be careful about FOMC in Forex trading

Hi this is Artin Behdad and in this presentation
I’m gonna talk about one of the most important Forex news That causes high impact on US Dollar
and those pairs that include USD like EURUSD, GBPUSD or USDJPY …. this news is very important
because if even you are a long term trader for example you trade H4 or Daily chart,you should be careful about this news. because it can make some bad impact on your
trading result. so, please pay attention and try to not open new positon when there is only one day to releasing FOMC why? because this news has power to bring the charts back and hits your stop loss okay? so, I personally never trade (pairs that include USD) if there is only 1 day to FOMC and I will tell you how to find
when FOMC will release. go to google write FOMC meeting Schedule it’s
here and click on this website in this website you can see the date of FOMC in 2018 you can mark in your calendar I personally do this the date of FOMC and whenever there is only one day to this dates, I don’t open new position it’s okay to have open position that you for example have it for couple of days but
you shouldn’t open new position okay? that’s it. if you have any question please write it down
in the comment box and I have created an awesome forex course that is 100% Free for you you will learn a lot in the course all practical all useful if you are interested you can go to the description find the link click on it and subscribe then you will receive it

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