Buying Gold in 2019?

Hey everybody its silver seeker And today I’m going to be talking about a subject that’s been asked to me quite a bit through emails Sometimes through messages in discord sometimes their comments and videos But the question is should I be stacking gold or they’ve asked a question in some form, you know? But essentially that’s what the question is and and I’m gonna go ahead and answer that through this video So you see my name, my name is silver seeker. I’m much much prefer silver. I like stacking silver I think it’s a fantastic metal. I like the feel I like the look. I just I think it’s a beautiful beautiful metal I like it more than gold personally however, as far as stacking silver and stacking gold videos there are a lot of benefits to stacking gold one of them being the weight and it’s not that gold is any less dense than Silver. In fact, the gold is more dense than silver but because of the value of gold versus silver you need a lot less gold to store your value with so let’s go ahead and go over some things and you’ll probably remember some of this from the last video that I talked about when I said should I be stacking constitutional and you know, You’ll hear a couple of repeated subjects. Anyway, the question again is should I stack gold? Well, yes I do believe that you should stack gold In fact, let’s talk about a different a few different reasons that I think stacking gold is a good idea first We’ll ask the same question. We asked in the constitutional silver video. What is gold well, like silver gold is money there are quite a few differences between gold and Fiat currency as far as money is concerned and we’re going to explain what those differences are This is where you’re gonna hear some of the repeated subjects in that last video So as we talked about in that video stacking constitutional order jumps silver, there are five Characteristics that make money money there’s acceptability There’s durability There’s portability there’s scarcity and there’s the visibility the first of the five properties We just listed is acceptability gold is recognized globally as a store of wealth for over multiple Millennia. Not just New This has been going on forever. People have been stacking gold as wealth all the way back to the ancient Egyptians the US dollar However, as well as other currencies in the world do not actually have the same luxury in fact the US dollar which is what a lot of people hold dear is Actually relatively new it’s only been around for a couple of hundred years Secondly, we have durability now gold is far and away one of the most durable substances in existence. It can be melted It can be dissolved with chemicals. It can be in the ocean for millennia with all the salt water and it’s still recoverable Can you say that for fiat currency? Of course, you can it can be burned it can be destroyed it can just wear down being in too many pockets even fiat currency that is stored in a computer system for example is Succeptible the computer glitches hacks and things like that. We also have portability. This one is pretty self-explanatory In fact gold fits this far better than silver does Which I mentioned earlier because it has a much higher value than silver And therefore it takes less weight for the same value to be Transported right now gold and silver is a ratio difference of over eighty to one So it’s gonna take you eighty troy ounces of silver to equal one. Troy ounce of gold Therefore gold is definitely a bit more portable You also have scarcity so money needs to be plentiful enough to be usable, but also scarce enough to retain value This is another property where fiat Currency falls flat in today’s modern age more fiat currency can be created by simply adding a zero To the end of a line for the US government even if you consider physical currency It can be and is printed at will this is one of the primary causes of inflation and the weakening of the US dollar Let’s take a look at Zimbabwe for example in the 80s It only took a dollar and fifty cents of zimbabwe dollars to equal one US dollar in 2006 they were printing 100 trillion dollar bills that were worth maybe a loaf of bread and some milk if 100 trillion dollars became only enough to buy you some bread and milk What would the value of the fiat currency that you currently have right now be worth in that situation? Gold however, as well as silver will always retain that value The reason for this is because gold cannot be created It can be mined, of course, but even then there is a very finite amount on earth in fact National Geographic says if you took all the gold in the world and melted it down there would only be enough to fill two Olympic sized swimming pools. That’s a lot of gold until you consider how many people there are on earth? And then finally, we have divisibility money must be divisible. We all know this gold. Does this very well? There’s a lot you can do with a single lots of gold gold can be hammered flat and cut into pieces measuring less than one grain that takes 480 grains for announced by the way In fact a single office of gold can be hammered so thin that it could cover a 100 square foot diameter That’s just with one ounce. That’s pretty incredible So now now that you know, all that why should you invest in gold? well, like I explained earlier in the video gold has been used as a fantastic storage of wealth and value from multiple millennia and times of inflation or even hyperinflation Gold will always and has always remained strong in its ability to retain value a very common example of this and I’ll give you one for silver – Back when they were making $20 gold double eagles – you used to be able to take one and get yourself a nice suit Today you can still do the same thing with a $20 gold double eagle from back then and as per silver well Even though this video is not about silver back in the 60s You could get gas for roughly 25 cents per gallon today a quarter from 1964 can still get you a gallon of gasoline? But those are only small examples Let’s think about something hypothetical if we have one ounce of gold today and let’s say that gold is worth $1,300 and then we experienced hyperinflation of let’s say 500 percent even if gold retained that same value it would still be worth at sixty-five hundred US dollars Well, how is that if it retained its value because gold is traded on a world market, but it’s priced in u.s. Dollars So the weakening of the US dollar instantly is reflected by how many US dollars an ounce of gold is worth so if our dollar is only worth a dollar today and tomorrow is only worth 50 cents and if a goal is worth 1300 today tomorrow would be worth $2,600. So let’s just say if we experience that type of hyperinflation Would it have been better to capture $1300 or would it have been better to buy an ounce of gold by the way? Zimbabwe experienced a peak hyperinflation of seventy nine point six billion Percent think about that for a second what happens to your money if that happens? So do I think you should stack gold? Absolutely, I think gold and silver are fantastic. They they complement each other There you go guys. I hope you enjoyed the video and the explanation Let me know what you think in the comments and we will talk to you next time You

26 thoughts on “Buying Gold in 2019?

  1. At these prices and the gold/silver ratio, who cares about storage. Until I have a closet full of silver, gold can wait😂 I'm not leaving the country.

  2. Awesome video I learned a lot thank you as always you're the best man I got a heck of a lot more silver stacked than I do gold

  3. Very educational, hope you have a few 100T notes of ZIM might soon re-value, then buy more precious metals or meltdowns, LOL

  4. Idk if i SHOULD, but I definitely WANT to lol. Just a set of a 1/10th oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, and 1oz AGE and a pre-33 type set :). One of my dream coins is an ms65 or higher St. Gaudens double eagle.

  5. Let's stack gold! Do we have money to buy that?!
    Gold 1/10 oz. :
    $150= Php 7550
    Silver 40%:
    $2.50=Php 155
    Php- Philippine Peso

  6. Answer: YES….locks in your buying power…check out some of belangP's awesome videos for the rest of the reasons why. Not monetized either …just crankin out the strraight data

  7. I wouldn't mind adding my first gold to my stack but I'll have to stick with silver at this time. Thanks for sharing and take care.

  8. If you think about, it gold has been around the same spot price compared to silver. It's around 1.2-1.3k as of this month. Will I stack it more than silver. Heck yes because it teaches me not buy everything I see and helps me have some "wealth".

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