Apple iPad mini 4 Review! Worth it? (Gold 128GB LTE)

Apple just released the iPad Mini 4, drastically
increasing the specs over the iPad Mini 3. In this episode of Bleeding Edge TV, we’ll
review the iPad Mini 4 and let you know if it’s worth your attention. Stay tuned! Hey guys, welcome to Bleeding Edge TV! I’m
Andru Edwards, editor-in-chief of This is the show that brings you news
and reviews through the acts of and today as I’ve said, we’ve got the brand
new iPad Mini 4. It just came out today, in conjunction with the release of iOS 9.
Apple took all that new hardware that’s found in the iPad Air 2 and shrunk it down
and that’s what we’ll find here in the iPad Mini 4. So let’s talk about those specs as get it
opened up. The iPad Mini 4 sports a 1.5GHz Apple A8 Processor found in the iPhone 6 and
6+, both were released in 2014. Now the larger
iPad Air 2 has an A8X chip, which basically means it has faster graphic chip in it
than you’ll find here. 2GB of RAM is also found here, that’s doubling the RAM from last
year and the year before, which the iPad Mini 3
only had 1GB of RAM, so it’ll make it not only faster, but when you’re multi tasking,
things will be smoother, so far you wouldn’t have to load
tabs anywhere near as often. So that 2GB of RAM will really go a long way. The iPad Mini 4 is also 18% thinner than the
iPad Mini 3, and the iPad Mini 3 was already a thin tablet, but this is almost 20% thinner
than that. It’s 6.1mm thin, it only weights 0.65 pound.
It’s also 30% faster than thanks to the new A8 processor and 60% faster at graphic,
so I could do gaming or anything that’s pretty intense you’re really gonna like the speed
increase that’s found here. The iPad Mini 4 is faster than the iPhone
6 and the iPhone 6+ but not as fast as the iPad Air 2 so it sits somewhere in between.
What you see is a 7.9 inch Retina Display that’s now laminated to the glass, previous
iPad Mini’s had an air gap, which basically means
the glass that you touched and the image that you saw had a little bit of air between them.
There’s not much to the iPad Mini4 4, when you carry it
around it feels like you’re holding a screen or just a piece of glass. So it’s super thin,
super light, and it’s almost hard to believe that you’re carrying
around a powerful tablet. But now with the new model, the glass you touch and the display
is actually showing you the image are laminated together so it feels like you’re actually
touching the display itself, rather than a piece of glass that’s over the display. Other big changes are the 8MP rear camera
up from 5MP and it has a 3264×2448 resolution. Other features of the camera include 120 fps
for slow motion. Time-lapse video exposure control, there’s
a high-resolution panorama, and you can record 1080p video. I front, you have a FaceTime
HD camera, it’s 1.2MP for images and records in 720p video.
The iPad mini 4 does include Touch ID, but it doesn’t have an NFC chip. What that mean
is, you can use your Touch ID to unlock the tablet so when it’s
locked you just use your fingerprint to open it up, and you ca use it for Apple Pay in
apps. So for example, if you buy something from the Apple Store
App you can pay with Apple Pay, so you have all your credit card information stored on
the iPad safely and use your thumbprint to authenticate the purchase. Also faster in the iPad Mini 4 is the Wi-Fi
and networking in general actually. It now supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi, up to 866 megabits
per second. On the LTE front, this is a LTE model which
means that it connects to cellphone networks as well when you’re on the go. It connects
to LTE at up to 150MB per second. The iPad Mini 4 sits with iOS 9 as I said
in the beginning, so that includes all the iOS 9 iPad features that even the iPad Mini
3 couldn’t support. So now you get features like slide over, split
view where you can view two apps at once as well as picture and picture video, so you
can watch a video anywhere on the screen while you’re doing something else. You get
the keyboard shortcuts, easy text selection, and the built in shortcut bar. Apple also makes a couple of accessories for
the iPad Mini 4, they make a silicon case, and they make a smart cover. The iPad Mini
4 is available in Silver, Gold, and Space Gray
no rose gold just yet. It’s gonna be exclusive for the iPhone at least for the next year.
Should you upgrade? If you have an iPad you’re already happy with, you don’t feel
it’s too slow, you don’t feel it’s bothering you down then i’d say no, there’s not really
much reason to upgrade. But some of that I pour it out during the course of this review
particularly sticks out to you, the you might wanna consider upgrading from your previous
iPad to the iPad Mini 4 if the phone factor is right for you. In my opinion, you get a
better camera, a better display, a better wifi speed, A8
processor, more RAM, faster LTE, iOS 9 multi-tasking feature that weren’t there before. All in all, with the release of the iPad Mini
4, Apple brought the iPad Mini out of 2013 and into the more modern era. The iPad Wi-Fi
version starts at $399 for 16GB, $499 for 64GB and $599 for 128GB.
Or if you wanna go to LTE route, LTE model 16GB is $529, 64GB is $629, and the top of
the line iPad Mini 4 with 128GB LTE model for $729. That’s it for this edition of Bleeding Edge
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miss the unboxing that we did of the new Apple TV. The new Apple TV
doesn’t come out until next month, October. I got it the day it was announced and did
the unboxing and put that up on my channel again, thanks for watching
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100 thoughts on “Apple iPad mini 4 Review! Worth it? (Gold 128GB LTE)

  1. Im rocking the air2, but I've always like the smaller form factor. Especially with LTE. Im happy apple stopped ignoring the mini. This finally seems like a next literation. Now if only they could update the macbook air πŸ™‚

  2. I like the updates and would buy this except for…..they made the iPad Pro!!!!! I don't buy no old Are pple stuff!!! Give me the best chip, best Gpu, best screen, etc. No yesterday stuff acting as new tech! Still, I'd buy it otherwise as I use my iPad mini retina everyday.

