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Hi I’m Lizzy welcome to Chard TV One of our most sought after products is the South African Krugerrand today we’d like to take a look at the various sizes and facts of this popular gold coin. The South African Chamber of Mines had an inspired idea to help market South African gold. It was to issue a one ounce bullion gold coin, which would be sold
at a low premium over the intrinsic gold value.
The Krugerrand with minted and issued in 1967 by the Rand Refinery in South Africa, as
a bullion coin containing one troy ounce of gold. it was also the world’s first one
ounce denomination gold coin. In 1980 they later introduced a number of fractional sizes, the half ounce, quarter and tenth ounce. The fractional
sizes have not always been as popular as the one
ounce partly due to the higher premiums applied to the smaller sizes They are, however, popular with
investors who wished smaller amounts to gold to their holdings.
proof Proof versions were also produce to appeal to coin collectors. These coins can be distinguished from their bullion version by the number of serrations around the
coin edge. A bullion version has 160 situations where as the proof version have 220 serrations more
interesting information regarding serrations can be found on our website due to its legal tender status in South
Africa it may be important into many countries
without any import taxes duty or VAT however it wasn’t until 1971 that the
Krugerrand could be legally acquired in Britain when it became illegal to buy gold
bullion coins to make it more durable the Krugerrand is produced using 22 karat gold it
comprises of gold-copper alloy. This gives it distinctive copper colour. The design of the Krugerrand hasn’t changed since it was first released as it is intended to be used as a
vehicle for private gold ownership rather than being collectible
coin on the reverse is the image the Springbok the National animal of
South Africa while on the obverse is featured the profile
of Paul Kruger the stake president at the South African
Republic previously called Transvaal. The name
Krugerrand itself is a compound krueger Paul Kruger the
former president and rand the South African unit of
currency Krugerrands also known as krueger’s are often misspelt we’ve come across numerous
variations over the years we have compiled the list which we have
put on our Web Site. The success of the Krugerrand means
that they are available to buy as bullion, newly minted, proof and
in sets. due to their popularity they’re
extremely easy to sell and they are one of the world’s most
traded gold bullion coins. Thank you for watching our video I hope
you’ve enjoyed it. if you require more information please
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11 thoughts on “Buy Krugerrands – South African Krugerrand Information

  1. Now that the quality of the ore from the South African mines is on a steady decline, is there a guessiment on how much longer the Krugerrand will be minted?

  2. Why are the older Krugerrands slightly thicker than the new ones? When I hold a stack next to eachother the ones from the 70s looks thicker than the ones after 2000… did they change the specs? Thanks for your reply!

  3. Do you know any insurance website, so I can buy gold in the South African currency, not in the dollar? I'm from Brazil, it's reviewing gold.

  4. I just got my first Kruggerand a couple weeks ago. A 2017 50yr anniversary 1/20th oz Kruggerand. Its not much but I'm really proud of it and its the beginning of a collection to come. I can't wait to have the one ounce version. To me there's just something special about the Kruggerand that stands out above all others.

  5. Hello God morning to Philippine my coin is south Africa 20c 2002 gold single coin in manila #09667638176 fb LAURO SANGALANG

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