Can the Government Take Your Gold and Silver?

Can the Government Take Your Gold and Silver? — with David Moadel welcome to looking at the markets with
David Modell can the government seized or confiscate your gold or silver I
spent a lot of time researching this some people say yes the government can
do that nowadays others say they cannot here’s what I’ll do I’ll tell you what
actually happened and then we can perhaps come to a decision of some sort
alright well the government actually did take people’s gold and silver
well they didn’t just take it they paid for it and it wasn’t everybody it was
only large holders of gold and silver but still so right now I’m on JM bullion
dot-com and I’ll put a link in the description below this video for this
article I think it’s very informative and I want to give Jan bullion comm some
credit alright so it was FDR Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933 we were in the
middle of the Great Depression and it was executive order 6102 when the US
government outlawed large private gold bullion ownership and then there was
executive order 68 1/4 a year later doing the same thing for silver and the
same president shortly after executive order 6102 was put into action the US
dollar was devalued to gold by more than 65% Wow in the hope of springing the
nation out of the deflationary depression it had suffered under for
years during the Great Depression so in this decree a private citizens
were barred from owning more than a hundred dollars in gold coin so again
small holders of gold were safe from this decree and so that was roughly no
more than three ounces okay so I mean a hundred dollars worth a gold coin was a
lot back then alright so if you just had a little bit this did not affect you and
that’s what the decree the executive order looks like interesting huh look at
those all caps right they were serious so oh and look at the look at the
penalties $10,000 is fine that was a lot of money that’s a lot of money now back
then yeah $10,000 fine or ten years imprisonment
or both yeah so you had to cough it up but again they paid you for it short
let’s see let’s go and by the way gold prices after the executive order there
was an increase in the price of gold and that is not a natural thing that’s
something that happened artificially the US government forced large holders of
gold to sell their gold to the government for a little bit over $20 per
ounce and then soon afterwards the government raised the price of gold to
$35 per ounce nice huh yeah force everybody to sell it to you and then
almost double the price yeah how about that right so let’s take a look at
silver prices again look at that artificial inflation of the silver price
after the order there same threat for silver $10,000 fine that would be about
half a million in today’s dollars so and by the way if you broke that rule you
were considered a hoarder a hoarder of silver and in early 1934 the US
government compiled a list of the largest SIL silver bullion owners and
they called them hoarders of silver there it is or there’s a list lay that
hoarders of silver wouldn’t want to be on that list back then unbelievable that
they just did that amazing so yeah they didn’t just seize it and not pay people
for it but and again this was only large-scale holders of gold and silver
but the government did it one time can they do it now I
can’t really get any consensus on that from all the research I’ve done but
here’s my thought on that they’ve done it before and they’re the government of
course they can do it they’re the government they could do
what they want and think of it this way let’s say let’s say it’s it were let’s
say it was illegal because I read sources saying that President Gerald
Ford repealed this decree when when Gerald Ford was president in the 1970s
I read sources saying that he repealed this this executive order okay but even
so even if there were laws on the books saying it’s that it’s illegal for the
government to seize your precious metals I’m not saying that law exists but even
if it were on the books what’s to stop them from doing it anyway
through the government they can do what they want and what’s to stop them from
changing the law remember it’s the government that makes the laws so the
government that same government that made the laws can change the laws so can
they do it now they can do whatever they want that’s my opinion on it are they
likely to do it now is a very different question they’re probably not going to
do it in the short term I don’t think so I mean I don’t know who knows I don’t
like to make predictions like that but remember they can print as much fiat
currency they can print as many dollars as they want and they’ve proven that
over and over the Federal Reserve is proven that they’re more than willing
and able to do that so since they can print dollars as much as they want I’m
not sure there’s any pressing need at least in the short term for them to
start you know grabbing everybody’s gold and silver out of people’s hands out of
people’s homes and vaults and safe-deposit boxes but you know they
might do it though they could do it after reading about what they did here
nothing would surprise me at this point all right so hey go ahead and put a
comment if you have your opinion on this in the description
or yeah below the video in the comments section alright and if you liked this
video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t
done that already alright so I hope you found this educational I just thought it
was a really interesting topic so and I don’t want to worry you I don’t want you
thinking you know I don’t want you getting all paranoid or anything like
that okay I just want you to think about what could happen you never know what
the future holds alright thanks a lot my name is David
Modell I’ll talk to you again soon you

16 thoughts on “Can the Government Take Your Gold and Silver?

