Arab Slave Trade in Africa

In 1842CE, the British Consul General in Morocco
wrote a letter to the Sultan to ask him if he had taken any measures to stop slavery
or at least, slave trade. The sultan replied that he will not do anything
about it because it has been the norm since the time of the sons of Adam and no sects
of Islam are against it. Hence, he will not permit anything the Qur’an
forbids and will not make unlawful anything that the Qur’an has allowed. In the Sultan’s reply, we see the simplest
justification or at least, excuse, for almost 1300 years of slavery in the Islamic world. This video is part of a bigger collaboration
between various YouTube History channels on the topic of Africa. Don’t forget to watch the video before this
one by Stefan Milo on the Swahili Culture. First of all, I’ve chosen to call this trade
the Arab Slave Trade because Arabs were a key part of this network. Arabs weren’t the only people involved in
this trade but still, most of the rulers and raiders involved in the process were Arabs. Most of the important markets were in Arab
cities as well. I didn’t call it the East African Slave
Trade because it wasn’t just done through East Africa. Other routes were involved as well. Slavery was already practiced in Arabia and
most of the Areas that Muslims conquered in the 7th and 8th centuries. Islam did not abolish slavery but some regulations
were set which were increased upon by the caliphs. There were four ways someone could end up
a slave. First, a child born to slave parents was a
slave. Second, a person captured in a Jihad against
non-Muslims could be made a slave. Third, a slave could be purchased or finally,
a slave could be given as a tribute. The people living under Islamic rule, Muslim
or non-Muslim, could not be enslaved unless they rebelled or they helped an enemy of the
state. Bernard Lewis writes… In the Islamic world, various ethnicities
were enslaved, not just people of African descent. In fact, they were all considered to have
their own advantages. Ibn Butlan, in his handbook, tries to characterize
them. He recommends Indians and Nubians as guards
of persons and property. As laborers, servants, and eunuchs, he recommends
Zanj and as soldiers, Turks and Slavs. Yes, even white people were enslaved. However, there was a distinction between then. The white slaves were called “Mamluk”
or “Owned” and the black slaves were called “Abd” which means, “Slave”. Where white slaves could rise up to respectable
positions, the black slaves could not. The Mamluks had their own dynasties in Egypt
and India but the Abd slaves never did. In fact, even in literature or poetry, we
hardly find an example of a black man, slave or otherwise, after the Umayyads. Even free black people weren’t all treated
fairly across the Muslim world but as always, there were exceptions. An early chronicler, Jahshiyari writes an
anecdote about a man called Abd al-Hamid, who was apparently the secretary of the last
Umayyad caliph. The story goes that the caliph had received
a gift of a black slave from a provincial governor. The caliph was unhappy with him and told his
secretary to write a letter of gratitude and disparagement. Abd al-Hamid wrote, “Had you been able to
find a smaller number than one and a worse color than black, you would have sent that
as a gift.” This story, along with many others, show that
the Arabs didn’t view African slaves particularly nicely and preferred other ethnicities if
they could get them. Even in the times of Prophet Muhammad, Byzantine
and Persian slaves were found in Arabia. Africans were just one of various slaves available. However, over time, the number of black slaves
in Africa grew disproportionately. Main reason for that was the stabilization
of the frontiers. Turks and Indians started to embrace Islam
and so, not many of them could be enslaved and as Jihad slowed down after the 8th century,
so did the number of non-white slaves. Mostly against Byzantine and other European
states, captured prisoners were ransomed or exchanged. While, it’s easy to say that the distinguishing
factor between slaves and non-slaves was religion and not race, that’s not all that true. The ruler of Bornu, for example, complained
in a letter to the Sultan in Egypt about how the slave traders were ravaging Bornu and
enslaving freemen, even members of the ruler’s family, and Muslims. While it was forbidden to enslave Muslims,
in practice, if you were a Black Muslim, you could be enslaved. Very early on, the Muslims signed a treaty
with Nubia where Nubia would provide slaves in exchange for peace. This was probably the reason that Nubia was
not taken over by the Muslim for quite a while. However, conquests across the Sahara opened
trade routes across the African continent and among the things transported across these
routes were religion, ideas and unfortunately, slaves. Muslim Arabs bought slaves from these routes
all across Norther Africa and brought them back into the Islamic heartland. This started almost right after the conquests
and the subsequence stabilization of the frontiers. The Coast of the Zanj, modern Kenya and Tanzania,
was used by the Arabs to bring slaves to Yemen and from there, Oman and the Persian Gulf
and cities like Basra and Baghdad is where, they were sold to the Muslims. Somalis before they were Islamized were a
large number of slaves imported, and later interior peoples were exported as slaves from
the Somali coast across into the Yemen and from there, via Mecca, Damascus and Baghdad. In Mesopotamia, a large number of Zanj slaves
were used in thousands of plantations and saltpeter mines. Apparently, the working conditions were so
