[BTS WORLD] We’ve gone Silver & Gold!

[Oh yeah, oh yeah!]
Manager! We have some great news! It’s that… …the BTS WORLD YouTube channel
has received Gold & Silver Play button plaques!
[Applause! Applause!] [Muhaha!]
Look at these passionate responses! And with your support…
Here’s the reveal! Wow, the plaques are beautiful,
just like my face! I’m reaaally happy! Manager!
We’ll be sure to show you
more amazing things going forward! We’ll help you make even greater memories!
You trust me, right? We’re always thankful for you, Manager!
We hope you’ll continue working with us! Manager! Thank you so much for the
Gold & Silver Play buttons! We’ll make sure to provide you with the best
game experience in return! ♥ We always purple you! ♥

100 thoughts on “[BTS WORLD] We’ve gone Silver & Gold!

  1. Yo aun no puedo pasar el 6-11 :,vv o no recuerdo cual pero no puedo ;—;
    Quiero cartas de Hobi de 5 ☆ de pasión :,vvvv

    y tengo 1400 floresitas :,,vv

  2. Bighit: adds subtitles on BTS world

    Bighit *doesn’t add subtitles on BangTanTv or main channel. (except for music videos)

  3. I have a wish for the next big gameupdate…. a Musikjukebox. A menu, where i can play and hear every themes of the game in fullversion and probably 1-5 new themes like the DNA or GoGo Version

  4. How about Netmarble gives us managers more opportunities to draw 5* cards. I love this game, but to cost of diamonds to draw and get duplicates is sad.

  5. I AM do happy for them bc ARMY Look at how big these guys have growned there all growing up and they just got silver and gold is so happy for i pretty sure all of the army's are happy for our loving BTS….😊😊😊😊😊

  6. И мы вас тоже любим!💜
    (Когда не понял, что там написано :D)

  7. Am I the only who dosen't got storage to install any Bts game ..?? Like BT21 game and BTS world + Superstar BTS …

  8. Bruh I still play. I’m on chapter 5 and I’m lvl 31. I’ve gotta long way to go 😓


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