100 thoughts on “Best 2019 Trading Strategy That Will Turn You In A Pro-Best Binary Option strategy

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  2. Be blessede sir ,at the beggining i didn't know even how to start trading but now i can trade when ever i want through your tutorials im going to be succesed

  3. Be blessede sir ,at the beggining i didn't know even how to start trading but now i can trade when ever i want through your tutorials im going to be succesed

  4. Thank you 🙏 for ur support once again nice video from ur side but I’m afraid 😟 to trade because I lose my previous trades but I will try agin back with peace of mind

  5. My sir adnan option trade profit can it be withdraw have be following you and you doing a great job, i have the confidence of knowing a perfect trend am good to go but need to know if the funds are real

  6. Thank you Sir for what you do for us.. Great Q an A i was helped a lot and most of my questions were answered. GOD BLESS YOU

  7. thank you Adnan for sharing your knowledge to everyone. it really help me to stay positive and move forward with binary trading. keep up the good work.

  8. this is some good advise at first i didn't take all the tips that was given serious and loss four of 11 but applying all tips together i had five back to back wins i wish i could take a pic to prove to every that this does work

  9. Sir I was doing very well using your strategies until recently I lost everything. I think I have a problem managing my emotion when I lost a trade or when I have made so much money please what should I do?

  10. I am sure, I will learn a lot for all the strategies you shared, I hope I can follow all your tips correctly. thank you

  11. Sirplease reply my emails i am just complete beginner i really want to learn please help me to get started how can i learn and start trading

  12. How do I practice binary trading options ?? It don’t come up for me. Do I have to deposit before it allows you?? I’m confused

  13. It's great when you leave the subtitles. I was able to understand what you said. Hope to have subtitles in the future

  14. i came to know your channel just yesterday. i just want to know if you 10 period bollinger band strategy works on 2 mins time frame. i really like the 2 mins time frame cos its not too fast and its not too slow. pls reply me sir. really love what you are doing. bless you.

  15. Hello Mr Adnan….I really appreciate your work..thanks…. Although i am new to trading and i am not clear the withdrawal process in IQOption.. particularly when a person deposits for example $10 and makes a profit of say $100….As i heard, such a person is not allowed to make a withdrawal that exceeds the deposited amount($10)…so I'd like to know if it's only restricted a particular time..or the person will have to make withdrawal requests of $10 daily till he gets to the desired amount…The reponses i got from the customer care were not satisfactory..

  16. You are great man I am really happy with your strategy especially upper and lower treand thank you so much may Allah bless you

  17. Hi adnan sir!
    i have been following you for past few days and it has been very informative. the way you explain it helps alot. i wanted to ask you something…sir i am from Pakistan and i can't find a way that works here to deposit or make withdrawal…i would really appreciate your guidance in this matter. please reply.

  18. Hi!
    You say in telegram
    I'm trading or market good or bad,…
    Trade Market is closed on Saturday and Sunday
    How are you trading?
    Thank you

  19. Thanks for this video. I was asking myself the same thing about how can i know when market is good or not. Thanks

  20. Good Job Boss Adnan, you have really helped alot. please can you give us a video on how to setup forex trading on iq option. Thanks for your free signals on Telegram as well.

  21. Please Sir your contact number and gmail (jot down/write down) into [email protected], this tutorial of you is absolutely life turning point. Your contact number is very need of mine, and I shall must keep it secret no doubt Your obediently AMINUL (from Rangpur Bangladesh) Please.

  22. Hi mr Adnan, i like live trade today, i have Network problems now but i hope you can make another live trade very soon, tomorrow again???

  23. Hi Adnan, it's a great pleasure for me to say hello. I write to you from Mendoza, Argentina, but I'm Venezuelan. For me it was a blessing to have found your channel, I do not remember how it was that I found one of your videos, but I thank God for it. I knew the trading business 3 years ago, and it has been a very complicated path where frustration and loss of money has prevailed. For a week I have been watching your videos and practicing your strategy. Today I started to apply it to my real account, following your daily trading plan, starting with a 10 dollar account and I close today with the daily goal reached, that is, I close the day with a balance of $ 17.50. I want to highlight that I am operating in Digital Options since they offer higher profitability than in binary options, besides that you can sell the operation in advance with very good profits. I hope to keep in touch with you soon. A hug!

  24. Sir aap jab tard karte ho to hameer and shooting star ban jata leken jab mein Tarde karat hu to nh banta hai asa qu hai pls sir muje jaroor batay

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