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  1. I believe it was Robinhood trading app i contacted but the guy I emailed was very nice and responded quickly

  2. Robinhood does not charge fees to open or maintain an account, transfer funds, or buy stock.
    However, there are fees charged by the US Securities & Exchange Commission and FINRA on all sell orders. This fee is charged to all sell orders, independent of the brokerage. Robinhood does not benefit financially from these charges, and they are passed on the relevant regulatory agencies in full.
    SEC: $23.10 per $1,000,000 of principal (sells only) – this fee is rounded up to the nearest penny.
    FINRA Trading Activity Fee (TAF): $.000119 per share (sells only) – this fee is rounded up to the nearest penny and no greater than $5.95.

    you can view the fees info at:

  3. i have send my staff but they told me they not in african continent
    yet when are they goin to launch it here in south africa

  4. no mention to the fact that you are able to transfer your holdings later into an IRA via a different brokerage. robinhood is perfectly good for longterm holdings

  5. I also want E-trade but they don't accept international clients. Only the US. How can I open an account with them here in Europe?

  6. hi can someone tell me what is best platform for daytrading this isnt for daytraiding im new so im in process of learning. thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hello thanks for your info…..I sing up with robinhood what I didn't like is that they ask me for my bank account ID..and password so now they have this info and they can access my bank acc anytime …is this safe ?????

  8. Are there any RobinHood equivalents for Canada?

    I have a cross border bank account in the US already. I used a VPN to download the app, but it needs a US address and I dont have one haha. How illegal is for me to just make that shit up? What other alternatives are there?

  9. I disagree about commissions. They really eat into earnings, especially with smaller capital. If you are smart, you can get all the info you need elsewhere and just make trades on robinhood to ultimately make more money. $5 per trade is not worth anything those tier brokers offer, especially given that a properly diversified portfolio would incur quite a few commissions under that fee structure. The exception is for short selling, in which case I would argue one should open a margin account at IB, which has very low commissions and a good API.

  10. So day traders would be the hands on person who has a gaming type setup with the multiple monitors? And long term is just a set it and forget it type?

  11. Sounds like a great, fast way to build a small bundle, $3,000 or so and then carry it over to a professional platform. It's about time we get a freebie that actually works and zero scams.

  12. I was looking to invest about 8k into ETFs. I want to grow my wealth for about 2-3 years while I'm in college, once I graduate my financial situation will change and I will develop a new strategy. I came across Robinhood, it looks easy to use and is free. Would this be a good idea for that strategy? I'm not looking to trade right now but to simply to grow my wealth in a convenient way.

  13. Clay Trader good video, how does year end taxes get reported? I use Fidelity & they link up to my TurboTax so it is easy and fast. Fidelity is $4.95 a trade plus some commission free trades if you hold those for at least 30 days. IVV is commission free for anyone interested in tracking the S&P 500. UPRO is my favorite, but traders look at XIV for big moves. Time+compound interest+dollar cost average= GAINS 100% the time in any part of history. Study the market history beginners.Traders Steve Nison candle sticks a must watch. Jack Bogle for anyone a must to read from his books.

  14. You make very good videos, and you look very reliable! What is difficult to find in this market videos, so congrats ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Recently found interest in trading, and all youโ€™re videos have been 100% beneficial. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos brotha. Youโ€™re a real cool dude.

  16. Absolute nightmare brokerage!

    Robinhood seemed a great app for the first time investor. There's no fee! It acquired a great rating by lots of people. It attracted me, went for it and finally figured out that there is something seriously fishy. Robinhood linked my Citibank savings account for trading. They also put a verified check mark that my savings account is good to go for transactions. I invested $1000 and bought some shares from tesla, ge, Cisco and Ericsson. After 2/3 days they sent me emails that they could not deposit money to Robinho from the account that they themselves verified. They charged me total $120 reversal fee for four failed transactions. I called Citibank. Citibank checked that there were no transaction requests from Robinhood. I tried to contact Robinhood. They don't have any phone support. I emailed but there's no response at all. Now they are showing my portfolio as -$154.72. This is what happens when you trade using Robinhood.

  17. what if I use TD Ameritrade "Thinkerorswin" to look my charts basilicaly do my homework. but use the robinhodd just to trade? would that work?

  18. I don't think there is an issue about were "Bob" is, as long as Bob is helping you correctly. Just saying…


  20. May be time for a new review, since now they have options and crypto trading, as well as a (fairly basic) desktop platform.

  21. Options and crypto currencies are currently available for Robinhood now. Still no forex or technical charts though. Margin is also available

  22. don't use this firm td way stronger firm today i tried buying shares ERORR ERORR ERORR kept popping up and fund age was available then i called 5 times and 3 hours later i finally got a call back everything the firm told me to do i did and then they stole in my eyes by locking my account not letting me with draw funds !!!!!!!!!! YOUTUBE KNOWS NOW …… they also said we don't care if your a veteran ….

  23. The order fills are usually very slow. I tried trading on Robinhood while using ToS for charts. It worked decent, but for quick scalps I wouldn't recommend because of how slow it is.

  24. 2018 update. You can now go to the Robinhood website using any major browser and managed or portfolio from your desktop. They also have options but no bonds or Forex

  25. I love robinhood, but I am also a beginner. I think robinhood is geared more towards beginners who want to get into stocks. Only thing I hate about robinhood is that you can only buy stocks from the NYSE and sp500 (I think that is what they are called), I can not buy international stocks. They did just introduce cryptocurrency stocks, which I do not believe in. I can get charts and finance sheets from places like yahoo. Good app though

  26. Can you only invest on an roth IRA or in stock? it seems like people are making it sound like you either invest in Ira or by doing this. Like you can't do both. Is this true?

  27. Just a FYI to the public. If your thinking about investing using the Robbinhood app. Beware. They stole money out of my account and will not reimburse me on a trade even though I showed them evidence and tons of proof. It was only $85.00 not a lot but had I been investing in the thousands like some investors it would have hurt. No room to explain what happened here. I'm filling a formal complaint along with my evidence with the security exchange commission along with a complaint with the BBB in they're state.
    There customer service stinks, the only way to get a hold of the firm is through email and there agents are very rude when you do get a hold of them after days of endless waiting. Now that you've been warned please be careful. I'd hate the same thing to happen to you.these people are thieves! Good luck

  28. As of 2018. I'm a beginner active trader still in school. I have nothing but my phone so Robinhood is perfect for trading sub 500$ sums of money per trade due to low fees. Other apps like webull and traderview work great for charts and plenty of other apps are available for info. So depends on your situation, just think logically

  29. Can you do another new video because they added options within the past year or so. Not really sure when they did. Thanks

  30. They offer candle sticks now and the app design has been redesigned. However, the candle sticks and volume numbers are kinda too close and touching if not overlapping in some areas

  31. just a question are you illiterate or something I have seen it now a couple of times that you wrote something completely wrong onto your board ? :/

  32. Robinhood now offers candlestick charts, however, I haven't seen any option add indicators, i.e sma, ema, macd

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