August 14

Okay, we are in the middle of the Jerry O’ Show preview, and I cannot get soft now, okay? This is a pop culture sprint, not a marathon. I need to make sure I do not let my audience down. Super Producers, hit me. What are the names of Kim and Kanye’s babies? North, Psalm, Saint, Chicago. From youngest to oldest? (sighs)
Psalm, Chicago– (whistle blows)
Faster. Okay, Psalm, Chicago Saint, and North. Boom. Who did Taylor Swift block on Spotify? Justin Bieber.
And? Demi Lovato. How many times has Billy Bob Thornton been divorced? (sighs) How many times has Billy Bob Thornton been divorced? Five, yeah.
(laughs) (smacks water bottle)
Water makes you soft. Now what is Meghan Markle’s royal name? Okay, Meghan Markle’s royal name. Meghan Dutchess of Sussex. And where is she from? Where did she study. Los Angeles and then North Western. All right, who has had more mug shots, Marlo from the Real Housewives of Atlanta or Lindsay Lohan? Easy, Marlo but they both look beautiful in their mugshots. Oh, they look so fabulous in their mugshots. I only wish I looked half this good on my Instagram. Now, 90 Day Fiance. What happens at the end of 90 days. If the couple doesn’t get married, the Visa expires and foreign fiance has to get out of this country. According to Lady Gaga, what is the name of the ghost that’s been haunting her? What is the name of the ghost that haunts Lady Gaga? Come on, you got this.
Okay, okay. Jerry look at me, you can do this. The name of the ghost that haunts Lady Gaga is Ryan. Ryan is the name. I’m the King of Pop Culture! (yells in celebration)
(audience claps) Get out there and show that audience what you’re made of. Yes, okay. Wait, they headband. Of course, here you go. Oh.
Okay. Great job. (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) Oh yeah!
(yells excitedly) Yeah! (audience whoops)
(Jerry claps) Oh yeah. Woo, yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thanks everybody, thank you, have a seat please. Day 3 for the Jerry O’ Show, and– (crowd cheers) I’ve got the say, still not fired! Boom!
(audience claps) Woo, all right, let me tell you– (audience member yells)
Thank you! (audience member yells)
Yes thank you! Jerry O’!
Yes, thank you, yes. Okay, let me tell you all what I did last night. Remember, yesterday we were talking about Gwyne Paltrow and her husband Brad who have been married for a year but just finally moved in with each other. I joked that my wife would love not to live with me. (audience laughs)
There she is, gorgeous. Hey baby, good morning.
(audience applauds) Hold on a second. Don’t applaud when you hear what my wife did yesterday. My wife would love not to live with me, because my wife said that I snored which I didn’t believe until my wife showed me the receipts and she filmed me the other night. Take a look.
(snores) (audience applauds) Rude, rude, rude. Very embarrassing. Well, last night, my wife fell asleep before I did. (laughs)
(audience yells) (audience claps) Actually no, hold on a second. Who am I kidding? I stayed up all night long just to get this footage. Roll it!
(wife snores) I got you! I got you, honey! Think about that next time you roll on an unconscious person, okay? Looks like it’s time for my wife to get the old C-PAP. (mimics snoring) It’s a’ight. I love you babe. Hey listen, even when she’s sleeping, she looks gorgeous. Admit it. Gorgeous.
(audience claps) Okay, huge news everybody. Todd Chrisley and his wife Julie were indited on 10 counts of bank fraud and tax evasion yesterday. Yes, they face up to, hold onto your seats, 30 years in prison.
(audience gasps) Okay, now, sorry. Hold, they’re talking to me. What? Okay, really? Wow, okay, well let’s just patch them through. I’m talking to the control room. All right, just patch them through. All right guys, Todd Chrisley is actually going to go life for a press conference outside of his house in Nashville. Let’s just break into the show. Let’s do it, yeah, let’s break in. (dramatic music) Hey everybody.
(audience applauds) Thank you. Thank you, thank you. Thank you, okay, everyone, Todd Chrisley here. I just want to clear my name up. I know I’ve been in the news as of late. Some fraud accusations, okay? Some people are saying that I may not have paid my taxes. Well, I’m here to tell you, yes there were some expenditures and I’m willing to go through them right now with you, okay? Yes, I did spend $47,000 on sweaters, okay? Yes that happened, but I love– (audience claps)
Hold on, no. I love, I love sweaters. You know, on the show I love cable knit sweaters, I love sweater vests, I love hoodie sweaters, I love zip up sweaters, I love 3 button sweaters. I wear a long sweater. It’s good for the winter. It’s like a robe but it’s a sweater but it’s a robe but it’s a sweater, you know? Sometimes–
