“BE PREPARED” – TRADER MOTIVATION (Trading Motivational Video) #MondayMotivation

Muhammad Ali once said “the fight is won or
lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there
on the road, long before I dance under those lights”.
This my friends, is the art of preparation. We all know you need to work to build your
skills, to hone your craft, to get at the level it takes to participate with success.
But what about the big day itself? It takes 30 minutes for an Olympic sprinter
to warm up just to compete for only 10 seconds. That’s called having the discipline to succeed.
Because if you just turn up, you’ll be shown up. The more we prepare, the more we push ourselves
into that winning position. Have you been missing confidence in your trading?
Are you missing that flow state far too often? Well, it’s all in the art of preparation.
If you go in cold, without getting yourself on track.
You’ll force your trades and work incorrectly. This is about diligence.
No business succeeds without a plan. And what needs to be done day after day.
Trading is no different. This is nothing unique. Warm up your mind, prepare yourself mentally.
Review previous trades, review previous days. How are the markets moving? What are you going
to be doing? It’s all about those seconds, minutes, hours
before you jump in. Get yourself the advantage that you need to win. You can wait for the setups to come to you,
you enter the markets with peace of mind. You know what’s happening and what you’re
looking for. With preparation comes comfort, patience,
contentment. Confidence. achievement, consistent success. If you want to outperform the market and more
importantly yourself, you have to outwork what you’ve done before
and to do that, you need to prepare. If don’t have confidence in your work, it
means you haven’t prepared enough. So how’s your discipline looking today?
Are you willing to sit down now before you even start trading and work at full concentration?
That’s the will to win. The desire to succeed. The art of preparation.
So if you want this, let’s grind it out and put in that work.
You have one chance every day to progress that bit further. Don’t waste it by being

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