Build Generational Wealth With Silver and Gold

hey what’s going on youtube its pete olson saturday d 15th of april hope everyone’s having a great saturday get ready for easter tomorrow I’m excited because we’re going to have our Easter dinner tonight because my son is back from college and he’s got to leave about midday tomorrow so we’re going to have prime rib tonight mmm fact I’m not eating all day about 135 and haven’t had a thing won’t have anything till dinner tonight about six so i can truly enjoy that especially with having the workout this afternoon so going to be going to be a lot of fun i was love these to dinner and prime rib and being with the family so today the title is if you’re gonna if you’re going to collect anything shouldn’t they be assets you know you see so many people guys in god so many people collect so much shit and then amazing the shit they collect and I I have two min I mean we clear out a lot of stuff every spring to I think I think we’re all guilty of it in different forms or fashions you know you clean out the closet and you know like Jesus didn’t we just clean this thing out and we just stack shit we just collect bullshit all these extra clothes that we don’t need and things from the house and just read it stop that we think we need for instant gratification and and we don’t need them you know you see people collecting salt and pepper shakers you’re you know like tchotchkes and all this kind of bullshit it doesn’t do them any bit of good none so you know today I got I just got another 53 ounces of silver from international silver network I run all North America for the company number one producer in the world number one recruiter in the world and beautiful coin and this will get to my point of what I’m going to talk about it looks a lot they made it it’s a private privately minted round by reading cement and look at that beautiful and make it look like the american silver eagle but one out two point nine nine nine fine silver 53 ounces right here guys from isn simply for sharing with others how to save monthly silver gold so the point is if you’re going to collect something right should it be an asset I think it should because your salt and pepper shakers aren’t going to do any good your nine jackets aren’t going to do you any good but when you have a safe full of these that’s going to do not only you good not always going to make you wealthy but it’s going to make your kids wealthy and their kids wealthy and their kids wealthy and your great great great great grandkids wealthy it’s called generational wealth that’s what the wealthy do guys I stacked over 6500 ounces of silver and gold for free from our company is M and I do it because I buy all my silver and gold from them out of profits never out of pocket that’s what’s that’s what’s so phenomenal about isn and having silver and gold as your essence so instead of getting passionate about tchotchkes around the house and salt and pepper shakers and you know different bosses and all this bullshit I got passionate about something that’s going to build generational wealth you’re going to get something collect an asset you know it’s hard to collect homes you know I 19 homes the one at one point a real estate is great but man it’s a pain in the ass right renters that destroy your home’s runners that leave in the middle of the night carrying costs when renters move out getting mortgages you know getting the best loan signing paperwork getting documentation finding new writers and so it’s just a pain in the ass the easiest assets to get guys the easiest access to gather silver and gold because they’re so expressly they’re so inexpensive now they’re so inexpensive silver is eighteen dollars and sixty cents an ounce anything under twenty dollars guys is an absolute fire sale so why not become passionate about this and stack it up and get wealthy wealthy when silver gold go to the moon which would stay very very soon will plus it to hedge against inflation there’s nothing better than silver and gold to hedge against the hyperinflation that’s coming this is real money guys the only real money there is it’s God’s money they can’t put it on a printing press like like our government does with their with their dollars that’s fake money it’s called fiat money it’s going to zero every every government has ever produced fiat money that money has always gone to zero it’s collapsed and ours is set to collapse right our dollar so guys get passionate about assets that are going to help you your future and not only your future put your kids and grandkids and great great grand kids futures generational wealth that’s what silver and gold will do you’re going to stack anything if you’re going to collect anything make it silver guys we have an unbelievable six-figure home based business opportunity and silver gold with is an international silver network I can’t wait to share with you how I’ve been able to stack over 65 hundreds of silver and gold for free how they send me on vacations all over the world on their dime simply just for sharing with others how to save monthly and silver and gold how I qualify for my brand new Mercedes Benz 60 days that they pay for right and of course my enormous monthly income that keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger as my group and customers grow bigger and bigger and bigger zai help more and more people out okay it’s about helping people guys and helping people stack silver and gold so if you’re interested in in a home-based business and silver and gold click on that link below take the tour watch those four of short videos fill out the survey and I personally will get hold of you on the number one recruiter in the world number one producer in the world and I look forward to helping you live the lifestyle than I do and having this phenomenal lifestyle with all these great amenities but more than anything building that generational wealth and helping others do the same that’s incredible if you liked the video give it a thumbs up please subscribe please click that little bell if you want notifications on my next videos that come out feel free to share it with all your social media networks if you feel this is going to get value to other people by then watching it and feel free to comment below I appreciate you guys have a great easter may God bless you may God bless our President Donald J Trump and may God bless the United States of America until next time happy easter

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  1. Pete you picked up another subscriber. Just got my first gold maple leaf his week. Look forward to more of your videos in the future.

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