(audience claps) Hold on. Sometimes in the summer, I wear shorter sweaters. You know, it’s just you tied it in a knot. You know, it’s like a little crop top sweater. You know, you wear that. I also wear hats, you know, knit hats that match my sweaters, my 3 button sweaters, my longer robe sweaters. I also have a very expensive beauty regime that I do. I spent $400,000 on my beauty regime which I use before ever show, because this perfect skin doesn’t come cheap people, okay? (audience claps) It does. Very smooth, very smooth. First, I wash my face with a cleanser made of pure gold. Yes, and then I use a toner that’s $1,497 and 27 cents. (audience laughs) Per ounce.
(audience gasps) And then I, and then I use a moisturizer. I love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love moisturizer, you know? And that’s $7,497 and 27 cents per half ounce. But you know when you’re on TV, you gotta look your best, so I do get some shape wear which costs me– It costs me approximately–
(audience claps) No, I wanna go through the– I wanna go through the expenditures, hold on. The shape ware costs me $5,649 and 77 cents per garment, okay? I also got some new kicks. I love kicks with those little booty socks which, you know, you put them around your toes and your heels, and it looks like you ain’t wearing no socks. (audience applauds)
(laughs) But you do. You get blisters on your feet. I need those socks. You get blisters– Hey guys it’s not Todd Chrisley. It’s Jerry O’. I’m playing with you.
(audience applauds) Oh man, in all seriousness, thank you, thank you. In all seriousness, thank you. It’s not Todd Chrisley. It was just me the whole time. For anyone who thought that was Todd, it’s just me. All right, let me make sure my real wig is okay, okay? In all seriousness, the Chrisley’s have denied all charges and claim a former employee is to blame. Listen, I love this show. I love the family. They’re so fun to watch. They are adorable, but this is like Shades of like Abbey Lee Miller, hello? Dance moms to jail for bankruptcy fraud, similar crimes. And another reality star, Mike the Situation Sorrentino. (audience claps) Who is in prison right now for tax evasion. Listen, you get one of these shows and they’re a hit and the successes that come with it, you better keep all your receipts. You know what I’m saying?
(audience applauds) Oh, speaking of jail, this is breaking news for real this time, not fake breaking news. Just a few minutes ago A$AP Rocky was found guilty in his assault case in Sweden. First of all, I actually, I mean, all joking aside, I’m a little upset that they found him guilty. I don’t know if you recall the story. These–
(audience applauds) Really weird, I don’t want to offend my Swedish audience, but these really weird Swedish dudes were following him around his entire trip to Sweden. They were harassing him. I mean, I don’t– I personally felt like this was provoked, you know, A$AP was held in a Swedish prison for 3 weeks, and although he was found guilty, he thankfully will not serve anymore jail time but– (audience applauds) But he does have to pay the victim and the court expenses. Hey, you know what, A$AP? Just stay out of Sweden, okay? Look A$AP–
(audience applauds) A$AP, if you feel like going to Sweden, there’s an IKEA right here in Paramis in New Jersey. It’s like 4 exits away, you know? And, you know, if you have a hankering for Swedish meatballs, just forget about it. Everyone knows that Italian meatballs are better than Swedish meatballs.
(audience cheers) Forget about it. Italian meatballs are way better than those Swedish meatballs. Yeah, you know what? Let’s get a map of Sweden, okay? This is an idea for you, okay A$AP. Here’s a map of Sweden. I feel like a weather person here. What’s up Mike Woods WMYW Fox 5 here in New York. This is a map of Sweden here. It’s gonna be a very clear a day here at Sweden, as you can see. Not a lot of a cloud cover over here. Back to you. Actually, here’s a map of Sweden. This is where A$AP should never go again, okay. This is, hold on a second.–
(audience applauds) A$AP, this is what I want you to do. This is the borders Finland and Norway over here. A$AP, I want you to have an outdoor concert right here on the border of Sweden and Finland, right there. But, hold on a second–
(audience applauds) It’s an outdoor concert. I want some big speakers, so that everyone in Sweden can hear what they’re missing. And then, hold on a second–
