100 thoughts on “Beijing casts doubt on US-China trade talks

  1. Ronald Avery in the comments how do you do that? How can you root for a Communist China? Is that where we're at? It's Treason

  2. I wouldn't care too much for Donald Trump's words, and I wouldn't be surprised if he declares war on Russia one day

  3. Don't buy anything made in china,Nike shoes,Apple or anything….We can make our own in America…Pay more money buy American Made and Support your fellow American's

  4. Prepare for China + Russia + EU coalition and invasion of US. No country in history has survived making enemies of the rest of the world.

  5. Americans always have to pay for past presidents ego trips. That's why im voting for BERNIE2020. BAIL OUT THE MIDDLE CLASS💪

  6. So what. We need to cut them off all together. We should focus on bringing South America into the future. The China experiment failed and we don't need them. Cheap labor isn't worth sacrificing our national security.

  7. China’s no longer paying off the corrupt politicians. Thats part of the reason prices aren’t going up.
    How does china USA trade cause a global recession?
    There’s something else causing the recession fear mongering media to guess what the future holds!
    Maybe the media is still getting paid to disrupt.

  8. Americans should start changing their attitude about buying cheap low quality goods from China and start buying quality goods from other friendly countries. Better still, buy from our own producers/manufacturers to support our industries and secure jobs for our citizens.

  9. American investors are morons. Not dealing with China means our money stays in our country. The market can only increase in price.
    Also, why does anybody want Yuans? Chinese currency can only decrease in value. The way it is manipulated they will have massive inflation.

  10. Man good thing according to trump 🇺🇸 is making billions and billions of dollars on this trade war 😂 😂

  11. Keep going President. We support you. Forget about the liberals, your base is strong. Us patriots got your back and are not soy infused weaklings.

  12. We need to do more deals with Japan period! And some of the things we get from China we need to switch to Japan and other countries and trade more with other countries less with China over the years.

  13. Everybody needs to get over it ….this is a GAME and Trump is playing it quite well so just mind your own business, shut the f***up and move on

  14. China is a bully, a trade predator—they're not going to change—you can't trust their word from one day to the next.

  15. Everything would have to be complete crap before FOX admits they fueled a trade war that only benefits Russia. Russia just annexed Krimean Pinensula which produces more agriculture than California. Stop listening to Bannons lies. Gutting global AG distribution channels in favor of Russia.

  16. China is communist what do you expect? They WANT Democrats and RINOS in office so they can do business as usual while screwing over US prosperity! Do you think the last 10 yrs of slow USA growth was an accident???

  17. POTUS needs to continue trade talks with other countries and make great deals with countries that want to trade. China is use to being in the driver's seat ~ welcome to the back seat China.

  18. "I have not heard of this situation regarding the two calls that the U.S. mentioned in the weekend."
    So much for China being eager to restart the stalled trade talks.

  19. Exports to China in 2018 amounted to $179.3 billion. This was only 0.87% of GDP.
    Imports from China in 2018 amounted to $557.90 billion. This was only 2.72% of GDP.

    A trade war with China is simply not going to hurt the US very much. Add to that equation that China has been eating the cost of the tariffs either through reducing their profit margins or through devaluing their currency. Wall Street won't tell you this because they are cheerleaders for keeping the game the same regardless how much it hurts America.

  20. You can never trust Communist and that is what they are. And now we have the Democrat party in our country trying to make the United States of America a communist country. They are the America Communist Democrat Party.

  21. People been crying for 2 decades we must confront China. Someone finally does…..and people cry while never offering an alternative plan to confront them

  22. It's not "painful" for me! Just don't buy Chinese products. Tons of other Asian countries are more than willing to step-in, and they make better merchandise, i.e. South Korea, Japan, to name a few.

  23. Buying cheap chinese goods is expensive, because you have to keep buying the same thing over and over again.
    Chinese products that just don't work well or break after a few uses.
    Why do we do this?

  24. China sees our President making deals elsewhere and suddenly sees possible market share being lost.i bet they DID CALL..but when Trump mentioned it to the media, they deny it to try and discredit him. Whatever!! Call…don't call…you are in trouble. China thought Trump would cave months ago. They are finding out he is not the same as our previous 3 presidents. They are on the defensive and not used to not being in charge.

