Best Of apeX #16 – WHY YOU BULLY ME ? !

Sorry, just felt like it! But look at this he just rekt me like that! Why, why me?! They’re all blind, oh my god Unbelievable Hello Argentina, the country of Leo Messi, the best, the best football player my friend! Hello how are you? I speak Spanish I’m Spanish and I live in Andorre and… I like… ( reading chat ) “I’m sleeping” But you’re talking to me, you’re not sleeping Alex He doesn’t understand very well French Alex, I’m sleeping doesn’t work, it’s “I’m in bed”, that would be correct and not “I”m sleeping” because you’re talking to me so you can’t be sleeping We need to explain everything to these English He is raging to much in Faceit etc and OOOOOH His headshot was nice, wasn’t it?! That’s what we call a preshot No I should have made a highlight out of this! sh*** oh my god

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