Are American Standard Air Conditioners Any Good?

Are American Standard air conditioners any
good? It depends on whether you get the gold standard,
silver standard or the platinum standard. I know the gold standard is either the best
or the people who want to tie the value of the dollar back to so many per ounce of gold.
What is a platinum American standard? American Standard’s air conditioners in rank
of quality is silver, gold and platinum. Platinum has the best warranty and energy efficiency. American Standard ACs are built by Ingersoll
Rand, a company that makes mining equipment and other reliable industrial equipment. Ironically, their appliances are not quite
as good. For example, they use aluminum coils instead of copper. Why does that matter? Aluminum is cheaper than copper for the manufacturer,
while it is impossible to spot weld to repair. That means you have to get it taken out and
replaced. That would be frustrating if I’m waiting that
much longer to get my AC fixed. The American Standard equipment is also prone
to leaking, so you are more likely to need it repaired. Are they efficient? Yes, compared to other generic brands. Lennox,
though, is more efficient. Is American Standard reliable? According to a Consumer Reports survey of
their members, yes. It was the most reliable brand based on a recent Consumer Reports survey. I vaguely recall an American Standard HVAC
recall. That was for heaters, not air conditioners.
There have not been any air conditioning recalls in the past few years. Is American Standard one of the premium brands? No, that would be more like Trane or Lennox.
Depending on the review site you go to, it gets a middling score with almost as many
one star reviews as five star. That’s a pretty radical, if even split. American Standard does not do much to help
those who have problems with installers. Unlike some companies like Trane, they don’t require
installers be NATE certified. I don’t care who is to blame. I just want
the AC to work. You can get an American Standard, just know
it is not the gold standard even if you buy their gold line.

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