  3. A8x is more than just better graphics. It's triple core 4500 geekbench multicore score, vs this iPad mini 4 3100. Faster single core. Double the graphics processing. I can get a 64gb iPad Air 2 for $450 with much better performance

  4. It has a an A8 chip. No A8X or A9 chip… Which kinda makes it a disappointment in the performance department. It has the same resolution as the iPad Air 2 which means the GPU will have to push all those pixels. This will make it slower in the GPU department, they should of at least put the GPU of the A8X inside the iPad Air 4, but they didn't. Not to say that it's slow or anything but it would of made it a little more future proof. Although it is good to see Apple added 2 gigs of RAM.

  5. Can't choose between the ipad air 2 or the Ipad mini 4. I would use it for my work for showing pictures and video's. Also i want to use it for Word, Excell and Powerpoint.

  6. I think i will upgrade when Ipad Mini 5 is out. I don't see a big enough of a leap with Ipad Mini 4 and I'm still enjoying my Ipad Mini 2. (Which has pretty much the same specs as Ipad Mini 3)

  7. Good review. Can't make up my mind which to get Air 2 or mini 4.Quick question if you had to choose which would you get? (forget apple pay or camera won't use either on tablet)

  8. why is this slower then the iPad air2 if the air 2 has a outdated professor? and how is this faster then the new iPhone with the new A9 processor

  9. How many ral GB have you had free at the first time that you open the box? I have a problem with mine, more than 10GB are not on my device, and my device is just 114GB and 110GB for use. thnks

  10. Very nice Review, I am thinking to buy iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi + Cellular because i use Skype lot to call my family and with this Wi‑Fi (802.11a/​b/​g/​n/​ac); dual channel (2.4GHz and 5GHz) with MIMO. This will be perfect hi speed good quality calling through this Wi-Fi with MIMO.

  11. Hey guys planning to buy iPad mini 2 next month (December) is it still worth it or not and what the difference between mini 2 and 4 Thank you!

  12. Top bezel is too big for me.

    What Apple can do to improve the current iPad Mini 4:
    1. Make the top and bottom bezels smaller.
    2. Add and LED flash to the back
    3. Include the A9 chipο»Ώ
    4. Add 3D touch

  13. i have an ipad mini 1 and it os showing its wear. it gets too slow now:( i need a refreshed version l but still a mini, so I choose the 4:) got a good price for it too

  14. mahalo for the info!! buying one gold 16 gb ipad mini 4 for $300 tomorrow! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜Š

  15. I'm using it and watching this video on it right now and damn son. It's actually blazing fast almost like I'm using a laptop I do ever remember it freezing or locking up. It's still fairly new so yeah. So gewd

  16. do you like it really ? (iPad mini 4 ) I will buy a ipad mini and I'm not sure what is being proposed ;

  17. absolutely love your grammar, 10/10.

  18. i am confused whats the use of the cellular provision yet there is not support for cellular coverage .
    someone please update me

  19. Thank you man! You really convinced me to upgrade from an IPod 6 to an IPad Mini 4! Thank you for clearing the areas everyone else couldn't.

  20. hey andru! they dint launch the mni5 or the air 3 this September…shuld
    i buy the mini4 now? or wait? march is faar away..pls help

  21. I'm not sure if I want to get a tablet? I have a Samsung s7 edge that I use all the time, is there any point in getting a tablet? thanks

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  24. I am new to smart phones, so what is the difference between ph vs i pad? it says cellular so can I use the i pad mini as a phone?

  25. Very nice review, but i am a note taker but dont want to carry a 10.1 inch big ipad for taking notes but i pad mini 4 is more mobile and light but no apple pencil is supported,so can you please suggest me a best compatible stylus that makes me feel like taking notes on paper and has good palm rejection too.

  26. Hello, I have IPad Mini 1! And the particular application that is a NEED no longer compatible with the old version that I own. So, I went to the Apple store and asked what a wise thing to do about this app? Then an employee advised I can exchange value of $65. The price I saw for the new version on a table was $399 for 128GB Wi-Fi. He helped to estimate the price total I need to pay about with tax and with the discount $330. Not $599. Is this sound normal to exchange version 1 for 4?

  27. Yo I have it right now my dad says I have the first one cause mine is gold on the back I am not kidding oh so lots of people have gold so the first people oh ok

  28. Hi sir my mini I pad 4 is block.. I forget my i cloud ID password is not rember so how i am unlock plz I need help

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