Can you spot the U.S. Army Snipers?

Alright, there are two individuals who are
presently sniper students at the United States Army Sniper Course. They are very close to me, they are not terribly
far away they are on my side of the fence. I am Staff Sergeant Brian Moran. I’m an instructor here at the United States
Sniper Course. So sniper school is a very important school
not just to us, but also to the entire military as a whole. It fills a very important role that allows
units to expand their reach well beyond the front lines. They are able to get behind enemy lines within
very close proximity to targets, obtain very important reconnaissance that they can then
send back to their units to be used for planning purposes. Alright, first man, go ahead and come up. So here on student number one, we’ve got what
is known as a ghillie suit. The purpose of the ghillie suit is to break
up the individuals outline, and allow him to blend in with his surroundings. Alright, there is still a second sniper in
your immediate field of view. The reason that we have to remain so unseen
at all times, is obviously because we’re trying to detect the enemy, while remaining undetected
ourselves. When we operate, we operate in as small as
two man teams, so without ready support, we’re not going to be able to sustain a long fire
fight. We need to be able to be unseen by the enemy,
obtain the intelligence needed, and then be able to move out, or take a shot if needed. Second man, go ahead and come forward. So, the individual here is covered head to
toe in green foliage. He’s got broad leaves on him, because his
immediate area was also matched with green leaves, allowing him to blend into what’s
known as the negative space. Or the space that does not take up mass. He’s done a good job here. He’s executed it well, and he’s kept himself
concealed from viewing eyes. From the United States Army Sniper Course,
thank you for viewing with us. Thanks for watching.

28 thoughts on “Can you spot the U.S. Army Snipers?

  1. Got down to 4 positions, would shoot two, luckily enough the two they came out, something kept bugging my brain on those two position. On active combat what would occur if I shot the first guy ? Either way, pure luck on my part, would never want to cross paths with snipers/10.

  2. Anybody think Eisenhower might just bring the us military to its end? Dont tell anybody else that Eisenhower. Science says you were a f**l and got others talking that lie.

  3. Used to really believe in the military till they talked about their wifey and not wanting to have any thing to do with gung-ho. Problems with what my grandma said about me enlisting and a army /navy store owners DAUGHTER. So its more than just Eisenhower. Listen to what people say not just children supposed hebrews talked to. My grandma? She had two usaf career sons and a son-in-law who tried to enlist.

  4. Good job on this training , i have deuratonopia which means i can only see 2-3 shades of green of total 7. And am almost green colourblind, by totally camouflaging with your surroundings (using natural gras camo) you're good to go. Which means even colourblind people won't see a difference in shades. And colourblind people can easily see small errors in shades specially camo hues (non natural colour in a surrounding area) We're very good at spotting camo, and this video is a great example why snipers should use the colours of the natural area – which means using grass/plants to blend in.

  5. The reason why everyone here said they could at least find 1 was because you were specifically told that there were 2 snipers in that tiny field of view.

  6. Also gotta realize in this situation you are actively looking for a sniper in a close quarters area, most of the time an enemy would not be keen to find a snipers position

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