100 thoughts on “BITCOIN STILL FALLING!! 🚨 Severely Undervalued… – Programmer explains

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  2. 1st in the history of mankind: a financial markets analyst pumping his triceps live, Ivan you're a pioneer ! It reminds me that episode where you asked us to do pushups during a break, I wish CNBC did that kind of stuff, they'd get more viewers, and all very fit 🙂

  3. oh…and i also learned that the most important pump to pay attention to is the bicep pump! take care of yourself first fellow humans!

  4. Your video is professional, as usual 🙂 thx for that. Cryptocurrency market always surprises me 😀 It's definitely roller-coaster ride. Recently, I've also watched this great podcast about current bitcoin's situation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFUsZq3xdBI&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3LHv2QZ3E6TfeCt-lXqcw1Hs276VrPJGKcTFLeESteK0AWVr_dvsZ3fPQ and I can honestly say that it's worth to listen this conversation between CoinDeal's COO and Jason King.

  5. How many people now wish they could but these lows?
    2012 – $4
    2013- $ 65
    2014- $ 200
    2014- $200
    2015- $185
    2016-. $365
    2017- $780
    2018- $3,200
    2019- ?
    How many people wish they could go back to December 2019, or any other years low?

    Look forward, not back!

  6. In 2011 the goal was to get 1000 Bitcoin.
    In 2013 the goal was 100 Bitcoin.
    In 2019 the is to get 1 Bitcoin.
    The goal of 2021 will be to get 0.1 Bitcoin.
    The goal of 2027 will be 0.01 Bitcoin,

    Don’t cry, buy.

  7. Greg Schoen 5-16-2011
    I wish I had kept my $1,700 BTC $0.06 instead of selling them at $030 now they’re $8.00. # Bitcoin

    “Don’t be a Greg “

  8. An idea: Ivan, perhaps there should be more publicity for companies that accept BTC. Perhaps a link or even an announcement in each of your programs for new acceptors of BTC.

  9. I learned that Bitcoin is highly undervalued and peter schiff is saying its dead so it must be a great time to buy! Academy looks awesome thanks Ivan!!

  10. learn something everyday, and today I learned that the most important pump is the biceps pump, it will always be that way.let’s go Academy!

  11. – middle class are the entrepreneurs , middle class is small business , middle class is the backbone of taxing and middle class is the measure of health of the society !

  12. I laugh every time this guy talks…….he might as well be talking about horse poop…..
    as it is just so irrelevant ………..It is very funny…..

  13. What I learned is that diploma may get you a day job but not financial freedom as our schooling system doesn’t teach about finance fundamentals…so keep listening to wonderful and insightful GMC sessions

  14. I've learned that the energy efficienty used in bitcoin network has been reduced by a huge amount of order of magnitud

  15. today i have learned that mining efficiency increases sharply in 2013, 2014 from the introduction of ASICS. thank you

  16. hello from Las Vegas…l learned that there is always more to learn, that it's time to switch my focus….I'm in the health & wellness field but clearly, to stay relevant, learning crypto will leads to better financial, mental & physical health…its all connected…

  17. I learned that mining equipment has evolved into being more and more efficient since the advent of crypto to specialise in its task

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  19. As is seen in the United States. Anybody Named Schiff is a liar. In fact, we don't accuse people of lying anymore here. We say, "You are Schiffing to me", or "Don't Schiff Me!".

  20. I learned energy input from miners effects the bitcoin price! If less people are mining bitcoin, there is less energy going into the network, which lowers the price. The bitcoin price rises with more energy Input from miners!

  21. I see new Bitcoin Atms in the gas stations every month here in Denver, Colorado.
    I see them in our grocery stores as well. We have coinexchanges(changes coins for dollar bills.) in our grocery stores and walmarts . You can buy bitcoin through them.They only accept dollar though.
    Fees are to high but it's great for advertising

  22. bit coin is nothing more than the advancement from master charge slide machine to a micro chip master card …..with out money backing it , its as worthless as a microchip

  23. today ive learned Ivan understands a lot of what were told in school and in general life cannot be trusted to be true, in fact dis info and miss info is the norm everywhere. i hope Ivan will investigate space travel and understand we earthlings have never seen a real photo of earth from space. the biggest lie ever sold, the vacuum of space is nothing but science fiction. if man landed on the moon several times 50 years ago with tang and dune buggies, there would be by now, a live stream camera on the moon showing a spinning ball earth and the stars.

