100 thoughts on “Biblical Series IV: Adam and Eve: Self-Consciousness, Evil, and Death

  1. @ 1:47:00 …. I don't know if anyone else has picked up on this, but Eve did not have offspring at the temptation. Kids came after the Fall. Love JBP, but this is a flaw in the reasoning… thoughts anybody?

  2. Humankind's internal debate to wit: "Now that I'm SELF-aware, what do I do with me? Do I let this realization drive my ego? OR do I USE IT to figure out 'Abba's bigger picture' of WHY our Benevolent Father/Creator Blessed us with SENTIENCE at all?" TORAH is both simple and complex: Love & Bless Abba -And Love & Bless others.There is NO HONEST WAY one can "justify" Marxism with Scripture. They ARE mutually exclusive.

  3. Musings on the mutually exclusive: The Father/Creator created humankind FREE. Marxism's "reptilian nature" strives to ENSLAVE him by telling him it is setting him free from himself. -NOT LIKELY. Freedom IS our "Indigenous State". One can't be set FREE by the very "politically perfected" concept of enslavement itself. Marx wrote and Satan Laughed. Marxism is NOT altruism -it is a deeper, more sinister ploy. It is his enigma.

  4. at 1:21.00
    It occurs to me. Perhaps there is a connection between certain priestly classes being gender-less in some religions. being closer to the meta human than a civilian male or female that is in this sense less integrated as the combination.

    This idea not being specific to the bibles example.

  5. A brilliant evolutionary approach to the truths of Gen 1-3 by Dr. Peterson. But there are very serious and growing troubles with that model or lens of (Darwinian evolutionary) interpretation. Cf. Mathematical Challenges to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution: Berlinski, Meyer, and Gelernter, et al.

  6. Aaaarrrggghhh ! 30 minutes of waffling detours and I can't take it anymore. Seriously, That a mind that brilliant can make such baffling … What do you call a slide-of-hand trick, if you're doing one unintentionally ? Anyway, I understand we'd all like there to be reason & purpose behind existence, but if there is one, I don't think theology will be any help at finding it.

  7. Can anyone find in the video where he was talking about the dangers of pure logical thought and how it led to the Soviet union?

  8. Hello everyone. I would suggest to those of you who would like even more understanding of the Bible from an academic mind that you should type Michael Heiser into the search window. I think you will have a great time if you love learning.

  9. Dr Petersen
    I don’t know if you will see this but you missed one reason for naming the animals. The act of naming indicates the authority of the namer over the named. It illustrates the hierarchy.

    God renamed Abram , Abraham.
    God renewed Jacob, Israel.
    Christ renamed Peter, Rock.
    Adults name their children.
    Husbands rename their wives at wedding. (They used to at least). Of course the price of having authority over a wife means the husband has committed to dying to protect the woman (the meaning of marriage).
    Adam in Genesis however did not attack the serpent to kill it in order to protect his wife in the garden, and that precipitated the fall, the loss of that intended order and loss of moral commitment.

  10. Don't forget the Book of Mormon! It is another testament of Jesus Christ and will bring you closer to the Bible. So many Christians think there is ONLY the Bible, but that is not true!

  11. Now look at this whole lecture and watch it with the sure knowledge that we are a creation of a civilization so far beyond us that they can move planets around. I've been doing that for a few years now and it makes sense of a whole lot of things. Do you think we have grown up enough yet to meet the neighbours?

  12. DID you know only fallen angles live in hell forever ,Man will either go into eternal life or will be burned to ash AND BE NO MORE along with the earth , NO MEN WILL NOT BE IN HELL FOREVER

  13. Rev. Spoke well of these days, holding to a form of godliness but denying the Power. So he chose the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. For in their intelligence and wisdom they knew not God nor did they search for him but became vain in thier imagination… Ect. Somethin like that not verbatim. Im not saying Peterson is, but the first part seems 2 be.

  14. Ths=is is the best lecture ever i wish he'd stop talking about feminism and all that and just start talking about this again

  15. Mister Peterson, being a Canadian, are you a RUSH fan? If so, have you ever listened to their "HEMUSHPERES" album? If, also, so have you analyzed its lyrical content?

  16. The "apple of sin" is
    The bearing of children by Adam and Eve without being under the guidance of "The Governors of Creation", Jehovah Elohim, of which has been documented in The Great Arcanum and presented in the documentary work known as "Sex, The Secret Gate To Eden", published in the modern era by Thelema Press. The purpose of the eating of the fruit from the tree was/is to produce a "deliberate" child. Not a child of accident.

