17 thoughts on “Bitcoin Crypto Trading #2 ⚡BUY PIVX⚡ Free Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Cryptocurrency Investing Tips

  1. i joined fb group and am now trying to figure out how to message you re: the profit package i bought that i can't get link to open.

  2. THANKS BK! Stamford CT- Im still on these, just cant seem to catch them live nowadays. Good stuff as always, great idea on the follow-along-for-a-100-days videos

  3. I didn't get it either but I don't care I could use an advise -all I have is 40 omg should I sell some at 2x or wait a lot more for a lot more gains,I don't even know how high will it top?( all on my responsibility)

  4. Go Cosmic Crypto Man…Dr K from Tucson…will email and need to reschedule 1:1 we were scheduled for before your well deserved trip. U B Da Man!!!!

  5. The Boss very humble bro especially after your Tip on Neo when it was at around $30usd and some comment asking about the china government situation if it would matter

  6. Boss, just saw podcast today for first time. Love it. You were right on PIVX. Is today too late to buy. I bought golem already. Just cashed out 126% return on Komodo. Going to book some time with you. Keep it up!

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