  25. Trump said China called but China says… they don't know about any calls. Then news reporter asked Trump about it and Trump deflected cuz he was caught in a lie lol

    too funny

  26. cheap Chinese goods, you are my sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey. You'll never know dear, how much I love them, please don't let them take my cheap Chinese goods away.

  27. Trump is never going to make a deal with China or North Korea and he knows it. He's a big fat liar and everyone knows it. Everything he says is a lie… China called and told Trump how awesome he was and how much they respect him… LOL AS IF!!!!

  28. We used to make these same products here in America but we let China take control of everything back in the late 80s and 90s we need to start making this stuff here in America again we let China do it because they pay there labors 3.00 dollars and hour if that Apple and Microsoft need to start investing those Billions they make into bringing jobs back to America and having it made here we use to make Tvs here in this country that lasted for many years now you have this China garbage that last a few years if best bring Technology back to America……..

  29. This time I would rather believe in China,,, they just raise tariff on 75 billion US goods, will they call the same day to negotiate?

  30. chinese communist are thugs, the enslavement, 1.3 billion of their own people thats how they make money "and can not compete united states of america on every level.

  31. Trade wars are easy to win for China. China chooses strategic targets that hurts US the most, Farmers. They will be filing chapter 11 before the next US election. LOL.

  32. Trump is doing the right thing. China's economy now is in a steep decline and they're just holding on by the skin of their teeth hoping Trump will not be re-elected in 2020. China has paid off many of these Wall Street people to brainwash the American public into thinking the tariffs will cause some kind of dramatic recession in the U.S. when in reality it's destroying the Chinese economy. One of my friends just came back from China and one of the cities known for manufacturing in southern China is virtually empty, and he visited a factory that used to employ something around 20,000 to 30,000 employees now only employ 800. China is hurting, their banks are severely over-leveraged, and about 45% of the loans are bad debt. Look up Kyle Bass and/or Mile Kwok. KAG2020!!!!

  33. tweet drivrn market? If only I knew what Trump is going to tweet minutes before, I could have made many good kills on the fluctuating markets

  34. Many ignorant people continue blaming Trump for everything, and China continues saying it's confusing and continues stealing American jobs and technology! Everything is as clear as day. China has been stealing Americans blind for years. China's unfair trade with the US and theft of American technology have cost Americans about $1 trillion each year for over 25 years, which is the greatest transfer of wealth in history. Sadly, NONE of the previous US presidential administrations could even get a cent from China until the American people elected Trump-then billionaire businessman, president. So far, over $65 billion from tariffs on Chinese goods has flown smoothly to the US treasury, and the money could reach over $100 billion next year as a result of Trump's new tariffs on Chinese goods. Having an extra $100 billion to spend is not that bad, is it? "The Trump administration has drawn a clear line in the sand that the outright theft and coercive tactics China has employed to gain access to and control over our intellectual property won’t be tolerated any longer. The decision to impose tough sanctions on China is long overdue. America’s economic and national security interests are at stake." Trump's actions send a clear message: China's era of intellectual property theft is over! Trump's message to China is simple and clear. What else confused China and those ignorant people? Stop stealing to make a fair trade deal. Period.

  35. We do not need China for anything. As you can see, their are many countries that will happily take their place in trading with the USA. Another thing, look what they are doing to Hong Honk and their people. They still have their freedom for another twenty years before China forces them to conform to them. They are pushing their agenda on Hong Honk that the people there do not want. They are doing well, and ask nothing from you. They do not want to be a part of communism.

  36. I would be so happy if people stopped making things in China. I noticed the quality of my goods went down severely while the price went up. Especially in the clothing, shoe and accessory market. I want to buy clothes from Italy!

  37. How do you know Trump is lying? His lips are moving and his Trumpanzees are too stupid to know the differences. 🤣😂

  38. 45 – 85% of China's assets are an absolutely lie and their economy is destined to collapse!!

    Bring back our jobs and our money!

    Tariff to 100% like India does for all imported items viewed as luxury!

  39. China is playing the TRUMP card hoping he will loose or at least not control Congress. If Trump wins big in 2020 China will come on their knees to open trade calls.

  40. China is stalling, hoping President Trump loses in 2020. They will have no choice but to deal with Trump, after he wins. If they're still stubborn, continue to open other markets. I think, we should improve our side of the hemisphere with trade and dump China.

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