  1. The metal bugs live in the past and hope for this to retirn. It will not and today's monetary system has completely bypassed the use of metals and both have been demonetized and only used mainly by mints selling collectables and a very small retail market for investments. The metals were once important when the dollar was backed by gold and silver was used in coins. The change started in the Kennedy admin. when in a speech he announced that he had instructed treasury to sell off all the silver and he stated it has no monetary use and is only for industry and coins. Johnson went farther and started greatly reducing the silver used in coins and today like I stated both have no monetary use in a financial system. Gold is simply bought by central banks and retail investors as a hedge like any other asset. Actually only a few central banks have actually increased their gold holdings and most have stayed flat or have been selling like Germany. Theey have been selling for years to their mint for collectable coins and has not rep;aced it. China central bank has not bought ant since 2016.
    Now the US claims that it has over 8000 tons but the value is only in the billions and total liquidity is over $52 trillion making gold meaningless. Even if they confiscated all gold and silver in the US this would have also no effect as the value is simply too small to be used in a monetary system. So even the idea of confiscation is fantasy land bullshit. A people living in the past as the world passes them by.
    By the way the reason that gold was revalued by FDR was that it was used to settle trade if countries wanted the metal instead of dollars. This price was only available to central banks for international trade. It's not like the government confiscated gold, revalued it and then went to the local dealer as sold and made a killing.
    Now the main reason why the US was forced off the gold standard as they could no longer afford to constantly buy it to back the new liquidity an economy needs to grow so they printed anyway and countries then demanded gold instead of dollars forcing the US to close the gold window as they were eventually going to run out of the metal. The reason for no audit of existing gold reserves is thata there are claims on it as the US violated the Bretten Woods agreement and if audited a made public countries would then demand the US to settle claims. In addition as stated before the total value of the holdings is meaningless when compared to overall liquidity. Sames as China and other major industrialized countries who hold some gold. Take Italy this has not stopped the yields rising there nor the euro from collapsing. Nor has it stopped the ruble from falling in spite of the fact they have been buying gold as they have direct access and pay in rubles. None of these have any intention of reintroducing the metals in their monetary system. Even if they had enough this would strengthen the currencies to the point that Russia's gas sales to Europe would be too expensive opening the US to take market share and hurt China's exports. Not going to happen. Of course they then have the problem of countries demanding gold instead of their currencies.
    The metals promoters have used all sorts of gimmicks to market metals by twisting facts and outright false statements. Take back in 2011 telling everyone metals would not only keep rising but go to the moon with ridiculous price forecasts. All those who bought then have lost their ass with many their entire retirements as they fell for the scam. Then they all claimed it was the "cartel" smashing prices to instill dollar confidence as if the gold price had any bearing on dollar strength or weakness. Today it is interest rate differentials that determine price in foreign exchange markets and the perception that certain currencies are worth less and capital moves to or from dollars on a worldwide scale.
    Now the reason why fold is effected by dollar strength or weakness is the same as all commodities. Since most commodities are quoted in dollars and if the dollar strengthens this weakens other currencies in relation to the dollar making most commodities more expensive in their own currency with demand then dropping then price. A good example of this is 2011. When the computer models at Armstrong Economics alerted clients in 2009 that Europe was beginning to collapse and capital would flow to dollars and the Dow. By 2011 this capital accelerated and created dollar strength and caused to Dow to start its record move upward. This weakened other currencies and commodities then started their downward move and we entered the commodity bear market which we are still in. All commodity trading firms started to take huge hits as revenues and profits fell. including JP Morgan. By 2013 hired a new head of the division and he cleaned house. By 2014 the bank had enough because of fines and fines by regulators and sold their PHYSICAL commodity trading desk to Mercury for $3.5 Today they are simply a broker collecting a fee for large commodity transactions and also placing hedges for clients who need to hedge in futures like the Comex. They also act as custodians for clients like the Comex and SLV. The bank testified under oath in front of a Congressional hearing a few years ago that they held no positions in commodities for themselves as they sold their physical trading division. Now the idea by the metals promoters like Ted Butler that they have been buying silver for over 7 1/2 years is total bullshit and typical of how they make up crap. If they did they were paying then over $21 for years and they would have lost their ass and this would show up on Q filings. From China going to a gold backed yuan to a gold backed crude futures contract, to a Comex default and bankruptcy to a dollar collapse to a Dow collapse to credit freezes, to supply chain disruptions to gold and silver deficits to the whole world dumping treasuries and dollars to any day metals are going to the moon. Folks it is all bullshit! Every time you read this crap it always starts or finishes as "GAME CHANGER".

  2. I think they would do the same again when: a) Other fiat sources are drained first. b) another event occurred which is similar to the first time. c) the bankers convince the government its a great idea.

  3. The gold 'nationalisation' in 1933 and subsequent revaluation was nothing more than theft on a monumental scale by a thieving government. Are western governments still thieving governments today ?

  4. Good luck with that today. No one would be dumb enough to give up their PM today, And lets not forget we the people are the govt not those hacks in washington dc.

  5. Just did a quick check of wages in 1933 – across the board, mean average of 35 cents/hour. Guess you could reckon on 60 hours/week(?) that comes to $91/month – so my guess is that they'll confiscate all but a typical monthly wages worth of gold.

    So what happened between 1933 & 1974? Forty years is one hell of a long time to wait until you can dig up your stash! Surely low quantity "jewelry" amounts could be traded? What happened on the black market? Love to hear from anyone who knows!

  6. The government sickens me. "Sell us your gold and silver so we can make a profit by almost doubling its price and selling it, or else you're going to jail for 10 years!"

  7. "They're the government. They can do what they want." That's only true because the people don't stand up against the government. Not solely because they're the government. If we were more united as a people they couldn't get away with as nearly as much as they do. But, sadly, we are not that united.

  8. Iโ€™m just wondering what type of confidentiality the gold and silver sellers offers to their buyers. I canโ€™t even imagine in a National or global economic crisis the government will get the lists of buyers from these companies or probably from their taxes with our personal info and our addresses and then come after us. Also these lists will give them the exact amount of gold and silver we have purchased. When comparing record keeping in 1933 to now itโ€™s very scary how they can have access to our personal info. This could be very scary. Iโ€™m wondering if we are stacking gold and silver in vain for one day all to be confiscated. The government have access to all records keeping of these companies we should demand absolute confidentiality when buying from them.

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