Avansa: The Future of Trading

Six thousand cryptocurrencies trade on five
hundred exchanges, 24/7. With crypto prices fluctuating by the second,
it’s almost impossible to analyze all of this data and implement a successful trading strategy. What if there could be one platform to simplify
all of this? Avansa is here to help. Avansa is the platform where you can create
a bot with your trading strategy that operates 24/7 for you on your favorite cryptocurrency
exchanges. It’s a simple 4 step process. Step 1: securely connect your exchange accounts
to Avansa with your API keys. Step 2: choose from a list of popular technical
indicators used by traders and configure them to your own requirements. Your indicators will analyze the markets and
decide when to buy and sell. Step 3: use the technical indicator you have created
to design your trading bot. Once you’ve created your bot you can backtest
your strategy to see how it would have performed in the past. The Avansa platform is hosted on the cloud,
meaning you can run your bots 24/7. Whether you’re sleeping, working, or spending
time with friends and family, you’ll never miss your perfect trade. Step 4: monitor the performance of your bots
on your dashboard. You can check on your bots on the go, no matter
where you are. Avansa’s distributed cloud-based infrastructure
minimizes latency to make sure your bot is faster than the competition. Sit back and enjoy the future of trading. We work hard so you don’t have to.

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