will be doing is mining on Ebay for any and all cheap silver items to meltdown! And as luck would have it, Silver is cheap nowadays. you did a fine job with modeling, being a 3DSmax user ( before their prices came out of hand), blender is a little tougher to wrap your head around at first.

  20. As always: Thumbs up! The black inlay stuff on the original is most likely Niello. Its a low melting alloy made by melting specific quantities of copper Silver ,lead and sulphur together.. Since it contains lead its best not to mess with that. Some cold enamel or black resin would be easier and safer. not contemporary but since that isnt intended….Its not something you may do at this time but since you continuously stepped up your game I can see that you would eventually get to doing more with the cast parts than just polishing , like patinas, inlays, stones, selective plating etc etc…. Or you can just challenge Oliver with doing some authentic Niello work , that would probably get him to have some brown trouser time ….:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  21. Wow! Well done, Goeff – this was absolute proof that all those hours spent – er – playing with it, probably in a darkened room. have borne fruit.
    As for the fact that your sculptures werenΒ΄t true replicas of the original museum piece – well, so much the better! YouΒ΄ve created something which, while being unique, would have looked perfectly desirable to the average plunder-gathering Viking.

  22. Wish I could afford the programs and equipment! Lucky dog. Been looking at programs and in the states it would start at around 200 dollars per month. I have been using an x-acto knife for many years. It's a tiny little penknife type. A wax model of one of those would take me about 4 or 5 hours, total. I could see putting in all that time if you were going to sell copies of the model. Have you considered doing that?

  23. Dang, you kicked some royal a$$ with that silver casting. I see many financial windfalls heading your way. That was an excellent casting! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  24. Would I like to see some collaborative work (especially historic replicas)? Yes. Yes, I would. That one turned out very well πŸ™‚

  25. It really is amazing to see how far you and your skills have come over the past three years.

    It seems to me that you hit a quantum leap with your DLP printer.
    My FDM printer has been giving me fits with wonky results, I can't seem to get it tuned up enough, plus its inability to create great detail at tiny scales is equally frustrating.
    Therefore, I went ahead and order a new LCD UV Resin printer – a rival to yours (Nova3D Elfin) – along with an additional purchase of Nova3D wax resin (about the same price as the Burn stuff you're using, which I'll try…eventually).
    So now – hopefully, I'll hit a big improvement in my output as well.

    I'm wondering if those who have donated or your patrons have access to your complete current materials list – i.e. the casting plaster supplier, your electric furnace, the wax type and supplier, etc. I've seen lots of your videos, but it is a bit time consuming to go back and rediscover where all that info is. What's a tier two patron on valued at? I think it's nearly time to pony up some $$ support.

    Thank you for all you videos and that silly humor from you and your spouse – they'rrrrre great! πŸ˜‰

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