  17. You are wrong about "we" just developed the technology recently to understand how we are destroying life on this planet. Indigenous people have known how to live in concert with nature long before your precious Western civilization began. I agree with much of what you say but your stubborn refusal to believe that anything could possibly be superior to Judeo-Christian Western culture is annoying at best, and I find it disingenuous for someone who is ordinarily so thoughtful and precise with his speech.

  18. I’m a bit of an expert in fairy tales…
    Never heard of Princess Aurora as having Post Traumatic Stress before.

    JP is on the money and hilarious at the same time.

  19. I'd like to reserve the right to trade you in if someone better happens to stumble into me. As long as I can escape when I'm not shackled. I dont have to tell the truth.

  20. You still can't read the bible accurate , the time of false teachings is over ..DEUS …start with, because your illiterate, the difference in hebrew between , Adam ..mankind and Ha -Adam the man …it changes the whole story and i have listened to you all for over three decades solid , you do not have the slightest clue about Christ's teachings …anytime any of you want to put up or shut up in front of an audience ….i have been here …you have been promoting yourselves as experts …i found the evil …the one called satan and worse baalzebub….you wrote a book but can't spell your name

  21. If Jordan believes in God and is Christian how can he say he believes we came from monkeys?

  22. Just finished the lectures. Very interesting take on the bible. I've shared it with my dad who is a pastor. He's a fan of your stance as am I. He also said to a lot of your notes "well, that's just common sense." god bless

  23. A main reason we wear clothes is because we moved further away from the equator where it’s warm and all the rest of the monkeys still live in the relative warm. It’s a small part of the challenges we faced that helped develop our modern minds

  24. Tamil and Sanskrit languages are 5000 years old. Hebrew is 3000 years old. If Adam was the first human being then how come he spoke Hebrew and not Tamil or Sanskrit. Isn't it strange?

  25. I generally like this a lot. But too much of adding crap together doesn't make whole lot of sense. Now, he says women buy beauty magazines and that they feel good about it and like it doesn't prove that it doesn't make them feel smaller looking at those ladies on its cover @1:39:00. If his argument is sound, then the same thing happens in Instagram and FB, which studies show that watching other people's glamorous lives makes people stressed and increases mental problems. Both have to do with comparison with someone else. So Jordan here didn't do justice to the findings.

  26. The argument that because of offspring or the danger (serpent) woman became self conscious, doesn't stand firm given the fact that all other mammals also have danger and offsprings. Another point is that there are so many animals who operate as couples. So Dr Peterson, please follow your own recommendation: say the truth and don't twist reality to fit your interpretation. It doesn't make you look good. I benefit a lot from your work, but it doesn't mean I won't read you critically.

  27. I love how Dr answers the abortion question. That is the educated response, instead of politically right response. He sees the matter for what it's: the problem lies in the warped and bent sexual relationship of men and women. The highest rate of abortion falls into the situations where the couple is not married and have poor conditions and that's why such a horrible decision is on the table. As Dr Peterson says, we have to put sex into the right context then such ugly results won't happen

  28. Dr. Peterson I have had many small aha moments during your talks. One of which is that with Eve the word used for her suffering is sorrow, not pain. This makes me both philosophically and psychologically think the connotation is to one postpartum separation and then the worry and self conscious worry during the life of the child and then the empty nest at the leaving of the child, all of which effect the man or husband. What do you think?

  29. I used to ask myself this question: How could Adam and Eve be held morally accountable for eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil since they didn`t know the difference between good and evil before they ate the fruit? I later realized that the god of the Adam and Eve story wasn`t the good God, but the unjust and evil demiurge who wanted Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge (gnosis) so they will remain ignorant of themselves and worship him.

  30. I think that you may find additional insight and clarity as you read and reflect on the account of Adam and Eve and the Creation that is contained within the Pearl of Great Price.  https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/scriptures/pgp/title-page?lang=eng

  31. Dear Jordan,
    If the knowledge of good and evil can be associated with the notions of fairness, decency and justice, then wouldn't the fruit of its tree be Law.
    And could Paradise be a place where Law is unnecessary simply because no one there is out to provoke or screw over anyone else?
    The tree is there and yet nobody would feel the need to feed from it.

  32. 1:30:00
    That whole bit about marriage is so true. In summation, Dr. Peterson's argument is that "when you're married, it's like being shackled forever, and it gives you one person you can tell the truth to absolutely."
    It's too easy to leave a marriage now and that's one reason we're seeing so many problems in society.

  33. “As long as it is day, we must keep doing the work of the One who sent me; the night is coming, when no one can work. While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”

  34. Hello. I did't understand what Papa Peterson said about the snitch in Harry Potter. He was talking about snakes and the DNA helix, I didn't catch the relationship…..

  35. 36:50 Hebrew linguists say that when you see a plural pronoun with a singular verb, it does not mean a plurality of gods, but the royal "we".