terrible that they revolted numerous times between 868CE and 883CE and became a serious
threat to the Abbasid Caliphate. This went on for centuries and became a system
but it wasn’t as severe as it later grew into. At the time, various African tribes raided
each other and enslaved the prisoners, selling them on the frontiers of the Islamic Empire. From here, Arabs took over and took these
slaves inland, not only to be sold in their borders but also, in India and across the
Mediterranean. Unfortunately, the holiest site in the Islamic
world, Mecca became a bustling market for slave trading. People bought slaves in this market when they
visited for Hajj, the Islamic Pilgrimage. Slaves were brought there as a commodity which
could be sold to get some cash. They were easier to protect than any other
precious commodity in a huge caravan so, people brought them along. People also bought them in Mecca since people
from all over the world would gather there. All the way up to 1962CE, slaves were being
sold in Mecca. In “The Legacy of Arab-Islam In Africa”,
John Alembillah Azumah writes the following The main areas from which slaves were drawn
and exported to Egypt and other North African Muslim locations and then to the wider Islamic
world were the central and western Sudan. The traffic started mainly from Nubia, from
where people living to the south and east of Dongola were taken to Egypt. Slaves were exported also from Kanem-Borno
via Fezzan to Cairo, Tripoli and Qayrawan. People groups living around the Lake Chad
area were later exported along this route while in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
Bagirmi slaves (especially eunuchs) formed an important part of the slave traffic along
this route. Some were sent later from Tripoli to ports
in modern Turkey, Greece, Albania and southern Yugoslavia which were all at the time under
the Ottoman empire. Slaves from the Middle Niger and the Atlantic
coast were also drawn from Gao via Warghla to Tahert (in modern Algeria) and Qayrawan
and later from Timbuktu through Tuwat to Tlemcen, Sijilmasa, Fez and other centres of the western
Maghrib from where some passed into Muslim Spain and Sicily when it was under Muslim
domination between the ninth and eleventh centuries. Ibn Khaldun testifies to the presence of a
large black slave population in fourteenth-century North Africa when he wrote that blacks constituted
‘the ordinary mass of slaves’. Muslim Berber groups of North Africa like
the Tuareg and Moors became the chief agents in the raiding, and in the traffic of black
slaves to North Africa, Spain, Turkey and the Mediterranean world, some of whom were
taken as far as India. As early as the eighth century, the Berber
Ibadi community of North Africa virtually controlled the trade routes, and thus the
traffic in black slaves. [Quotation from the book ends here] Considering the terrible conditions on these
routes and the increasingly predatory nature of the slave raids, one historian estimates
that for every slave that was sold in a market, 10 had died on the way there. These raids were often labeled Jihad by the
raiders to legitimize them. Neither the Muslim raiders nor the buyers
of slaves really cared about who the slaves were and where they came from. The Swahili coast became a bustling hub of
slave trading. A network was established across the Indian
Ocean and the Persian Gulf. In the 18th and 19th century, when Ivory trade
was on the rise, these slaves were also forced to carry Ivory and other precious commodities
on their way to the markets by raiders. It was during those centuries that the slave
trade reached its peak. From around 1800CE to 1850CE, most European
countries abolished slavery and the slave trade started to die on the western side. However, on the east, it was picking up further. The British did try to have countries abolish
it but it didn’t work. Not only did it not work, it probably had
the opposite effect. As colonization was taking place, a lot of
these countries exported slaves. Muslim Bornu, for example, entered into a
trade deal with the Ottoman Empire to provide them slaves. Muslim Africa ravaged the continent and raided
deep into it. The stories of those raids are disturbing,
to say the least. Most Muslim rulers of the region were interested
in slavery because it was profitable. There weren’t many advocating for abolition,
even though, in Europe, slavery had mostly died out. The British could not force the rulers to
do away with slavery. However, by the end of the 19th century, Africa
was almost entirely colonized by the British and slave trade was put to an end. Muslim states of the middle east were breaking
into chaos, the Ottoman Empire was the sick man of Europe. The Europeans were isolating countries that
still practiced slavery. All these factors combined put a slow end
to slave trading by 1950. It was outlawed in Saudi Arabia in 1962CE. However, slavery, in some forms, is still
practiced in various Muslim and African countries. From 1450CE to 1850CE, an estimated 12 million
African slaves were taken from Africa to the Americas. In around the same period, 5 million African
slaves were traded by the Muslims. However, the Islamic trade existed for a much
larger period than the European one and the total number of slaves traded from 600CE to
1900CE is around 17 million. Thank you for watching this video. This video was just an overview of the Arab
Slave Trade. More videos will follow. As I said before, it’s part of a huge collaboration
between many YouTube History Channels on Africa so, don’t forget to see the video after
it, about the Great Zimbabwe by History Time. See you next time.

