Anne of All Trades: Farm-to-Table Bowl Turning

Hi everyone! I’m Ashley Harwood and I am
here in Seattle visiting my good friend Anne of All Trades. If y’all aren’t familiar
with Anne, she is an amazing woman She’s a woodworker, she is an organic
farmer, and a YouTuber, and just an all-around inspiring person. So Anne and I
have a few awesome things in store for this video. We are literally going to
make a bowl farm-to-table. So starting in the woods, on the farm, with a chainsaw
and ending up at the table with vegetables that in has grown herself
here on her organic farm, we are gonna meet some of her adorable animals, and we
are going to take a look at Anne’s workshop. So let’s go! Primmy has won over
my heart. I want a high-maintenance puppy just like her. I’m here in the Seattle area teaching
for a couple of weeks and while in here I get to catch up with Anne, cuddle her
animals and of course make a mess in her shop Anne and I sparked a fast friendship over the
past year and a half through our mutual passion for working with our hands cooking playing music traveling and
chainsaw I are just a few of the things we love to do together so Anne and I decided that it would be
fun to turn a couple of bowls from this willow tree that had fallen on her
property it was a beautiful day to bust out the saws and harvest some fresh Bowl
blanks let’s take a little break before we
start turning this bowl and learn a bit about Anne
there’s shavings on top of the door utterly and completely ruined my
organization welcome to my humble abode the shop this is where I make furniture
you actually I think used by labor for the first time in it way too long yeah
can you tell us a little bit about how you got into woodworking and you know
where you got your start and what got you interested in it
absolutely so my grandpa was woodworker and I love making stuff in his shop but
we my parents are missionaries so we traveled almost my entire childhood my
dad is not really one to have a show up in tools of his own so I didn’t really
have a lot of experience with it until I was much older so we’re all have you
lived uh well we’ve just traveled kind of a lot Ukraine Austria Czech Republic
far more recently I spent a lot of time in Asia I spent most of my young adult
life there in Taiwan and went to university in Beijing and seven years
ago we moved back to Seattle which incidentally is when I got my first shop
we we had a garage and I went on Craigslist I had $300 for my shop budget
and I started buying and selling things like crazy to finance buying the tools
that I wanted then four years ago we had the opportunity to buy this rundown
broken place and I’ve been working on basically converting it ever since you
told me that a part of why you wanted a farm is
how you grew up and moving living in a lot of different places you could never
own animals yes yeah so my first pet arrives along with the farm and it went
from one to over 80 quite quick reaction and now if you count the bees were you
know up above 60,000 huh no but yeah owning livestock and everything I just
love the you know it because we were moving around all the time and changing
our locations a lot I always wanted a place that I could call home and part of
home is is getting established in boy have we gotten established it’s now
quite difficult to ever leave this place so I’ll take you for my woodshop which
is a lot more finished space and to kind of some of the next works in progress
this is going to be my welding and fabrication studio and this is I’m not a
very good welder but for farm reasons we often have to attach metal to metal so
I’ve had to learn how to do that but the welding actually came as a complement to
blacksmithing which this is my new blacksmithing chef it still has a long
way to go before it’s fully usable but it was really important to me as I got
into hand tool woodworking to start being able to make my own tools and so I
got this harebrained idea last year to make every tool that I would need to be
able to make a chair from a tree and so earlier this year I was able to make a
Windsor chair using mostly tools that I had forged myself so well welcome welcome to my humble garden
so the garden kind of started very small at our old house I just grew a few
vegetables and I found out that I really loved it but I loved growing things
because I love cooking things and so the ultimate motivator for me is food so you
know from salads to depending and preserving it’s really important to me
that we eat good food over here so I love experimenting but that’s the thing
again I think that’s the same from woodworking to the farm is you’re
creating order from chaos Peas we’ve got some cabbages some broccoli some turnips
new broccoli you know you love your broccoli some spices I’ve got some
asparagus that you know is gonna take a little while to get established here but
it’s going there garlic onions how this blackberries over there
those are raspberries actually so in Washington blackberries are an invasive
species so we choose to put another evasive species raspberries it isn’t
like we’ve got you know shards beets radishes have a big kale lots of
different kinds of lettuce a few little zucchinis and other things like that
it’s it’s an I’m an atheist heythis I don’t think that’s a miss
Colin it’s an apiary these are eight – anyway I’ve got some peas yeah
and by some I mean about 60,000 bees yeah so this is the barn and these are
my precious little creatures here that have come here through many various
means we’ve got how do you fellow the donkeys
we’ve got Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton and Teresa Franklin back there and oh
they all pack is – we’ve got hey daddy come here thank you get bunny they love bunnies the alpacas love to
groom bunnies really yes it’s very strange I have never
figured out why is the I I really genuinely don’t know it thank you for
giving me my first camping experience oh you know goat milking is just the best
what did you think about it I know what what tips would you have for a budding
going odor I have yeah be aggressive be very aggressive but now that y’all have had the chance
to get to know my friend Dan a little better let’s get back to making these
bowls oh we can fix it but I’m gonna feel like
such a man I’ll go get you some gas and just try it with that though I wanted to
see kind of cut it like a champ even though
right yeah it doesn’t have the same broom broom though it does not have the
same it’s a room from amazingly the blanks have been created and at a really fine blade on a bandsaw
that wasn’t well-suited for cutting bulb lights so we decided to get them
clustered around with the electric chainsaw this is also a great method to
make bulb Lakes if you don’t have a bandsaw or if your bandsaw isn’t quite
big enough for your bulb legs I was like ended up just his hat off balance so Ann
was nice enough to weigh down the lathe for me while I got it round and and I actually found each other
through Instagram about a year and a half ago she reached out to me when she
saw I was going to be in her part of the country teaching I added an extra day on
to my trip and came to the farm by the end of the day we were singing and
playing a piano banjo version of genie in a bottle since then we met up in
Paris the UK Maine and Atlanta all four events that revolve around our mutual
love of woodworking while a part of our bond definitely
comes from being females in a male-dominated industry it’s so much
more than that I see Ann as a strong woman who is
fearless in everything she does and that’s something that inspires me this is my life now she’s not afraid to learn new things to
tackle a gigantic project to push herself further or to share her
knowledge with others and she makes everyone else’s day brighter all the
while and the fact that we can cut up a tree
make a couple bowls and sit down to enjoy a homegrown salad together in an
afternoon is just the icing on the cake I just wanted to say thank you so much
and no problem sharing your space with us yeah for letting me make a gigantic
mess out of your workshop and throw shavings in your face and also for
showing us your beautiful garden in your adorable fluffy animals I’m taking this
one with me by the way and thank you everyone for watching
please subscribe if you like what we’re doing here and if you haven’t already
we’re gonna have a link below so check out what Anne is doing and follow her as
well and we’ll see you next time

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