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What does the value of up to
$200 dollars mean to you? Want the newest accessories like
the latest earbuds, a new case, phone or tablet? Trade-in your old wireless
devices with AT&T and use the value of your device
towards a purchase, subscription to an AT&T service or apply it towards your AT&T
bill. Devices from AT&T as well as from other carriers
are accepted. Here’s how it works. Visit to answer
a few questions and find out how much your
device is worth. Complete the trade-in process
online to receive an AT&T promotional
card in the mail, or visit a AT&T retail store
to receive instant credit. AT&T has secure processes in
place so you don’t have to worry about
your personal data as you might with a private
party sale. You may have hidden value around
your home or office. Trade-in your old devices and
get a promotional card to use towards AT&T products and
services, like DIRECTV. AT&T Trade-in! Discover the value of your
device. Trade-in your device by mail or
in store. Experience trusted and secure
removal of personal data. With so many cool new devices, treat yourself or upgrade to
the latest and greatest. It’s Fast and Easy. Find out how much your device is
worth – now.

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