(audience laughs) And then I want you to drive all the way around Sweden, okay? You can’t go through Sweden, ’cause we’re not going there anymore, okay A$AP? Drive all the way around, got over to Norway, and have a huge outdoor concert right here in Norway. Same big speakers and have Sweden listen to everything that they are missing. ‘Cause I don’t want you going back there again. (audience applauds) Free A$AP, he’s totally innocent. Hey guys, I don’t know if you saw this. The gift that Travis Scott got Kylie Jenner for her 22nd birthday.
(laughs) It’s real folks. That’s not CZ. He got her an insane pink and white diamond necklace featuring her company’s dripping lips logo. Look Travis, you’re really making the rest of us look super bad here. This–
(laughs) I mean, come on, this makes the Jane Seymour open heart pendent I got my wife not look so hot right now. (audience applauds) Hey, these birthday celebrations are still going on. They’re still on that yacht over there in Italy or over there in Europe. This is not just a regular yacht, as you can see. This is a mega yacht, and it rents for, hold onto your sailor hats, $1.2 million a week. (audience gasps) A week. All right, let me actually. Let’s just go into some details about the USS Lip Kit, shall we? Okay, it’s got a sauna. (audience applauds)
Hold on guys. Listen to this. It’s got a sauna. It’s got a jacuzzi. It’s got a helipad for helicopters. It’s got a 29 person staff. That’s way more than we got here at the Jerry O’ Show. The bathtub.
(audience applauds) Look at the bath. Look at this bathtub. This bathtub is larger than the apartment that I live in with my children, my wife, and our huge dog. We could live comfortably in this bathtub. Look, I could’ve saved the Scott, Jenner, Kardashian West– A lot of money, okay. Listen. Anyone ever celebrate a birthday at Dave and Busters? (audience yells) I tell you what Dave and Busters does not cost you, $1.2 million a week, okay? You just gotta put a couple bucks on your Dave and Busters power card. You can play all night long. Listen, when it’s my birthday, in all seriousness, when it’s my birthday, I want to say what’s up to my fellow aquarians, yeah? Aquarian, scorpion moon rising, what’s up? I knew there was a connection. I always ask my wife and kids that we go to my favorite $9.99, all you can eat rib place. I love, I know–
(audience applauds) I love ribs. I love ribs. I love ribs. And I can’t deny, I love Saint Louis style ribs. I love dry rub ribs. I love honey chipotle ribs. But my wife and my kids, they hate ribs, okay? But on February 17th, that’s their problem, ’cause I’m gonna get my baby back, baby back, baby back (smacks lips). I’m gonna get my baby back, baby back, baby back. (smacks lips) We got so much to talk about, everybody. My fellow aquarians and all everybody else, we’ll be right back. I’m still getting used to my role as your Pop Culture Ambassador. I’m a huge, huge, huge hip hop fan, and there are so many rappers out there. And you know what? There are ones that I want you to get to know also. So without a further-a-do, here’s a little segment that we’re gonna call Someone You Ought to Know. (serene music) Here is 22 year old rapper Blueface. He has a hit song called Thotiana. (audience cheers) Kids love it. He’s on Birman’s label. That’s a hug accomplishment. He was selected to be on XXL magazine’s Freshman Class of 2019, huge honor in the hip hop community. He’s doing great. Well last week, Blueface went on Big Boy’s radio show and made this shocking revelation. Take a look. How many females do you think you knocked down in the last 6 months? Let’s play high or low. Five? I don’t know. Higher?
Probably like thousands. What? What’d you just say? A thousand.
(audio bleeps out) Since January?
Yeah. Or 6 months? It’s like sometimes, it might be a threesome. It might be foursome. I’ve even had a fivesome. That’s the most you’ve had? Yeah.
Is 5? Me and 4 girls, yeah.
You and 4. (audience gasps)
(audience applauds) Look, I’m no Dr. Phil. (audience laughs) Dr. Phil, I’m not Dr. Oz. I’m no Dr. Ruth. But it is impossible to sleep with 1,000 people in a 6 month period. Okay, let’s just do the math. 6 months, 100– Hold on a second, I’m terrible at math. I failed.
(audience laughs) Half of 365, 180 days, okay? I can do math, 180 days. 1,000 women, 180 days divided by 180. Take away the 4. Hold on a second, I’m thinking. Take away the 4. That’s 5 and a half women a day. (audience applauds) Not, hold on a second. Not just 5, five and a half.
(audience laughs) Okay? Now listen, Blueface, he may actually be telling the truth. All right, because back in July, Blueface kicked his mom and his sister out of his house because they disapproved of him having 2 girlfriends living simultaneously in the house. (audience gasps) That’s a problem. I mean, I can’t say I’ve ever tried it, but I don’t know if I’d want to. Wow.
