British Gold and Silver Britannia Coins Information

Hi I’m Lizzie, Welcome to Chard TV. Many countries now issue a one ounce bullion coin to be sold at a very low
premium over the intrinsic metal value. The
British version is the Brittania. Brittania, first appeared on coins of the Roman
Emperor Hadrian in 119AD over two thousand years
ago as an ancient British Queen who defied
the mighty Roman invasion she has become a symbol of the great British nation. Gold Britannia’s were introduced in 1987 in four weights. They were available from the one ounce, the half ounce, the quarter ounce and the tenth of an ounce. They were struck in 22 carat gold, these coins must rank amongst the worlds most beautiful coins. The coins are issued in both proof and uncirculated finishes, although most of the proof sizes are only available in complete sets. Following
on from the success of the gold Brittania, the silver Brittania was introduced in 1997, on the 10th anniversary of the gold Britannia. Initially, the silver Britannia coins were
struck in Britannia silver which is nine
hundred and 58 parts per silver per thousand instead of the sterling silver which is 925 parts per thousand which was the popular fineness at the time. In 2013 the Royal Mint decided to change the alloy of the Brittanias, in both silver and gold to 0.999 This brought it inline with the majority of other bullion coins from world mints 0.999 is also known as 24 carat. The concept of one ounce bullion coins was to provide an easy way to purchase small quantities of gold and silver in the form of coins. The silver one ounce coin has a face value of two pounds and the gold one ounce coin has a face
value of a hundred pounds. Each coin contains one troy ounce of silver and gold respectively. Britannias remain the most popular one ounce sterling coins for investors. They attract low premiums and are exempt from capital gains tax. Britannias are now available in sizes as low as 0.8 grams although the
smaller sizes attract a much higher premium. There have been some beautiful designs on the proof Britannias and the earlier
uncirculated Britannias which are highly sought after by
collectors. However in recent years the design of the
Brittania has remained the same on the bullion
coins and collectors have been disappointed with the finish
compared with that of earlier uncirculated coins. The standing Brittania design by sculptor Phillip Nathan was based on the original engraving by George William De Saulles. The 2015 uncirculated gold and silver Britannias feature the fourth definitive portrait of the
Queen this will be replaced by the fifth
definitive UK Queen portrait of the Queen on the
2015 proof coins and will feature on the
2016 proof and uncirculated coins. Thank you for watching our video I hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you require
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  1. I came across this site earlier today (Nine Zero Metals UK). I bought alot from these guys in the past but from It turns out their website is alot cheaper than what they sell on amazon, which I am guessing is down to amazon fees.

  2. I was going to buy a tube of 2016 here in the US but they just look cheesy at best. Like the fake cameo background effect. And i see i am not the only who doesnt like it. Needs a redesign byy another artist engraver

  3. Hi Chard. Thanks for the video. I have read however that the Standing Britannia was designed by Robert Hunt not by the sculptor Philip Nathan; with the obverse the design of Ian Rank-Broadley. Have i got my information wrong.

  4. I like the finish of the 2000 and 2004 Silver Britannia. It has a cartwheel effect on them when I turn the coin. Beautiful..

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