Bloomberg is negative on Gold and they may have good reason

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Thursday 22nd December 2016 and we
are commenting on a report published by Bloomberg on Monday which was rather pessimistic for
gold. It points out that Gold Prices have fallen
for six straight weeks, the worst streak in a year, as prospects for higher U.S. borrowing
costs dampened demand. Investors also appear pessimistic about the outlook for 2017. Hedge
funds reduced their bets on a rally to the lowest since February, while outflows are
increasing from exchange-traded funds. After the metal’s best first half since
1979, bullion has been losing its attraction as U.S. equities rallied to record levels.
A stronger dollar and rising bond yields have also restricted demand for gold.
According to John LaForge, from Wells Fargo Investment Institute:
“People are still too optimistic on gold….. We’re in a price purgatory for a lot of
commodities, including gold. You’re going to have a lot of investors and strategists
like myself reduce their price forecasts.” According to the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading
Commission the net-long position, or bets on price gains, for gold declined 15% to 68,905
futures and options contracts in the week ended Dec. 13. The holdings are down 61% over
the five-week slump. On the Comex in New York, gold futures added
0.3% to $1,141 an ounce on Monday, after a 2.1% loss last week. Prices touched $1,124.30
on Dec. 15, the lowest since February. Bloomberg further adds : “Investors are
positioning for more stability. In the month through Dec. 15, they pulled $6.2 billion
from ETFs tracking precious metals — the largest withdrawal across asset classes….
The biggest casualty was SPDR Gold Shares, the top fund backed by bullion. Holdings in
global gold ETFs dropped for 26 straight sessions through Friday, the longest slide since 2013.”
While assets in the gold ETFs are still up for the year, Goldman Sachs Group estimates
that the “vast bulk” of the holdings are losing money at current prices. If investors
were to withdraw from even half of those money-losing holdings, it would spark a $60 sell-off in
prices, the bank said. The prospects from China also look less healthy.
According to the Peoples Bank of China, In November China refrained from adding to its
gold reserves for the first time in six months, also Imports to India are down 43 percent
in the first 11 months of the year compared with 2015, provisional ministry data compiled
by Bloomberg shows. So what does this all mean? Well for a start
do not believe the pumpers that gold is about to hit $2,000; If anything its more likely
to reach $1,000 than $2,000 in the next 3 – 6 months. There are too many things happening
which may suppress its price and if Donald Trump does reduce taxes when he becomes President
where do you think that surplus money is likely to go – yes the Stock market not gold.
We shall be providing our gold and silver forecast for 2017 during the week between
Christmas and the New Year, so please stay tuned.
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31 thoughts on “Bloomberg is negative on Gold and they may have good reason

  1. Do you ever sleep? I'm still in cash and awaiting your for cast for 2017. The lower the better. At this stage of this particular game, it's all about oz's, not $'s or £'s.

  2. I bought most of my gold back in November 2015 when it was 1050. I don't speculate, I don't even invest, I buy and hold. 1050 was a pretty good price. I'll play the silver market, but as for gold, I'm good.

  3. At this point in time I'm just about sick of hearing about gold and silver. And I realize I don't have to listen to anyone concerning these metals however they are part of the futures markets so it is rather unavoidable. However the fetish for these two metals among an unusual group of people who call themselves "truthers" and "patriots" and "stackers" is becoming a bit overdone.

    What is the attraction to gold and silver? Are they really fundamentally important financial assets for anyone to hold?

  4. Looks like it is time to buy and play contrarion which always proven to be effective. Their talking heads for the illuminaties are now ramping up their sell call.

  5. Don't worry…..things will achieve fair and real value sooner than we think…..remember we go thru life mostly looking in the rear view mirror

  6. So I can sleep now like a polar bear in this bearish Christmas chill.. wake me when new year begins..and the gold is at some record low. I will start buying

  7. its only wednesday, december 21,2016 —-if you cant get your dates right how can you be deemed reliable information ?? lol

  8. Cheaper gold means higher demand. There won't be enough physical to go around. Why wait to save a few bucks when there's hundreds at stake when the jig is up.

  9. Bring on the price dump in January so I can buy a few more silver items. An after Christmas sale would definitely make it a happy new year.

  10. I think that excess money from a lower tax rate would probably go towards the increased borrowing costs caused by higher interest rates and towards increased running costs due to inflation.

  11. Hi guys, I expect on Monday 12-26-16 that a large number of players in the Gold and Silver markets are going to dump a shit low of shares on the market. This will further drive the Gold and Silver prices down. This will be a nice New Years present for the stackers. Excellent video. Thanks. Out.

  12. Am I right in thinking that you agree long term gold and silver will rise? just not for the coming months. is that accurate?

  13. Debt everywhere, is far above GDP. Nobody is working anymore. Labour participation at lows. They want large quantities of people to get their income from the stockmarket?? What are all these people going to do in the future anyway??

  14. I agree with some of the comments here. IS completely wasted 5:50 minutes of their time posting this "fake news" from Bloomberg. Does anyone listen to Bloomberg anymore. Their rating are almost as low as CNBC. They are liberal progressive hacks, who are the news outlet of the Fed and Treasury department. What do you think they're gonna say about precious metals? Do we really need a video to tell Come on Illuminati Silver, you are WAY above Bloomberg to even be commenting on their stories.

  15. On the other hand, "Extreme pessimism suggests a rally in gold soon", posted a year ago. Isn't that when the GLD went up 27% in 6 months?

  16. Bloomberg is part of the globalists/main stream media/elite philosophy. They want people to be in paper. Gold is not a commodity. They don't want you to believe it is real money.

  17. ive been buying for awhile…..I took hits along the way…..the best way to deal with this is long term. gold and silver will go up in due time, patience is key. when it drops buy more.

  18. I would rather invest in Gold/Silver/House for my pension than putting into a pension fund. Look how many pension funds have been looted recently.

  19. Hi IL, with the very weak £ gold is still expensive to people in the UK and IMO the £ will stay weak untill brexit negotiations have produced clarity for business as to what is going to happen. In the mean time I expect a squeeze in living standards of ordinary people and this may lead to social turmoil, we are already having strike action by unions that are not the usual one's. people have not realised they have had around 20% pay reduction because since bexit mainly because of the BOE policy the markets would of factored a far less reduction if it was not for Carney's free handouts to the City, IMO Carney has been the worse Governor of the BOE the UK has had and he should of been sacked. If the£ was at 1.5usd then gold becomes a good buy in the UK. Some of us saw this coming and with a little help from you and others I put some money in USD, now I am waiting to bring it home when I think the £ is at its weakest, do you think the £ will go below 1.2usd

  20. Gold is the mortal enemy of fiat currency and therefore is the mortal enemy of modern Central Bankers. Fiat currency is the mechanism by which those who are in control of the system suck wealth away from everyone else. But at some point the natural laws of economics are going to reassert themselves and that’s when the Central Bankers will lose control of their ability to control the price of gold.

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