24 thoughts on “Apple iPad Air Review (White Silver, 16GB Wi-Fi)

  1. Excellent review, BUT! is it honestly worth the money Not that I can afford one? mind you if I won it then I would not say NO! lol. ATB Russ

  2. I've only ever owned a 16gb version. My ipad and my air are both 16gb. I paid extra for the 4g version. I still have 4gb left on my ipad 2 and 9gb on my air. If I play a game I delete it. I use my ipad for films and internet. Great video.

  3. so how does the wifi work??? built in wifi, so then you dont need a data plan right?? so if there isnt any internet connection, your ipad air already has wifi in it already?? 
    sry just trying to make sure right now, cause as i read, people tells me that you need the cellular plan to get the built in wifi to work

  4. Dude! or muwen360, great info but you have got to relax a bit!  I understand that there was some pressure but no one could see you.  With that said it started off pretty good but got a little less desirable toward the end…..  Anyway "don't forget to breath" and loosen up bro…… 

  5. Is there any way that my I Pad Air (no built in WiFi) can connect to the internet through my Verizon cell phone or any other way as I travel? 

  6. Hi I forgot to ask you one more thing. Can I use drangan software (voice-recognition software) with Macbook Air and I'm going to buy the iPad before the summer. Thanks and take care.

  7. I just ordered this from walmart.com. After watching the video I'm more excited about getting this. I had ipad 1 and it was awful.

  8. I have one problem with this I don't see you tube I know you can download it but that's a little too much money for this we need to download YouTube

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