Canadian Silver Saver order review. Coins, rounds, bullets & 10 oz monkey bar

Welcome everybody Canadian Silver Saver here pleased to
bring you a review video on some bullion that I ordered online. This time from Silvergold I’ve been using for quite a
few of my orders for a long time now I really like their customer service in
the variety of products i’m able to get from them. They also have weekly
deals I’m able to get from silver goldbull. Basically this is
that’s how I got this round you guys saw in a previous video. One of the silver
shield rounds. So.. it was on sale they had five dollars off this 2-ounce
around and I decided to look and that led to a bunch of other products that i
ordered from there. So.. that’s what I got from them and kind of what started
that that one particular order anyways. I love that they have different deals.
You can buy and sell your gold and silver to them as well. They sell bullion
products. Different collectible coins and even sell gold jewelry
as well. On their site all of their items have up-to-the-minute pricing.
I like that because it you know that you’re getting exactly so much
above spot exactly up-to-the-minute. Which it isn’t available on every site so that that can make a difference to me for sure what
I’m looking around. While I talk about that a little bit more I’ll show you
what I picked up in this particular order nothing super exciting but I did grab a
few things that I was excited to have. Show off my libertad here. This is one of
the new ones and is a 2016 libertad or the Onza sometimes it
gets called. see it has the seal on the
back there with the history as well. We talked about this in a previous
video. I grabbed one of those they’re just had a good deal on that and I like
to collect those. Next one I got on the order
from silver gold bull was the Walking liberty or the Silver eagle here. These
are great going to have. Libertad is a around technically this is a coin. the Silver Eagle is probably the most
widely-recognized coin around the world. As they’re getting in the newer years I
find that the quality has gone down. They don’t seem as sharp to me.
A couple of the ones that I got I checked them out because I wasn’t quite sure if
maybe I picked up some fake ones but everything checked out great with them
But yes.. I picked up one of these guys and always great to have got a good
price on that too so happy with that. Now.. I don’t get a lot of
this stuff but you saw a previous video I picked up some fractional.
When I picked up these ones here and I’ll pour them out
here for you guys. New gloves by the way, Ooo.. new gloves they’re
not all dirty anymore. So you can see here silver eagles or walking Liberty. I
think. I’ll have to look up these ones a bit more guys get
some history on this stuff. but just the fractional fraction 1/10 stuff. for those I don’t
spend a lot on that stuff because I pay a lot of premium but I got a good deal
on these and saved some money. Now one of the things if you order from
Silver gold bull and your order is over $500 you get free
shipping. That was part of this order. I’m really close on the order. I just decided, You know what, I’m really close to that 500 bucks on this particular order so I’ll add some of this to get the free
shipping. You know they’re really good too because they have a privacy
guarantee.You want to make sure that your anonymous when
you’re ordering silver and gold. Their items are mint direct as
well. So they’re getting this stuff directly from the minutes and then
shipping it to their customers. I’m never waiting on their product. They have
it in stock and if they don’t have it in stock to ship it to me in a couple of
days it says in on their website out of stock. I’ve never ordered anything and was told I can’t get it yet. Unless it’s a pre-order
I got a “Tut” coin from Silver gold bull a while back and I had to wait a little
bit for them to ship that out. Then, I picked up some
more of these guys seen these. Probably seen them in previous videos. One in a bag here but
here comes the rest of them all out. Little one ounce of bullets. So cool. You know guys, I like to have fun so if I
can get this stuff pretty close to spot…”Let’s go camera, there you go..Nope.. come on camer. Anyways, says AG and one
ounce and 999. If i can get this these items pretty close to spot I’ll still
pick them up sometimes. I got six of them again. They’re cool but I I have to
have fun with my stacking and shout out to Dean again there. Have
some damn fun where you doing this guy’s. You know the world’s got a lot of scary
things that can be happening right now so having a bit of fun when
you’re stacking and investing in building your security and your
insurance for the future why not. Now these here each one of these cost me
the same as the Libertad did. So really when you think about that
you know kind of a good little value they’re. Not as easily recognized might
be a little bit harder to flip or so later on you know the shit hits the fan
so to speak but I I you know if I need cash these in or flip them or
what not. I’m gonna get a good deal if I sell these privately because people like
them, they’re cool. They’re good little gifts too. Then the last
thing I picked up from Silver gold bull is… oh, they they have many items at Silver
gold bull for me because I’m Canadian and as we all know and therefore I use the .ca
They have many other types of website like .com for the U.S. and so on. Fantastic
that way. I’ve been extremely happy with them anytime I’ve had to talk to
them I’ve been able to send them an email and
I talked to one of the reps there and I pretty much have a one-to-one
relationship now when placing my orders which is really nice. You can speak to
and ask Seasoned traders questions as well. So if you want to learn a bit more
information about the market or what’s going on and that’s really handy to have
with them and I appreciate that service as well. Lots of great
reasons to be with silver gold bull and I really recommend using them for
a good majority of your billion purchases, because of the variety, because
of the guarantee, the privacy the customer service. Really overall it’s a been a fantastic place for me to buy my
bullion from. So very happy with them overall. The last thing I did pick up
from them was this guy here. I’m going Ooo.. a little teaser there. Lets see if
this works. I’m going to have to move these bullets out of the way. I picked up the the monkey
here so lets slide these down. There they go. The monkey here is from NTR
metals. Lets actually pan back a bit here just for a second so I can show you
a bit more of the monkey. “Zoom” So…Pretty cool. 2016 is the year of the monkey. That’s a
banana leaf fanned out on the back there. Pretty neat there. I think it’s meant to
represent or mimic the zodiac. Really cool. I like NTR metals
because basically I find I can get a lot of their their product. Lets put it this way. A lot of their product that’s quite different, for to close the spot
like I would pay for like the Libertad or the Walking Liberty/
Silver Eagle, stuff like that. Canadian maples too. I think that’s pretty neat
you know I can get something like this nice big 10oz bar for just a
few dollars over spot for the amount of that I’m getting and a nice design on it. Just to keep some variety
in my stack right. NTR metals. I stands for
Northern Texas Refinery metals. They’ve been around for a long time. Well maybe not a long time but about ten
years they’ve been dealing with the public and private sector. I think
they mint somewhere around 30 million pounds of precious metals a year. Which
is quite a lot from this one company. So you can really trust
that you’re dealing with a you know the company is not going to disappear if overnight. That kind of thing. Not that it matters of ton, but at the same time
when you’re buying reputable silver you know that it’s all good inside. I think this is the fifth in the series
the monkey of their the year of lunar again with Fanning banana leaf on the
back. The monkey is meant to represent Smart, quick-witted, frank but
optimistic and ambitious people. So again… Smart ,quick-witted, frank but
optimistic and ambitious people. Is what this year of the monkey bar is meant to represent.
So pretty cool, and a great way to have some fun with your investments guys.
I encourage you guys to get out there and when you’re when you’re
stacking for the future, saving for the future with your gold and silver and you
don’t have a bit of fun with it otherwise you you make some bad choices
and and you don’t want to do that. I really like what I’ve been able to pick
up from Silver gold bull. I have a close to exclusive
relationship with them for my online purchases because of the deals I can get,
because of the customer service, the one-to-one attention I get when I email
or call in. I had an issue on time with some delivery because of the Canada Post unfortunately. It was all sorted out in the end. But, I sent an email asking a
question and within five minutes I believe I got a phone call. Less than
10 minutes anyways I got a phone call directly just saying “Hey is everything
all right the order should be there really any
minute. Here’s what’s going on” So a big shout-out to to them for that. A great company over all. Love their product that I’m able to get. Thanks for joining me again everybody. We will talk to you soon in my next video and take care. Remember to Like, share, comment and
please subscribe everything. It really helps. I’ll be back with another video soon.
We’ll be doing a Silver Hunt Sunday like we like to do and then a
biweekly feature of the history of some coins and product that we’ve got out
there. Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.

