AoE3: Tips & Tricks: Trading Posts

Hello and welcome to Age of Empires 3 Tips
and Tricks with me, Interjection Today’s video will be about all about trading posts, including how to very quickly cycle through, and switch the resource deliveries
at all of them nearly instantly Take a look at this game, H2O has researched
hunting dogs and steel traps – so, his settlers gather food much more efficiently than other
resources. Therefore it’s best for him to have as many settlers as he can, almost all
of them, tasked to huntable animals to maximise potential income But he still needs other resources to function…
wood for houses, coin to train hussars, – and that’s where homecity shipments and trading
posts are really useful No matter which resource you pick, they always
provide a fixed amount of it so are a great way to get a hold of those slower gathering
resources that take settlers longer to collect NOW, watch carefully, as H2O very quickly
switches his trading posts from XP to wood Here it is coming up again from wood to gold,
but in slow motion Doing things quickly in Age of Empires is
really useful as it frees up your time to better manage other aspects of the game – such
as these cavalry which could have all died if less attention being payed. The default hotkey for finding your trading
posts is ctrl-p, which when pressed will begin by snapping you to the first one you constructed
that game, it can also be selected by clicking this first icon here Pressing the hotkey again moves you to the
trading post built next, which you can also click on here and each time you continue to press ctrl-p,
you’ll move to the next trading post built after the previous though if one is destroyed, it’s removed
from the list, all others shift left and the game goes on – if you rebuild it though, it
goes to the end of line (not where it was before). So, unless you’re very good at keeping track
of which post is where and when it was finished, and don’t get muddled when they all shift
left then pressing these buttons to grab a particular post – for example this one which’s
about to get a pass and you need gold for a minute men pop WHOOPS! Wrong button… sorry, guess you lose… The most reliable way to change a single TP,
even in a pinch – would be to cycle through and change them all to whatever resource you
need in that urgent moment – because as you can see it doesn’t take long to do at
all. Then after, if you like, you can customise the route to multiple resource. Ctrl-p though, when you actually look at the
position of the two keys – it’s very awkward to press with one hand, and top level players
cannot risk taking their hand off their mouse even for a moment in case something like this
happens – each hussar is 200 resources and when mistakes happen like accidently running
into enemy units like this – you need to be ready to save them So, the best way to cycle through your trading
posts is to either change the hotkey, or move your entire hand to the other shift key, hold
it down and repeatedly press and release ‘P’. Meanwhile, your other hand moves the mouse
curser to lower right corner of the screen and selects the resource you want. Time your
clicks just after each keystroke and with a bit of practice you can more or less get
into a rhythm of reconfiguring an entire route in less than a second In a real game though, sometimes you might
miss a TP by mistake and if this happens, by all means click the button for the one
you missed To watch another video more about the fine
details of how trading posts actually work behind the scenes, click the link on screen
or in the description below Thank you very much watching, leave a like
if you enjoyed the video, and I’ll see you again next time.

42 thoughts on “AoE3: Tips & Tricks: Trading Posts

  1. Nice video, can you do a video on control groups perhaps next? 🙂 I'm starting out and would like to know more about how to always access let's say musketeer type units for all civs(musketeers for euro, ashis for japan, janissaries for otto for example), and with other types ofcourse

  2. I would like to watch a video eplaining how to use the arrows (or the AWSD) to move the screen

  3. Great video Interjection !! This has helped me a lot in game Keep up the good work ! If possible could you please make a video on using control groups ?

  4. I just started getting playing Age of Empires 3 again lately after years of not doing so and was expecting there not to be many people that still play the game. Thankfully there are people like you keeping the game's community alive 🙂 I really enjoy your videos and commentary on high level games keep up the good work!

  5. hey I downloaded the isoc patch, with all the new maps…but when browsing for a game, I cannot join any because they are not supported by the patch? how is one suppose to gain xp

  6. can you explain me why the TP sometimes has 88 xp-gold-meat sometimes 99 sometimes 105 or 152 ? is it becoming bigger over time or having more TP ? how does it increase it's ratio ?

  7. These videos are great, really helpful. Could you do one on all the different stances for militairy units. Could you do a video about the Unit Tactics Hotkeys? I understand trample, but stagger and limber mode I have no clue about

  8. Really enjoy watching your game replays! I used to be one of top players back in original AOE and MSN Zone 🙂 remember the games with Zeus, Penguin and other top players.  Never played AOE2 as I thought it was a terrible follow up and too much automation.  Played AOE3 for a bit but then somehow got away from it.  I still my copy and will be looking to install it in the next couple weeks to give it another try.

  9. Could you do a gathering tips and tricks
    showing gather rates between hunting, berries, mills, fishing, and wood and coin.

  10. Sometimes when we are playing 2v2 New England I invest in Navy and fishing ships and make a base in the island and build my colony towards the shore. I destroy enemy docks and make a line with ships through the shore. I make units on my shore base and help my ally also sending him food. If we get defeated on the land I load settlers in a ship and bring them to island. It has outposts in every corner Banks Market and Artillery foundry. Even if I lose everything at mainland I still hold on within my island loaded with outposts, mortars, Only way they can get me is firing mortars from the coast(i can just shoot back) or make a huge navy and defeat mine (i have the control on the sea). It might not be a good idea. When there is two islands its awesome.

  11. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ says:

    I just got mind fucked by this so Imma ask something since i'm a newbie and I love the game but it makes me think 3x more times than I do when playing chess, are trading posts VERY important or they are just optional to add to resources

  12. i am legit a pro and i do these tricks by the way if you have a empire like british,germen,russian speacialy ducth etc you should get gold and train mercenaies and with the dutch you can get gold really really fast by building all of the banks and try to get an allience with natives wich have really chead units and annoy him by killing his villagers when he comes to defend his villagers you can do the main charge and if he comes back the natives will kill the fleeing villagers

  13. guys I have a pb, the key for barracks is control B, right, but as aztecs, I don't know which key it is, can u help me pls ?

  14. This is kind of dangerous if you also have a native settlement trade post, because then you could accidentally buy a unit or upgrade that you really don't need

  15. What a fantastic series. Thank you for all these incredibly useful tricks. It would be really great if you would consider continuing with these as I'm sure everyone finds them very helpful.

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