(audience applauds) Blueface’s mom says that she’s just trying to protect the son she raised from the devil the industry is turning him into. Hey Blueface, listen to your mom. Moms always know, okay?
(audience applauds) Hey, and that’s someone that you ought to know. (serene music) Please welcome, Retta.
(audience cheers) (upbeat techno music) Beautiful. Hi. They’re so excited. I just want to say Jerry O’ guests, this is what I am talking about. (crowd cheers) This is what I am talking about. This is Jerry’s first week of show dress. It’s, thank you.
Your welcome. Yes, thank you.
(audience cheers) Full disclosure, Retta and I go way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way back. (Retta laughs) Do you remember when we first met? Yes, do you?
Of course. It was in a club. It was in a club in LA. It was one of my first famous people encounters, and you were Jerry. “Hi, how’re you doing, what’s going on?” Like, hi, what’s up. And I was like, okay Hollywood. There was something about you, Retta. I always knew you were gonna be– You know, I don’t want to say “a star,” ’cause that sounds sort of shallow. But I just knew you were destined for greatness, even then. Yeah ’cause I’ve always liked color. (audience applauds)
(laughs) So I always looked bright. I feel like people– Because I love bright colors, people are like, “I just see you.” I was like, “yeah, I’m obnoxious.” Yeah, you see me. No Retta, you had a light on you all the time. You know, you just had an aura about you. I really, people just– We always loved you. Listen, you have recently, first of all, an amazing follow Retta on Instagram. Everyone should hit follow right now. You recently Instagrammed your pool workout. What is going on with the whole pool– So this is an old picture. This is when I first started. Josh Gad, do you know Josh Gad? Of course, famous. A friend of mine was house sitting for Josh Gad. We should say he’s the snowman in, Olaf. Oh yes, he’s Olaf. And so we were house sitting, one summer. He was shooting in Europe, so we were using his pool. So one day, my friend Rosa and I were like, “Oh we’re gonna use this pool to work out.” So we just went to a store and bought everything. (audience laughs) I Amazoned those shoes. I may have Amazoned that jacket. So we bought all the accoutrements, and we’re very, very serious about the workout that summer. I have moved away from some of those items. I don’t use the gloves, and I don’t use the little flappy things. But I still use the weights. And I tread water with my belt. I have a better hat now.
(Jerry laughs) It covers more of my face, so the sun doesn’t beat me up. It looks good though. Now, you recently put your endurance that you learned in the water aerobics to the test at the Jay and Bay concert. Tell us about that. Well, when we first started working out. And thank god we started when we started. Because we thought, this was at the Rose Bowl in Passadina, this was the first on the run. And we were like, we’re gonna Uber. We had tickets to Willcall. We’re just gonna get dropped up at front and walk in– I should just say, just getting tickets to that concert, I mean, I checked on StubHub. It was like, I couldn’t afford it. It was super expensive. I used connects.
Oh really. I used my connects.
Nice. Hold on a second, is it connect to Jay and Bay? Well, I think that my rep knows someone’s rep, and that’s how we were able to get tickets. But they don’t let Ubers near the stadium when they have shows. So if I had not been working out for like the month that we had, I would’ve bailed on this show. Because they drop you off, literally, it’s a mile and a half walk to the stadium. Then I had to walk half the distance around the stadium to the Willcoll and then half that distance back to the entrance we had for our tickets. And I was pouring sweat. You know, you go to Beyonce, you go done up. Right.
(audience laughs) Oh, Mommy was a mess.
Love it. I love it. Retta, this movie looks hilarious. Please tell us about Good Boys. Good Boys is about twins. A bit of a coming of age. They’re going to their first kissing party, and it’s all the shenanigans and things that they get up to before they get there. I am in the movie, I’m not in the movie that much, so don’t blink.
(Retta laughs) Well it doesn’t matter. What we just saw is, I mean listen, I mean if anyone’s been a child of divorce that scene is like your anthem right there. Everything will be fine. Don’t even worry.