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    And Arab have more African blood in them than any other non black person in the world

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    The Hadeef of the Prophet (p&bbuh) about the people that will walk into Jananah (heaven) with out any accountability comes to mind 🤔, but Allah knows best.

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  11. The Sultan of Oman has many slaves, they are cared for and educated by his court, they can't marry or engage in other social contracts without the hand written permission of their owner, the sultan. Their children are automatically slaves to the sultan. The majority of them are of African descent.

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    The source:
    Yusuf was born in the town of Afgooye, where he stayed until the age of seven. His father subsequently sent him to Qur'anic schools in Barawa for studies.
    Ahmed Yusuf was considered to be the most powerful king in east Africa in his time. He managed to gather 20 thousand Somali troops and invaded the Zanzibar island near Tanzania and he captured the Islands, slaughtered all the Arabic troops and freed the Bantu slaves and through his military dominance, Sultan Yusuf managed to exact tribute from the Omani king in the coastal town of Lamu.[1]
    He and his brother, Abukar Yusuf, were eventually defeated in the Battle of Cagaaran against the powerful military clan of the Bimal. Their bodies were taken to Merca by the Bimal sultan, where they were then displayed in front of a large crowd as a show of triumph. Upon seeing the bodies of the dead men, the women of the Bimal reportedly marvelled at the beauty of Ahmed Yusuf, which resulted in a public uproar with women demanding a proper funeral for the late Sultan.[2]
    The Istunka tournament was developed in the Ajuran period, and was celebrated subsequently each year during the Somali new year alongside other festivals such as Nowruz. It was not until the Geledi sultanate and the reign of Sultan Ahmed Yusuf that the martial art festival became a centralized tournament with separate teams each supported by an assembly of poets, female vocalists and dance groups throughout the duration of the contest.

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    The ajuraan even defeated portugal and the adal invaded 3/4 of ethiopia
    If anything thousands of oromo and habesha slaves were captured by somalis
    Imam ahmed gurey annihilated the highlands
    Slaughtering thousands of habesha
    Even till 19th century they do not forget ahmed gureys futuh al habesh

    Somalis were never slaves

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  37. Al-Muqadimmah, i really like you, but you need to get your facts straight. This slave trade wasn't Arab-dominated. We Somalis were not victims, rather we were (unfortunately) some of the biggest slave-owners, as we sold non-Muslim Africans. Calling us slaves, would be like saying Brits were slaves in the Transatlantic Slave trade.

    You're making it look like Africans were all victims, and non-Africans all the villains, when it was Africans who sold Africans.

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  51. I investigated your claim about this letter written in 1842 to the then ruler of Morocco..and during this investigation both the Moroccan as well as the British government deny such letter ever existed let alone have ever been written,the British government documents all correspondence between states from centuries ago,yet your blatant fabricated so called piece of historical fact turns out to be a very poor attempt at distorting history as the world's historians know it.throughout your poorly made video you have not quoted one historical factual reference point for any academic research that can verify your attempt at distorting the truth..also the MIS pronounced made up Arab names you concocted do not show up in any of the world's historical authorities.
    Frankly speaking I do not see how you can be at peace with yourself at such an embarrassing attempt at producing a below D class attempt of producing a cartoon of a so called documentary.
    Below are some of the world's most renowned scholars on Islam, the maghrib and middle East..who blatantly do not agree with your lies as their academic and scholarly research and writings show.
    My advice to you is go and get yourself some basic high school education,maybe then you'll have a more honest approach to things in life…how sad.
    Albert hourani
    Joe beinani
    Bernard Lewis
    Tom segav
    Martin Gilbert
    Micheal oran
    Elia kedourie
    Francis fukayama
    Ilan pappe
    Maher charif
    Richard bulliet
    Rachid Khalidi
    Sulaiman mousa
    Micheal yalpp
    Avi shliam
    David ayalon
    Glen bowersock
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