Bullion Breakfast Inaugural Episode

Good morning.
I’m David Kim and I’m the host of Bullion Breakfast. Gainesville Coins’ interactive website program
featuring various segments of the precious metals market.
Today, I just want to outline the three basic goals of the show.
The first goal is to provide some unique aspect that’s impacting the price-action of precious
metals today. It could be a piece of economic data, it could
be a political development. The second main aspect of Bullion Breakfast
would be to provide an overview of some of the new products that we have available on
our website. Everyday Gainesville Coins is coming across
different products, different mints producing new coins that we will make available to precious
metal investors. One of the more interesting new products that
we have available right now, I know a lot of people have been waiting for the US Mint
graded Silver Eagles, gold eagle and gold buffalos.
Well they are now available on our website. I ask you to go check them out.
The pricing on some of them are pretty enticing. The one-ounce gold eagle graded MS-69 is selling
for only a few dollars more than a ungraded one-ounce gold eagle, so that might be interesting
so some of you who have never bought a graded coin before and are thinking well you know,
maybe the price differential justifies me buying this graded MS-69 coin.
So check it out on our website, there are a lot of new products there including the
graded american eagles, gold eagles and gold buffalos.
Finally, the last aspect of the show would be, a lot of people call in and they have
questions ranging from, I want to purchase precious metals for my IRA, how do I do that.
On Bullion Breakfast, we’ll take people’s questions and answer them.
Exactly what do you need to do if you want to invest in precious metals for your retirement
savings? Secondly, a lot of times people call and ask,
I have a question about storage, what should I do, what’s the best thing to do for storage?
Gainesville Coins in 2012, opened up Gainesville Coins storage.
One of the fastest growing aspects of our business.
Its something that many people who buy precious metals don’t really know what to do.
Its very difficult to see how you are going to store $10,000 – $100,000 worth of precious
metals in your home or safety deposit box, especially if a lot of that precious metal
is silver. Which as anybody knows, weighs quite a bit. Finally, I just want to thank you all for
watching this initial segment of Bullion Breakfast. Please provide your questions and comments
to [email protected] and hope to see you tomorrow.

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