(Retta laughs) When he says we’ll still watch This is Us Together. (both talking at once) How many kids are watching This is Us, god bless? Listen Retta, finally, we know you love your fans. I’ve seen you interact with all your fans, but you’re not really into selfies. Tell us what that is. Here’s the thing. I don’t mind a selfie. What I don’t like is usually someone will grab me and put my head really close to their head. I have a fear of lice. I don’t know you, and I don’t know your haircare system. Are you talking to me? Because I’m totally like, you can look, I’m totally lice free. By the way, I saw you. I don’t know if it was yesterday. I saw you go down your line, god bless, you’re so lovely and so kind. You got real close to some strangers with your hair. It was a lot of kissing and that. And I was like, Jerry. You know what? No. You know what helps, this is all a weave that I just take off after the show. No, I actually, I have had to go to that lice place where they comb the stuff through your hair with my kids, you know. I’ll take my kids there and be like, “They have lice. Check them out.” And the lady will be like, you wanna sit down? And I’m like, “I don’t have them.” And she’ll be like, “Just sit down.” And she’ll be like, “Yeah, you got ’em.” And then I have to go through the whole thing. That is my biggest nightmare. I don’t have them right now. I don’t want to freak you out. But you know what, Retta we do have a little bit of a gift for you so you never have to take a selfie with someone ever again. It’s your own selfie thing. Look, so you can just like mmhmm, hi mhmm. Look, I’m taking a selfie with Retta. Retta, I love you. Your book is hilarious. So close to being the “s” word. You gotta check out her new movie, Good Boys in theaters on Friday. It’s time to play Social Sleuth. I’m gonna go through an audience member’s social media to find out all their secrets simply by looking at their posts, okay. Let’s meet our first player, come on down, Katie Puglia. (audience cheers)
Katie, come on down. Thank you so much. Nice to meet you. You look lovely. Here we go. All right, welcome Katie. You look great. Katie, where you from? I am from Old Bridge, New Jersey. Heads up to all my New Jersey peeps. Shout out to Jersey. Now with Katie’s permission, we have (clears throat) hacked into her social media to find out more about her. Let’s take a look at your first post. Okay, there’s your family right there. Oh, looks like something uncomfortable is happening. (audience applauds)
Yeah, that’s my daughter. You know, my husband and I, we always call her a ball buster, so there you have it. She’s doing it right there. You gotta be careful with those bats, even if they are padded. Yeah I know, my goodness. I can you’re a mom of three kids. I can tell that you’re married. Looks like you have a lot of fun. All right, let’s take a look at the next photo that we have here. I’m gonna need a little more. Okay, I can see–
(audience applauds) I can see it’s a classroom. Looks like an elementary school. Looks like everyone is listening to you. Everyone is sitting criss-cross applesauce, okay. So they’re listening. I’m gonna guess you’re a teacher. Yes, I’m a teacher.
(audience applauds) I like it. All right, you said you’re from Union Beach, New Jersey. You’ve been teaching for a while, right? Yeah, I’ve been teaching for 12 years, and like you said, I teach at Memorial School in Union Beach. What’s up. Shout out to Memorial Beach Union School. Now that was where Sandy hit, right? Or Hurricane Sandy for those who, I mean, it was devastating. It was absolutely devastating. You know, that town took on a ton of water, and, actually, our school was part of the evacuation route. So all the families, they came to the gym, and then after a few hours, water started to come through the school. So then they had to be relocated to another– That’s just how severe and unpredictable this storm was. And it really just through us for a loop. But, you know, we’re strong in Union Beach. We’re resilient, so we got together. We were displaced. Our school was displaced from the end of October, when the storm happened obviously, to middle of June. And, you know, still to this day, you know, it’s a journey to recover from a disaster like that. But, you know, when you walk around the building you can still see that there is evidence, you know, that we had gone through such a tragedy. But, you know, like I said, we’re strong, we’ve rebuilt. Yeah, and it’s looking good. Right, right, right, now, I mean– Do you have to spend your own money in the classroom? Oh yes, teachers spend a lot of their own money. You know, just the other week, I actually had, I’m moving down to first grade, so I had my new first grade team over for, we call it the laminating party. So we all brought over our laminating machines, our printers, we were on Pinterest. You know, we’re just printing out, finding new things for the fall for back to school. Yeah, a lot of that does come out of our own pockets, but, again, we just want to go above and beyond for our students so– (audience applauds)
