100 thoughts on “Captain Disillusion: World’s Greatest Blenderer – Live at the Blender Conference 2018

  1. I don't even know what Blender is….or even how I got here. Not even sure what I just watched for 40 minutes. Thoroughly enjoyed it though.

  2. I am in tears, something that I never though that a nerd presentation was able to do to people, awesome!

  3. from someone using normal law ; a normal law can seem to be flat to the naked eye and still be one (you would have to count the balls to be sure) and the first simulation you made, even if it was inverted it's still obeying a normal law and i assume the last one is still obeying it, i don't see how you coud avoid physical law to the point there is no normal law with that kind of apparatus. you just made a normal law that looks like a flat one.

  4. Can we talk about how this guy legit took the time to dress up as the Captain behind the scenes for the finale

  5. What I've learned from this video:

    Captain Disillusion is salty
    Press S to scale objects

  6. omg had so many arguments about this when it was initially released and viral. So glad you had a detailed answer to how they achieved this galton board simulation.

  7. Was having a bad day because job searching.. but this made my day :’3 captain disillusion’s raw tenacity inspires me to wanna give it my all out there.
    Thanks for posting amazing videos.. it really means a lot to me!

  8. I just started using blender and it is very wonderful but it is cooking my PC 😀 subdividing eyeballs driving my pc nuts.

  9. This is the greatest speech I've ever seen, I'm serious I laughed through the whole thing! I love how CD just does his own thing and kills it. I just downloaded Blender and was searching for tutorials when I stumbled upon this, and I've got to admit I feel inspired to be a part of this community, especially after that killer song haha. Keep doing your thing Captain, you working wonders over here. Cheers!

  10. I really liked the song. So well written and performed! U united all blender lovers and users in the world and made them feel nostalgic and proud at the same time. What a performance man! You are a gem. This should be made the theme song of Blender..

  11. I will not subscribe. Even I will not like. Cause I'm jealous. Watching this from the beginning till the very last micro second was a waste of time. I just did it because I want to prove to my self that this channel is a bad thing…. yeah… right… wherever… hate youuuuuuu!

  12. I've heard about you long time ago from sovietwomble. Not impressed. Then saw this in my recommendation with that kind of title.
    Uhuh. Whatever you say.

  13. Am I the only one who still uses 2.79? It's benn months since 2.80 has been released. Comment if u think I should switch

  14. i haven't seen any 40 minute vid in one go. ever. but your presentations are always charming and addictive that i have to watch all of them!

  15. I'm confused. Did he actually do a presentation for blender or did he reconstruct the theatre in blender then edit himself in with green screen so he could do whatever fuckery he wanted?

  16. Mr. Disollution, gultan board if you made the board with all the proper colors in their appropriate assortment and rendered it backwards then shazam!

  17. Sometimes Alan does his stuff in real-life … it is very very odd until you get tickets to the events … it's the add-ins and edits that really get you once you see the final production and your responses to otherwise really really odd questions.

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