  24. I have learned to keep educating myself in the financial area because that’s something school don’t teach us.
    Thank you for your information!

  25. Smash! Hey I think Btc is not a product to be valued by the energy used, it is a smart coin, with its monetary protocol. Its thechnology makes minners to be confident at investing in pow.I stick with stock to flow.

  26. Problem with the Energy Value Oscillator model: It’s not total hash rate (or energy) that determines BTC’s value, but how much of that energy expenditure is decentralized. If one or two Chinese mining pools are responsible for 90% of an increase in hash rate, this does not necessarily confer an increase in BTC’s security or value. So a decentralization scaling coefficient, proportional to the number of separately controlled mining pools, should be added to the model such as: BTC price/(hashing energy x number of separate pools).

  27. There is not enough BTC for every millionaire in the world to get one. The same for BTC 2 at just under $2.00 all that can should own at least 10 Bitcoin 2's while you still have a chance. JMHO

  28. Today I learned about the energy model of BTC price and that Joules per Gigahash per Dollar has decreased by a factor of 10k (from $1000 to $0.10 per GH) in the last 10 years.

  29. I’m looking at your video i17 hours after you released it. You need to settle down, Bitcoin is over what it was 24 hours ago. This is the super wealthy still manipulating the marketing to see several coins just explode in the very near future

  30. One calorie is typically defined as the amount of energy (joules) required to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius.

    One calorie will raise one gram of water one degree Celsius.

    Also, sugar doesn’t make you fat. The oil that’s in the processed carbs you’re eating is making you fat. Oil preserves highly refined things so they don’t mold. Oil separates the food from the air that oxidizes the food.

    One gram of protein has 4 calories
    One gram of sugar has 4 calories
    One gram of fat has 9 calories

    If sugar were to be turned into fat, something that had 4 calories would have to magically turn into something that has 9 calories. Where do the extra five calories come from? Makes no sense. But the oil – the fat, is already fat. No magic required. It gets stored as is – making your fat deposits swell with more fat.

    This can be tested by eating more calories than you burn. But eat the calories from sugar without the oil. The banana. Eat 50 bananas every day. You’ll see that you won’t get fat. The sugar you don’t need will raise your body temp at the end of the day. You’ll get very warm. But not fat. Try to put on 75lbs from eating bananas. Good luck.

    I learned people still fall for bro-science and clickbait. Very sad.

  31. I learned that calories are used to measure energy in biological terms and joules are used for mathematical calculations of energy. I also learned that there is a new model that suggests a strong correlation, R2 80%, between the number of joules of energy being directed at the bitcoin network and how much people are prepared to pay for bitcoin regardless of where they are located in the world. It’s called The Energy Value Formula. However, I believe that his model is incorrectly disregarding that fact that people also use human energy to manage bitcoin mining operations. Therefore, the number of calories burned by humans while working at mining operations must also be considered for the model to be accurate. Perhaps this will improve The Energy Value Formula's R2?

  32. I learned that you should not set a date on predictions. However, if you just predict a price on BTC on 0-10 years in the future it will probably be true – so it doesn't say much 🙂

  33. I learned that energy is the effort people put into bitcoin which means that miners continue mining at the expense of hardware expenses and energy costs for a currency that is based on FIAT input.

  34. Fear is growing, hands are becoming weak and it's not the smartest move to be hung on the idea that BTC will ever see 20k again. You have to be pragmatic and and live in the moment by making the best move now and that in my opinion is making profit now and investing in other sectors (for me, that is my real estate business). Yes, BTC is the best performing asset of the last 10 years but it may not be for the next year so I started trading and growing my portfolio for profit but to avoid mistake and losses, I use signals from Allan Shaw and they have proved to be indispensable to me as I made over 4 btc in profit within a span of just 2 weeks. His signals are accurate, efficient, and very easy to implement in your own trades. Allan can be reached via WhatsApp ( +48 732121976) or Telegram (@Allanshaw), for inquiries about his trading service.

  35. "If you look at all statistics they are better now than they were 20 30 50 100 years ago"

    Let's look at wages and productivity.

    Wages are no better now than they were in the early 70s.

    Productivity has continued to rise since all through that time.

    Do you think this reconciles with your assertion above?

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