We really appreciate it. Everybody loves a laminating party, Katie. This is so moving. I do actually have a confession to make. We didn’t guess all this from just your social media. Your coworkers actually reached out to us here at the Jerry O’ Show. We have a little bit of a surprise for you. Our very good friends at Burlington Stores wanted to help out and they are gonna donate a $10,000 adopt a classroom grant to your school. You and all the other teachers are gonna have everything you and your students need to succeed. Yes!
Thanks Jerry. Thank you very much. We love you too with everything that you do, we’re so appreciative, everyone is. Viewers at home, visit any Burlington now throughout August 17th to donate to which supports teachers and their students, not only from Union Beach from everywhere. To find a store near you, visit Mine is on Victoria, right there in Canoga Park. Thank you so much for being here. (audience cheering) Please welcome Chef Cat Cora. There she is everybody. So good to see again.
So good to see you. Oh my gosh, we are cooking up a storm today. Hi everybody (whoops), I’m so excited. Oh wait, first we’re gonna show everyone how clean I am. Look at this. Gonna sanitize there. Well what we have here is we are gonna do fajitas with tacos with a grilled pineapple salsa. And then some baked jalapeno poppers. Who doesn’t like a jalapeno popper? And then finishing off with a gray, tropical summer parfait. Let’s go.
Let’s go. Okay, so what I have here is I got, and by the way, I love the Chrisley wig is all about that. What are you talking about Chrisley wig? That was really Todd Chrisley doing the talking. Okay, so what we have here is I got my grilled pineapples on here, they go on for about 4-6 minutes on each side, get them nice and chard on each side. And then I’ve got this piece of flank steak. Really nice piece of flank steak, and that’s affordable piece of meat. So you can just, you know, good for the big families like I have. I can take a bite of this, right there. Oh I know, doesn’t it look delicious? It’s so succulent. So what I have here is a rub on here is chili, salt, pepper, kumen, and a little garlic powder, a little olive oil. Put it on there for about 6-8 more minutes. So what I want you to do is start mixing the salsa for me. I’m gonna get you in here, Jerry, because I know you like to cook. I know you and the kids like to cook. Now, I just want to say, a lot of pineapple in this salsa. There’s a lot of pineapple, grilled pineapple salsa, some red onion goes in and a little bit of chili. Now if you want to do it for the kids, do 2 batches, one for you if you like spice, and one for the kids. So that all goes in. And then is cilantro the one in there? A little cilantro too, a little bit of vinegar, white wine vinegar, lime juice, olive oil. Oh, you are doing like a salsa dance. Get a whole thing in there. Get the gyrating, the gyrating salsa dance going on. (grunts) Okay, now we’re moving off of the salsa. He’s getting in on the salsa. Okay now let’s make some tacos. So we’re gonna make these fajita tacos. The great thing about these is, and I like to double mine a little more tortillas up, just to make sure they don’t break. So what you want to do is put on a little bit of the meat, and this is great for the family because you can just customize it. You can just do it the way they like, right? So everybody gets to do the meat the way they like and they can put the salsa on and little bit of sprits of lemon. You can taste that. Love it, I’m going to a little lime on here as well? A little bit lime. Give it a little sprits there. I’m gonna do it. Everyone, let me just show you what this looks like. Boom.
This is good. And this is what I love. And this is why I love the show, right now. Good bite. This is such a family recipe. We have these probably once or twice a week in our household. And that is what I love about family food fight. It’s all about family and food. Yes, that’s what we’re doing.
(audience applauds) That’s what it all should be about. Always what it should be about. I just gotta say for a second, the pineapple with the cilantro with the beef, it’s– What is happening in my mouth right now? Having one of those– I can’t explain it. It’s unbelievable.
It is. It’s amazing. That’s why we love it. And everybody can make their own. And then, what I’m gonna do, is I have these baked jalapeno poppers. Now we love poppers. I love that he’s just going for it. That’s the way you should be when you eat, right? Should be not embarrassed, just go for it. And then with poppers.