14 thoughts on “Canadian Silver Saver order review. Coins, rounds, bullets & 10 oz monkey bar

  1. So sad. Today I recieved my first dislike.  Bring on the haters.  This means I'm a real YouTuber now. lol

  2. If I buy online, they're the ones I buy from. I like that they're a Canadian company. I get my grandkids gold from them when I can get the free shipping without spending $500.00. They are mostly very prompt with their shipping.

  3. Can you advise on how to get coins out of the hard plastic containers in which they come? I even ordered an extra empty plastic container & can't get that open (without breaking it). I want to be able to actually handle my PM instead of peering at them through plastic. Any advice would be appreciated.

  4. I use them 85%+ for all my needs.RCM is about 12% mostly with there $20/$20 to $200 or$300/$300 program ya just can't go wrong on that. The remainder goes stateside for product I just gots to have. Good info here.Always a pleasure and just a keep on stacking !

  5. I'm getting close to ordering from I live in a very small town with a post office where everyone's mail comes through. And everybody likes to know everyone else's affairs. Even the employees… My concern is the return address on whatever I order from them. Is the company name printed on the packaging?

  6. i enjoy see the Libertads. those silver bullets are very stunning, need to get me some of them. whats the weight on the bullets? Oh wow i love that monkey. with my daughter being monkey and me being monkey i need one of those. thanks for sharing.

  7. you popped your dislike cherry you're going somewhere now my friend you're doing something right LOL cheers silver gold bull .com

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