Artist Trading Coins #8 Nuvo Aqua Flow

Hi I’m Gerry from Gerry’s Craft Room
In this video I’m going to make artist trading coins with a new set Nuvo Aqua flow pens called ocean air these colours will work well for winter style cards too I just start by adding some colour to white cardstock the colour soaks into the paper a bit giving these little spots I don’t mind I think it add to the texture on the project if you don’t like that look just take heavy weight water colour paper I just add some colour randomly just scribbling on the paper and let the colour flow out by the way I added the products I used in the description box for you and if you are new here don’t forget to subscribe here you can see the pen is new just squeeze the pen and you can see the container fill up with colour and I add the third colour after drying I am going to use a stencil and apply wow embossing ink I sprinkle on the embossing powder and then shake of the excess and now I heat set the powder you can see colour change this means it’s melted I cut some flowers and coloured the blue flowers with the same pens
and now I colour the flowers that come in the middle
you can cut and then colour or colour the paper and then cut the flowers both ways will work fine I have some tissue paper that I crunch up
and tear in pieces I apply the paper to the coins with multi
medium matte I only use the medium under the paper not
on top it will work as a sealer and then I add some colour to the tissue paper you don’t need much as the paper will absorb the ink real easy then I cut of the excess paper I am going to tape the flowers together a bit of silver thread around the middle size and tape them on the big ones and the small ones in the center By the way if you feel inspired I always love to see your makes so don’t forget to use #gerryscraftroom when you share your work on social media some more silver thread, just wind some around
your finger and fold it in the middle and tape it to the
back of the flowers and then tape the flowers to the coins and finish with a sentiment I wanted to add a bit of contrast with some ink on the edge for this I picked a dark brown I hope you liked the video don’t forget to like share and subscribe and I love to see you in the next video thanks for watching

6 thoughts on “Artist Trading Coins #8 Nuvo Aqua Flow

  1. Whoa, these are so pretty! Definitely going to try this! Thanks for showing us new techniques, keep 'em coming, you are amazing!! Hugs, Debra

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