(audience applauds) With the poppers, everybody loves a jalapeno popper, but they are always fried. This is a healthy version of a jalapeno popper. So I have feta cheese, cream cheese, a little bit of oregano and I just stuff these little jalapenos. And then I take them and I drench them in some flour first, a little bit of egg and buttermilk goes in, and then a little bit of the panko which is crispy. You know, there’s crispy panko, Japanese bread crumbs. And then what you do is put them in the oven, 350 for about 35 minutes and (mumbles). The TV swap out.
(audience applauds) Here we go.
The TV swap out. And tell what you think. Tell me what you think. Tell me what you think.
(Jerry moans) The eyes rolls back in the head, yeah. There you go, that’s a sure sign that something is really good. When your eyes roll back in your head. They are delicious. One more time, one more time. Oh my god, and now–
(Jerry moans) Okay, going right into this. This is my tropical parfait. And you can put any fruit with it. This is great for the kids, and great for a party, because you can customize it how you want. There you go, you can put anything on. Jerry, get yours going. There you go some berries on there. There you have it. And look, a little bit of coconut goes on. A little bit of the cashews, a little more yogurt. Oh just make it how you like. Here we go, and this it. And this is yummy and luscious and this is what it’s about. It’s summer time, it’s still summer. (audience applauds) Yes, oh my god okay. Please step back, step back. You gotta have a blueberry on top. You gotta have a blueberry on top. (everyone cheers) Cat, thank you so much. We love you here. Be sure to watch the finale of Family Feud Food Fight tomorrow on ABC. Family Food Fight. For more information on these recipes, please go to (audience applauds)
(upbeat techno music) Okay, we’re back, and it’s time to play a little game we call Say What.
(audience laughs) Let’s meet our first player. Who are you and where are you from? I’m Merna, I’m from Harlem, New York. (everyone cheers) That 123 Train right up there. That’s right. All right, we are gonna read you 3 Tweets from Chrissy Teigan. Okay, okay. Now only 2 are real, and you have to tell us which one is the fake Tweet, all right? Okay, I’m ready. Here we go, here’s Tweet A. “I always have a note in my pocket that says, ‘John did it’ just in case I’m murdered because I don’t want him to remarry.” She loves John, she loves John. Okay, here’s Tweet B. “All I want to do right now is swim in a tub full of Cheetos dust.” Everyone loves Cheetos.
(audience applauds) Okay, here’s Tweet C. “I’m at the age where I want to eat beef stew but then still go ‘be around cool people’ after.” Oh beef stew, I don’t like that. So now which Tweet is the not something that Chrissy Teigan actually tweeted? Audience, helping out a little bit? C.
I want to say C. I’m hearing a lot of C’s.
(buzzer goes off) (crowd groans)
Sadly. Let’s see what the right answer is, oh B. Yeah, all she wants to do is swim in a tub full of Cheetos. Now listen, you are a loser, but you’re still going home with a $50 American Express gift card. Thank you. Not so much of a loser. Okay, ma’am come over here. Who are you and where are you from. I’m Sabrina from Albany, New York. Sabrina from Albany, what’s up? Our state’s capital, hello? All right, we’re gonna read you 3 tweets from 50 Cents. Only 2 are real, you have to tell us which one is the fake one. Okay, here’s Tweet A. “I can’t believe my grandmothers making me take out the garbage. I’m rich. F this!”
(audience applauds) Here’s Tweet B. “Growing up sucks. People aren’t nearly as eager to know what my favorite dinosaur is. It’s a F Gorgosaurus.” I think I said that right. Sorry, I failed dinosaur class. Here’s Tweet C. “No lie. That show “This is Us” got me! #TearsRollingDownMyPecs #WhenThugsCry.” Which tweet is not something 50 cent actually tweeted, A grandma, B dinosaur, or C This is Us? Well This is Us makes me cry. 50 cents is kinda a big, strong guy. I don’t think he’s cried. I’m gonna have to say C. Your gonna say C.
(bell dings) (everyone cheers) $150 gift card from American Express. Congratulations. You are going home with that gift card. We gave out 2 of them. We will be right back. (crowd cheering) Show 3 in the books. Show 3, still not fired everybody! (audience applauds) I want to thank Retta for being my guest, old friend. I want to thank Katie Puglia also, all the teachers out there, all of them. My mom public school teacher for years and years. Love you Mom. Tomorrow, my wife Rebecca Romain is gonna be here. My crazy twin daughters are gonna stop by. Oh man, guys we did it!
(audience applauds) Go 4, they’re gonna let us do it. Thanks so much for hanging out with us today. See you next time on Jerry O’.
(cheering) (dance music)

