Bulgaria’s first modern silver coin

so how I felt like coin collectors he
going today my name is Glenn and today we’re gonna have a look at some
Bulgarian coins that we issued before 1916
so Bulgaria actually stopped issuing silver coins in 1916 and they resumed
around about 1930 because of the First World War a lot of countries stopped
issuing silver like Germany Austria I can’t remember did France and France
probably did because I need that silver to pay for war materials the UK never
stopped issuing silver they kept issuing it after the award I had to reduce it so
they could pay off their war debt so here I have a 19-12 never and this was
the issue that was issued in 1913 and 1916 as well so 1912 they actually had 1
million coins this coin weighs 10 grams it’s 27 millimeters and the thickness is
1.9 5 millimeter so nearly 2 and on the side it has the I presume it says
Bulgaria kingdom of Bulgaria I can’t read that but anyway on this
side it just says burden in the first side of the Bulgarians and this is a 0.83 5 fine silver
so it’s 83.5% silver and it actually has a value of about 4 dollars 35 US cents
so it does have some value it’s probably about 6 dollars and it’s probably
equivalent wait where is it ah here it is
destroying Florin not Florin near Florin it’s just a little bit bigger so this
one that’s a valuable bit $7 so this is probably about six and a half dollars
Australian and they’re easy to get on eBay because it they very readily
available probably at ten twenty dollars so here I have a 1894 issue and this
issue actually has D portrayed or believe that’s written in first as well
but it’s just a a younger portrait so this is when he is an older person this
is when he’s younger person where’d he ever coin the 1882 version which was the
first issue of this coin and has the kind of arms at the kingdom of Bulgaria
so it has the same specifications as before and B this one there’s a mintage
of two million at the time the Bulgarian population was actually quite live it
was like I know between 1 or 2 million in here it just says Bulgaria unity make
strength I’m not gonna read the Cyrillic and it just has the denomination also
here sir some freedom below and it has wheat on either side so it has wheat
sticking up here and has some fruit Danny and a roof down the bottom inside
it’s just so these these coin ones cuz they stuck together you have to rip it
apart to get the coin out so I’m looking dear it has lettering on the side as
well just means god Siberia so that is a one-year issue and I didn’t know anyone
actually just started to put the portrait on it so this one
schon 1894 this one has a mintage all just 1 million coins so that’s on the
model on the side it just means God’s sake Bulgaria that’s basically it
Bulgaria tea eggs so that’s basically clean eat and I have another 1912 so and
the previous owners written on it so extremely fine that was their
classification so he ever do nominations I’ve got he’s do you one liver 1891 you
can get a new mister to find it and what the actual vintages off me ah so there’s
our five grams because they’re half the denomination of that one 1910 new bar
anyone also it’s a portrait as you can see same king but portrait is facing the
other way in each denomination has the portrait
facing a different way which helps distinguish the actual denomination so
here’s a nineteen twelve fifty stinky slightly smaller silver coin as you can
see it’s facing the same way as the tool ever so nice coin beautiful Bulgarian
history the only ice metal coins I got is due to starting key 1912 and this was
actually the last issue of this denomination because will bought one
actually increased prices at this time so they stopped they would have still
been circulated but it just stopped meeting him this coin as mintage of 40
million so it’s actually not a rare coin in investing nominations just at the
Bulgarian line so and then I he 20 stilinski this was issue between 1906
and 1912 in this design also comes in the 10 in first audience key
denominations as well same pretty much denominations in your 1917 that is
shooting zinc United scones issue de or circulated
into the 20s and then they actually issued new coins in the 1923 because
inflation so these ones went out of youth so 1906 decided mean to drop 10
million mm-hmm it’s a coat of arms and here I have the 1912 as a mean
Detroit a mean oh no I’m sorry there was also 1913 teach so did nineteen six and
twelve were minted Accra Myka the 1913 was minted in Austria and these ones are
copper nickel they weigh 5 grams 21 millimeters
1.7 millimeters 15 as you can see has no reading because they weren’t really
concerned about counterfeiting because the metal content of this one is a lot
less than the face value counterfeiting would have occurred more likely in
silver ones to debase the silver so these coins are actually the same size
or the silver ones as the Latin monetary union which wearers once part of so he’s
a Swiss coin 1946 silver and if I look at Swiss coin gee I think I’ve got else
honest I’m scan the pause video while I find it okay so here I found it it’s a
used to the base metal one is pretty much the same source is a silver one so
if we join them to give up these sir the Swiss coins just slightly bigger
because of the reading but these ones are pretty much the same size confirming
they’re the same value when they were silver coins issued in the Latin
monetary union so if you don’t know about they let the monetary union I
actually have done another video and so about the people so just look it up
we got a Wikipedian read the article about it it’s probably a bit more
informative but anyway those are my early Bulgarian coins I actually haven’t
tried to collect the everdene ama nations for a few years so maybe I will
start getting on that yeah getting me high denominations actually be a lot
harder do you 100 lever he’s probably virtually
impossible to get and it’s probably very expensive anyway few hundred dollars
because it’s a high denomination but yeah that is all for my presentation
today anyway I like to say thank you very much for watching my video if you
like Bulgarian coins please leave a comment down below if you from Berrien
please leave a comment down below and I just have a awesome coin collecting time
people I do a discord forum down below and if you’d like to join just put
images of your coins on there or banknotes or just ask any questions so
we can help each other out we’ve al coin and bakeneko
thank you very much you have awesome coin collecting time April okay bye bye

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