Are American Eagle coins Worth it? 1 Oz. Fine Silver Review

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Channel hi there today we wanted to talk to you
about silver bullion collecting & stacking one of our favorite coins to collect is
the 1 oz. American Silver Eagle as you can see here there we go zoom and it’s really
nice coin this is one of the most recognized coins for collecting bullion
on the back side you got the Silver Eagle there on the silver American Eagle
they they started releasing these in 1986 the these are America’s only
official investment grade silver bullion coins they’re considering one of the
most pretty u.s. silver coins ever minted it’s also the world’s only one
ounce silver bullion coin with a weight content and purity that’s guaranteed by
the US government so on the on the opposite side of the American Eagle that
you have the Walking Liberty design this was created by Adolph Weinman
also used on the Walking Liberty half dollar coins issued from 1916 to 1947
the Walking Liberty image on the silver eagle is one of the most well known
designs put on a silver coin by the United States the reverse is the
American Silver Eagle which is really cool-looking it also has a 13 stars shot
13 stars representing the 13 colonies so if you’re looking a stack silver bullion
I would definitely recommend the American Silver Eagle Wow one ounce
there why being known across the world so you know if there’s ever a situation
where you need to sell everybody knows what they are and they’re really easy to
check on you know check make sure they’re up here that gets again is 0.999 percent pure fine silver one troy ounce
really nice coins to look at I love stacking these so tell me what you guys
think tell me what you guys like to collect we really like these we
also like the Canadian Maple Leaf but these are awesome please let me know
what you think put some comments below please like and smash that subscribe
button and thank you so much for watching my appreciate it

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