45 thoughts on “August 14

  1. That walk jerry O that walk is everything. You totally nailed the black dude walk and some more🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. 🤣🤣looks like jerry is blowing bubbles while snoring🙈🤣🤣 jerry your wife wears such a luscious lipgloss while sleeping?🙄🤣🤣

  3. Hello from Finland. Nobody will go to that concert in that area of Finland 😛
    Americans need to learn to respect other countries' laws and process, PERIOD.

  4. I can’t believe I I started watching this thinking I’ll give it 2 minutes to amuse me and ended up watching the whole show AND the other 2 episodes I missed before this one. That means……… IM A LOYAL FAN NOW!! Good Job Jerry!! 🎉

  5. I am here for this entertainment! Jerry is like Wendy after 50 cups of coffee or ☕️. He is funny and very natural. Jerry you were meant to have your own show. We need mo’ of Jerry O’ !!

  6. Jerry you are very charming and talented and yet down to earth! So happy you have you're own show shout out to Wendy!

  7. Jerry I have ALWAYS disliked you…'re a D-list ACTOR, you're not funny at all.
    Now you scoop down so low… to make fun of ppl going through some tough shit!

    You're nothing!!!!

  8. He tries too hard 😏 it’s doesn’t feel authentic he just tried way too hard to be funny 100% of the time. Sadly this show won’t last.

  9. He is the 1 I would record at a RnB club, he would look completely out of place, BUT would have the most fun!!

  10. America needs his energy, he is funny and serious and everything in between, we all love the jerry o show. he brings you in with everything he does on his show, he has a very special show, its a keeper❤

  11. Jerry fucking sucks as a talk show host. Watching my dog take a shit was more entertaining than watching this man try to be a host. Hosting is just as bad if not worse than his acting.

  12. Watch the video of ASAP Rocky and his gards, he was convicted due to exsessive use of violence due to kicking a man that was already down on the ground

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