  36. The only disappointment in all of this is Jordans acceptance of the fake narrative that man has evolved. Man has not changed since creation. Period. Zero evidence of anything other than modern /ancient humans being one in the same. Only evidence of other species that have died off.

  37. We never diverged from chimps. It didn’t happen. God created man. God crested all the plants and animals of the earth. The two species have always been separate.

  38. you address hypergamy.. but you don't address how society sets up women to act on it EASILY.. and the effects that it has on men. You know why you havent? cos the truth is ugly and dangerous for men.. so much so men are 7 times more likely to suicide than from divorce compared to men who are single or married. Rule 8.. tell the truth.

  39. At 1:10:40 ish the Scrubbed seems to me the root of Luseferianism. Where, the light was seen as a gift to humanity. Where, though coincidental, the consequence of the actions Sisyphus was to suffer a representation of life without a meaningful catharsis. The agony is contrasted by do what thou wilt.

  40. I love this but I think he's looking way further into these old stories than their authors ever intended.  Adam and Eve is about the beginning of the agricultural revolution (what was happening between the Tigris and Euphrates at the time).  Adam's (Hebrew word for 'man') temptation was Eve (Hebrew word for 'life').  When he ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, acquiring the knowledge of who should live and who should die – he became a fallen creature – started killing everything and everyone in competition for his food.  The Garden was the first place in the world where man began to live as if the world belonged to him – not the other way around.  The story of Cain and Abel simply backs this up.

  41. Do you have someone that mixes sound? The scratches from mic noise are definitely fixable (to some degree). Love the lectures, just a quality thing

  42. I believe the knowledge of good and evil is the elaboration of depletion and preservation of creation as we elaborate life. With the creator we gain our human inheritance from our creator. Shame blinds you from feeling worthy of gaining such knowledge as your own to preserve yourself and your environment. Understanding God being the creator he would have the knowledge of his invention creation. #JustTim

  43. I would just like to thank god and you for all the confusion you have cleared up for me!!! I could listen to you all day!! Keep up the fantastic work!

  44. Prof. Peterson is such an endearing man, it's impossible not to respect his intelligence – his integrity is so obviously genuine. He's got a poet's soul – so deep & wise – maybe that's what bridges the political divide in my mind. I really appreciate having access to these lectures.

  45. I think one of the main pieces of evidence that the Bible was inspired by God is how it truly captures our nature in a way humans are never willing to concede. The Bible is full of the deepest and darkest weaknesses and sins of all of the people – even the heroes. Humans don't write about themselves in that way. We make our side or ourselves look good. And it's throughout the entire Bible – over thousands of years. It does not come from our perspective. And even if the authors didn't understand the big picture significance, they still wrote it.

  46. I love Dr. p,
    But male psychologists are so ignorant and stupid.
    If you feel bad and are crabby, eat a piece of meat and you’ll be ok? Come on, that’s so ignorant.
    If you need help; ALWAYS seek a female, they just think deeper and heartier
    I still love dr. P

  47. In a barbaric world of spiritual darkness that focused only on the physical nature of the natural world, Jesus revealed the spiritual essence of life at the center of all things that transforms a persons overall state of being by waking them up to their spiritual nature. Read the Bible its all in there, you just have to apply it. Focusing on the physical brings animal characteristics, confusion, corruption of morals and values, lust, death. the spirit brings forth things the physical is incapable of, union, peace, discernment, wisdom, understanding, love and joy and have a compassion for fellow man as a brother not an enemy.

  48. Blaming Black people and Indians for  their  behavior and creating the History for slavery is a repeat of creating the History for who created the History about religion and 911 and who the DEVIL is.  The same Devil is in the details and tells the story that is believed by Faith and no evidence…

  49. I'd like to see the question addressed: "Why didn't Adam and Eve die in the day they ate of the fruit?"
    Lots of Christians insist that they died a spiritual death, or that it was the death of innocence. But God didn't say "Your innocence shall die" or "Your body shall become mortal."
    Was there a different word that Moses used that we translated to mean "death," or did God lie to Adam and Eve?

  50. 2:23:00 – Your reference to Cosmic Serpent (by Jeremy Narby) reminded me of Graham Hancock's discussions of such things on Joe Rogen's podcast.
    God how I'd love to see you have a sit-down chat with Dr. Hancock!

  51. My awakening to fundamentalism has been so mind boggling. I am the brush and the universe is my canvas. I am God. Jesus is love.

  52. The Adam and Eve story is neither true nor a metaphor.
    It's pure fiction designed to create fear and shame in the little children who are introduced to it.
    So sad.

  53. religion is where jordan loses a lot of credibility for me.. He uses the usual pseudo intellectual tactics of double think, semantic word play and self deception.

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